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Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: 403

The location of the Presbyterian order of the sea people is marked on the map in a trench, not a deep trench for going out . There was no name before - but because of the settlement of the prokaryotes, there was a name - the land of wisdom - the people of the protonuclear Presbyterian group are the undersea people, or in other words, among the whole sea bottom intelligent races, they are the most respected—— No one can disrespect wisdom .

As the world, but no matter what, since they live on the bottom of the sea, even if they are underwater species - so there are plenty of benthic organisms, especially those giant species, most of them will live on the bottom of the sea . Not only that, Liu Chang read the atlas, but also showed that because the light of the sea floor is too blurred, it is under the lurking of the colorful light . Most creatures are hidden masters, and will surprise you when you pa.s.s by .

Therefore, Liu Chang was very careful when he moved forward .

Keep your eyes wide and ears up . Sensing the smell, the mouth also issued underwater ultrasound, Liu Chang turned on the whole human radar state, swimming forward under the colorful seabed .

Swimming in the bottom of the sea, Liu Chang sensed countless creatures under the water because of the full opening of his senses . All of them are indistinguishable to the naked eye . (recently, I watched numerous ocean doc.u.mentaries to write about the underwater world, and found that the hidden abilities of those creatures in the Gulf are not covered . This is not made up by me . If you are interested, you can have a look . Most of the creatures stay there . Even if the screen is close to the close-up, you can't tell whether they are rocks or creatures The camouflage ability of those creatures on the land is really more than one level, and there are all kinds of strange shapes and shapes on the sea floor . It's very interesting to watch them . I recommend you to have a look . ) However, Liu Chang has many sensors on his body . No matter how deep it is hidden, no matter how good the camouflage is, most of them can be distinguished .

But that's not to say he's out of danger .

He is an expert in radar and anti reconnaissance, but there are so many strange creatures on the sea floor that Liu Chang can't tell apart . Because his sensory systems are all from ancient creatures, and there are always some creatures that can escape from the category of ancient creatures and evolve strange abilities that even Liu Chang can't detect .

So even if Liu Chang is careful, he can't avoid all the dangers, especially when the night comes --

eating, drinking, and sleeping are the five most uncomfortable themes under water . Eating, drinking and drinking, but not sleeping are the five most uncomfortable themes under water . Actually, as a land creature, the most uncomfortable thing is not that the s.h.i.+t will float on your face under the water, but you will always sleep under the water No safe place to be found .

Especially on the first night at the bottom of the sea, because there are still thousands of kilometers away from the trench of the target place - even if Liu Chang is a superman, he can't not go to sleep - because he usually stays up late, but under the water, his five senses are almost turned on to the maximum, and his mental expenditure is very serious - it's like ordinary people stay up late, but you let him focus on 100 points and return He is in a state of apprehension, and he has to run at full speed - the average person can't stand it for ten minutes . Even if Liu Chang is a superman, he has to rest . Otherwise, if he can't concentrate in two days, more dangerous things will happen when he is on his way .

Liu had two or three hours to sleep, but it was hard to get back to sleep .

The bottom of the sea is full of strange coral reefs, some of which are large and some are small . They grow on the reefs on the bottom of the sea . They fluctuate and change with the rise and fall of the reefs . It is like a jungle on the sea floor . There are hundreds of millions of creatures hidden in it . Liu Chang can't judge that those creatures are a threat to him, and those are not .

Finally, he chose a place with the least biota . After exploring for more than ten times with five senses, he found that there was no danger at all . Then he ran away a large hermit crab, occupied his cave under the coral reef, and did something about the turtle's nest .

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The cave of the hermit crab is quite comfortable . After Liu Chang curled up and entered it, the color of scales on his body slowly changed . The exposed place was matched with the color of his swimsuit, which perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment . After making him look like a common reef, he went to sleep in the cave gently .

It was only after flying several hundred meters that we stabilized ourselves .

"d.a.m.n it, this is the abyss mouth . Why is this monster not recorded in the atlas?" In the distance, there was a sound of "boom and rumble" like the Haiti earthquake . Liu Changgang could not see the whole picture of the monster, nor could he judge what the monster would be if all the things in the 300 meter area were swallowed up . But what he can be sure of is that this horrible monster is not recorded in the underwater man atlas .

However, if you think about it, you will be relieved that the ocean is so big, so deep, so broad, and there are so many species . Moreover, new species are born every day . It is understandable that the records of undersea man are not entirely understandable . Moreover, this monster is so huge that it is absolutely rare in number . It is usually hidden in the deep soil of the sea bottom . All the people who can meet him are dead . It is normal that there is no record .

"Bury yourself so deep that you can't detect anything at all!" Liu Chang's sense organs are very keen, but no matter how keen the senses are, it is impossible to detect things tens of meters deep in the seabed soil, or even 100 meters below . So even though he has explored more than ten times just now, he still suffered from a dumb loss .

"It looks like we'll have to sleep in a crowded place next time . " Liu Chang was not in the mood to go to sleep again . However, an hour's sleep also made him recover half of his energy . After tightening up his spirit, he headed for the southeast again .

In the deep sea, there is no distinction between day and night . No matter what time is around, there is an enchanting colorful light . (to be continued)

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