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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: 411

Taishel said, and directly inserted the sharp end of the metal straw into the body of the sea caterpillar .

It was like the sound of broken cotton wadding inserted by the tip of a knife . The moment after the straw was inserted into the body of the sea caterpillar, Liu Chang smelled the smell of making in the air .

The fragrance comes out from the end of the straw, giving off a strong aroma - it's like ice cream, mixed with the taste of chocolate, but also mixed with a faint musk flavor, the smell is mellow and makes people salivate .

"It's delicious . " Liu Chang could not help sighing: "after the end of the world, many creatures in order to survive, the smell on their bodies is very bad . I can't imagine that this ugly sea caterpillar is so fragrant . "

"That's why you have to use a straw . " "The body of this sea caterpillar is full of thick mucus, which is very, very fragrant and tastes good," said taishel . But probably because the taste is too mellow, as soon as the air will volatilize within a few minutes, the taste will be much worse, so we have to use a straw to prevent its smell from volatilizing

Standing on the beach, Liu Chang watched taisher's explanation and the fat sea caterpillar with a big straw on his body . He felt that the picture was extremely strange . If he was five years ago, if he was still a high school student in the peaceful era, he felt that he could never have seen such a strange picture .

A strange Cyrus is asking him to eat sea caterpillars with straws .

"But the straw is too big for me . Your mouth is so big that I can jump in . "

"I'll suck it out for you . "

"Can you be more disgusting?" Liu sighed and picked up an empty sh.e.l.l with a big mouth from the sea . Then he went to the body of the sea caterpillar and gently cut a small hole on it with his finger stick . The skin of the sea caterpillar is very thick, but Liu Chang's thorn is more sharp . After a stroke, a crack is born, and then from the crack, accompanied by a strong fragrance, slowly flows out a little milky white slurry .

After the slurry flows out, it condenses into an ice-cream like solid in the cold wind, which is taken into the sh.e.l.l bowl by Liu Chang, and then the small wound solidifies due to the cold .

"You're smart . " See Liu Chang, you picked up a bowl of serous, taishel can't help but urge: "eat quickly, after a few minutes it's not delicious . "

"Well . " Smelling the best strange smell since the end of the world, Liu Chang's strong appet.i.te was attracted by the smell, which made Liu Chang forget the disgusting body of the sea caterpillar for a while, and sc.r.a.ped a bit of this "ice cream" like thing with his finger and put it into his mouth .

With his fingers like his mouth, the moment Liu Chang touched the milky white coagulant on the tip of his tongue, a strong fragrance accompanied by the most complex and beautiful taste instantly filled more than 10000 taste buds on his tongue . The most primitive * * was seduced out . This feeling of satisfying the desire for perfect stomachs, such as the same * * of * *, made Liu Chang feel a strong sense of satisfaction for no reason .

"How about it, how about it?" Taisher stood next to Liu Chang . Seeing his expression after eating sea caterpillars, he knew that his recommendation was correct . "Eat more . This sea caterpillar is one of the several poisons in the shallow sea creatures . Even if the poison organs are removed, its meat juice still has a certain illusory effect . When you eat, think about the good things . Although you have a strong anti poison ability, don't resist this feeling Go along with your feelings and imagine the best things . He will take you back to where you want to go

"Well . " Liu Chang listened to taisher's words, under the urge of appet.i.te, this time directly ate a large piece of wonderful meat juice, and then one mouthful after another, the strong aroma went into the nose along the taste buds, and then went into the brain along the nasal cavity . This feeling of satisfaction made Liu Chang drowsy .

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Therefore, he simply relies on the sea caterpillar on the ground, carrying the sh.e.l.l while taking food, and then slowly enters into a dream like effect

"You're welcome, brother . " Taisher kept sober all the time . He looked at Liu Chang who got up . After a moment, he couldn't think of a word to say . Finally, he sent him a sentence -

"go well all the way . "

"Rare auspicious words!" Liu Chang, with a smile and a wave, said "goodbye" to taishel, and then left the beach completely . Back under the water, Liu Chang drove all the way to the mainland with his shuttle machine . He didn't know if he would have a chance to meet again . The willow trees had already begun to expand without accident . Taishere had no reason to go to the dangerous land of China .

But this time, he will face the most powerful challenge . Everything in the future is an unknown number

So, after sailing for several days, Liu Chang finally returned to Qingdao, where he left .

He returned to his familiar place, China .

Smelling the familiar sea breeze, Liu Chang always felt that the air here smelled better than that of other places . However, after landing, when Liu Chang carried his shuttle into the city - in addition to smelling the fresh feeling in the air - he smelled a different smell - the smell of tension .

Different from the booming construction of the city when he left, Liu Chang came here again and found that there were a lot less marine intelligent creatures . Most of the intelligent species seemed to have left the city and returned to the sea bottom again . There was no sense of "man in black" on the street, and only the small Turner people were left . (to be continued)

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