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Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: 402

In order to avoid the most dangerous middle sea area in the Pacific Ocean, Liu Chang chose a safe route point according to the description on the map of the undersea man . He dug an ice hole and prepared to go from the bottom of the sea .

In fact, the protonuclear tribe, or undersea man, was not born in the Pacific Ocean, but in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is half a world away from the South Pacific Ocean, around the United States .

Liu Chang is not very clear about the purpose of the protonuclear settlement in the South Pacific . It may be that they feel that the sea area there is broader and more suitable for their development . However, whatever the purpose, the people of the protonuclear Presbyterian are now settling deep in the trench of the South Pacific Ocean . If they want to go there, it is most appropriate to go to the sea from the periphery of Australia .

The South Atlantic Ocean is to the east of Australia, and Darwin port is to the south of Australia . Therefore, Liu Chang, who chose the route, spent several days from Darwin port in Australia to the gold coast in the west of Australia . All the way, he did not choose to drive on land, or even walk on the ice . Instead, he went straight to the bottom of the water and constantly adapted to the shallow sea Underwater life .

Liu will have to adapt to the water pressure for a long time after entering the deep sea, because he will have to adapt to the water pressure for a long time .

After staying underwater for a week, Liu Chang also found many inconveniences of land creatures under water: eating, drinking, sleeping, none of the five was convenient . And these five . It's even more challenging than one item . Eating is OK . As long as you don't let too much seawater leak into your mouth when you open your mouth, it's not the same to drink it . For seven days, drinking seawater every day has made Liu Chang feel sick .

Before evolution, human beings could not live by drinking sea water . Fortunately, Liu Chang's body has changed, so there is no need to worry about this . It's just that the sea water is really hard to drink, and it's bitter and salty, along with the food that must be eaten raw . Really let Liu Chang feel taste buds constantly paralyzed .

But .

It's all OK .

After eating and drinking, it's time to say "laza" -- on the ground, humans rely on gravity, but in underwater Lasa, you will find that gravity on this side is just like that fart released - it will only rise, not fall .

Pee is OK to say, the first bubble in the water pulled out of the excrement let Liu Chang have a kind of feeling of being pasted on the b.u.t.tocks . The most gratifying and irritating thing for him was that Li Qingshui even took this into consideration . In the diving suit that looked perfectly fitting, there was a universe . There was a strange device on his body . As long as he needed, the swimsuit could be changed into open crotch trousers at any time . Then let Liu Chang excrete freely underwater .

Liu Chang clearly remembers the scene when he pulled out the first bubble of excrement under the water - the feeling of excrement floating on his face from his b.u.t.tocks was really bad .

Fortunately, Liu Chang, as a brain mutant, has the ability to adapt to circ.u.mstances, and his body is strong enough . In the days that followed, he invented a moving excretion method that allowed him to swim as well as excrete like a fish .

"I didn't think about it before . Fish excrete when they swim . Was it forced? " When the seventh bubble excreta pulled out, Liu Chang knew that a week had pa.s.sed .

After seven days in the water, he came out of the ice hole for the first time .

The purpose of getting out of the water is very simple - it is to make the final preparation for entering the water - and his mind showed the perfectly planned water entry route . After eating the last cooked food on the sea surface, Liu Chang walked for several hours to the selected water entry area, settled down and started the deep sea journey .

"I hope that meal . It's not my last supper . " The time of arrival at the selected site is 3:00 p . m . according to the manual, about 3:00 p . m . is the least active time for Chinese sea creatures - and the most favorite time for most dangerous Chinese sea creatures to sleep .

Liu Chang's choice of the place to go into the sea is also relatively safe . There are two safety conditions: one is that there are fewer dangerous creatures recorded here - compared with the Pacific Ocean - and the other is that the water depth here is relatively shallow, but not too shallow .

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Therefore, it is suitable for Liu Chang to enter the sea from here .

"So well?" After seeing the light, Liu Chang smoothly fell to the bottom of the water, and then felt his ears roar . This was caused by the water pressure . The discomfort was as if there were invisible walls around him to squeeze his body, and the air in his chest seemed to be squeezed out of the alveoli directly .

But fortunately, he is strong enough and has some functions of underwater creatures, so there is no big fork - it's just that under the water, his ability to move is greatly limited .

After falling to the bottom of the water, Liu Chang did not ignore the roar of his ears, but looked at the strange underwater world . The underwater world is not as dark as the central sea area . Under the deep sea, Liu Chang saw three kinds of luminous creatures, which brought light here . One is a kind of strange submarine algae, which is dark green and slender like a human finger . It will emit a light similar to its body color; the second light source is a kind of strange scallop, sea sh.e.l.l, clean The white one emits pure light . If you put it in the past, it will definitely be the priceless treasure of the night pearl level - it's just everywhere . The last one, which is also the most extensive light source, Liu Chang's big eyes found that 80% of the light from the bottom of the water comes from here . This is a kind of peculiar coral insect . It is a coral insect when it is alive, and it becomes beautiful after death Even the coral reefs still s.h.i.+ne .

This kind of coral is very gorgeous in color, including red, yellow, blue, purple, flower, all kinds of colors s.h.i.+ne together, directly turning the sea floor into a kind of strange and strange world similar to the magical territory .

"Beauty or confusion?" Liu Chang looked at the world as if in a fantasy situation . He took the first step carefully on the seabed . Then, he was bitten by a strange thing .

"Er . " Liu Chang felt as like as two peas . The bottom of his feet was a sharp pain . He looked down . He was lying in a yellow sponge with the same color as the seabed rock . Now he stepped on the sponge and Liu Chang had a sharp pain on his sole . "Mother, SpongeBob SquarePants is also poisonous!"

Liu Chang knows that the yellow sponge that he stepped on is called sponge . It looks like a sponge baby . It has existed before the end of the world, but it's not so big, and it's not so fierce - even the diving suit made by Li Qingshui can be bitten .

"Pure colored sponge, is it still poisonous?" With a stab, he opened the venomous sting on "sponge" . He saw that the sponge baby like thing suddenly curled up because of the pain in eating . He didn't want to compete with this kind of low-level coelenterate with almost no intelligence . Liu Chang rose more than one meter from the bottom of the sea, out of his range .

As for the venom on the sponge, he didn't care . Although the coelenterate was a pure color poison, Liu Chang was not even afraid of the white ghost, which ranked sixth in Australia's twelve poisons . Naturally, he did not care about the poison of this thing . After floating, he recalled the scene and route in his mind, and then checked the direction of the sea floor with the biomagnetic method After remembering a few reference objects, according to the memory of the line, toward the southeast slowly forward to drive . (to be continued)

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