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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: 410

"What kind of animal is this? It's hard to grow!" It's uncomfortable, not ugly, because the animal's body is very strange . After seeing what taishel was looking at, Liu Chang couldn't help saying, "the sea caterpillar you said is not this thing!"

"Shh, don't talk . I want to catch it . It's not meat . It's not easy to deal with . " Taisher said, commanding the people who were very energetic when they saw the sea caterpillar, and opened a large net that they had prepared in advance . "Especially, after catching him, he can't be hurt . The juice in his body comes out first-cla.s.s, and it's not delicious if it's fragrant . "

"I really don't want to eat this kind of food . " Liu Chang looked at the creeping Xilong catching insects in the net, and silently stepped back . Before that, taisher had always said that he would take him to eat sea caterpillars and sea caterpillars . He thought it was just the kind of small insects with thick fingers . Now it seems that this thing is hundreds of times bigger than he imagined, and hundreds of times more vicious habits than he imagined .

However, although Liu Chang didn't really want to eat this food from the bottom of his heart, he would never destroy the hunt because he could see that after seeing the sea caterpillar, the Xilong people looked very excited .

So, standing on one side and holding a curious att.i.tude, he saw that the people of the Xilong nationality quietly spread their fis.h.i.+ng nets beside the holes like human fishermen . Then, in their own way, they jumped into the sea water from the sh.o.r.e at a very fast speed . Then, the sea water splashed with huge waves, and two kinds of giant beasts began to wrestle with each other, Let the next small animals fly all over the sky .

Liu Chang saw that the sea caterpillars in the water were successfully trapped in the net by the efforts of the Xilong people, especially taisher . After wrestling in the water, the huge and fat body of the sea caterpillars was dragged onto the sh.o.r.e by several Xilong .

After landing, the sea caterpillars seemed to be very uncomfortable . Their chubby bodies rolled and swayed on the ice . Their huge bodies. .h.i.t the ice and made a "Pa Pa Pa Pa" sound .

After hunting out the giant sea caterpillar, taishel quickly spread one end of the net and ran towards Liu Chang, pointing ostentatiously at the chubby fellow behind him and saying, "how, how powerful?"

"I didn't see it . " Liu Chang shook his head inexplicably .

"You don't understand . It was very difficult to catch this insect before . You can't see that it's very fat . In fact, it has a kind of organ that sprays poisonous fog on its body, which is very difficult to handle . The venom on its body is not inferior to the most poisonous pure color creature, so we usually have to hide when we catch him, and we have to pay attention to pulling the net . However, we don't know what's going on . It seems that we have just fought with other fierce animals . The attacking organ on its body has been discarded, which saves us a lot of trouble . "

"So it is . This time, I'm not so lucky .

”As Liu Chang spoke, his eyes turned to the northwest, where China was heading .

When he looked at China, he also had his own thoughts . Before Liu Chang went to the bottom of the sea this time, and before he heard the nuclear elder's theory of squeezing rules, his luck was not so good . Although he did not run into the danger of his death, he had a lot of UPS and downs along the way .

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But this time, everything went smoothly, almost unbelievable - and if he was really lucky to this extent, there was only one possibility - the big willow was more powerful!

"Eat the sea caterpillars before you go . Even in an emergency, you have to eat . Thousands of kilometers have pa.s.sed . You just came from the bottom of the sea, and you should not have eaten . " Taisher pointed to the sea caterpillar behind him, "and since you are so lucky today, you should taste the first gourmet of the gutes . Let's go to the tribe!"

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded - time is not urgent . This moment, he does not eat here, but also wants to go to the sea to catch, time may be more urgent, and taishel's hospitality is difficult . Although he still resists eating such disgusting things in his heart, he has been boasted by the other party for so many times, and he also has a little curiosity in his heart . Therefore, after the two came to the tribe, taisher said to Liu Chang to "deal with food" and ran away .

When he comes back ten minutes later, your fat sea caterpillar has been "processed" and some other organs have been removed, leaving only the whitest and fattest body .

"More disgusting . " Liu Chang said .

"Well, it's really ugly . Anything without scales is not beautiful . " Tai Shel holding that similar thing with his reminder, all the way "utter Chi Chi Chi" ran to Liu Chang, "but delicious! If you don't come today, I can't grab it! Those little guys like to eat this kind of food too much . Our race was not born for a long time . There are children in every family . It's not enough to divide them! "

"Well, after listening to you for so long, it should taste very good, but how to eat it?" Liu Chang looked at the huge thing with tens of meters in length, looked at the round body, even had no place to put his mouth down, "raw or cooked food?"

"Get used to eating with it!" Taisher, who had already been ready, took out a huge metal straw from his back at the moment of answering Liu Chang's words . One end of the straw is very sharp, and the other end is made of leather .

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