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Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: 397

"Oh, amphibians are actually a subordinate race of willows . They can be invisible . Their intelligence is worse than that of undersea people, but they are not so bad . They are a race with much stronger fighting ability than undersea men . "

Liu Chang explained as he ate .

"So terrible?" Hearing Liu Chang's words, lutel shook his huge head in surprise . "China is really not a place for people to go . "

"You're a joke like you were five years ago . " After Liu Chang finished eating, he jumped down from the table and said, "thank you for your hospitality . "

"Ha ha, you're welcome . Since we have saved the lives of our race, we are our friends anyway . " Truer's character is obviously careless - there are common characteristics among different ethnic groups, and it is obvious that there are their own personalities among different races - the Xilong nationality is obviously a broad-minded and open-minded race .

And think of a goal of this trip, Liu Chang and this strange guy talked a lot .

"In fact, China is not as terrifying as you think . Apart from the fear of the willow guy, other places are even safer than this island and more suitable for ordinary creatures to survive . " When he comes to other people's ethnic groups, Liu Chang does not miss the opportunity to promote his own territory and spirit . "Especially in Qingdao, xiaoturner has established a city . Whenever you want to go to play, you can do it . "

"Ha ha, when the willow is gone, I haven't lived enough . " Hearing Liu Chang's invitation, truer refused without even saying a word of euphemism, "our people in Bolong harbor don't really like to go out . We can be self-sufficient in food, and if not for special circ.u.mstances, we can also protect ourselves . The gutes are a large ethnic group . They are the birthplace of the Xilong people in your mouth . They are also the largest group in our ethnic group . Because they shoulder the mission of strengthening the big ethnic group, they make a deal with Xiao Turner . "

"It's a pity that it's a big loss this time . " Taishel said, shaking his head and sighing - the army of millions of undersea men . Among them, the number of Xilong is no less than thousands . Most of these Xilong come from the ancient special nationality, except taixie . Almost all of them entered the arms of willows, which was a huge blow to the newly rising race of Xilong .

Because Liu Chang knows . Generally speaking, the larger the size of the creature, the more trouble it will be to have a baby . For example, if you can have one or two in a sea area, it will be good . Although the Xilong nationality is not the largest, its body size is still huge . Therefore, it is very troublesome for this kind of creature to grow and grow up . The huge demand for food may seriously limit their reproductive ability . Only when Liu Chang came to this place called Bolong, did Liu Chang find that the number of Xilong people was rare - the port area was not small, but . Liu Chang can tell from the smell in the air that there are no more than 100 Xilong here .

This is even a group that occupies the country - one is that the number of ethnic groups is small - and the other is that it can be seen that there are many guts .

"Well, our ethnic group originated in Australia, and now most of them live in the waters near Australia . " Liu Chang is more interested in his race . After thinking about it for a while, taisher introduced his race for the first time . "Like this Philippines, it's not far away from Australia, so there are sporadic people from our ethnic group . "

"Is Gute the original race of Xilong . It's like the protocore of the undersea man . " The rare open heart, Liu Chang looked up at the huge friend .

"Yes . " Taisher nodded, "all the Xilong ethnic groups are separated from Gute . Our family has no restrictions on members . Some people love to go elsewhere, and they leave in groups . And we gut is not as bold and powerful as the prokaryote . We have been living in Darwin harbor all the time

"So it is . " Liu sighed, "you have not said, in fact, the loss of small Turner, is a major blow to Gutt . "

"Well, after you go back, please tell the elders of our family clearly what happened that day, which can be regarded as an explanation for this matter . " It seems that after eating his hometown, he has seen the direction of his hometown .

"Don't worry, I'll leave this matter to me . I hope that human beings can make friends with Xilong people . " Liu Chang also looked at the south, his eyes also showed a meaningful flavor, "I may be the only witness of that matter . Although your family must have been informed by the small turners, what they know is absolutely not as detailed as I know . "

Liu Chang spoke and lay down on the spot .


China .

Qingdao .

"Liu Chang has been away for many days . " Standing in the city, looking at the direction of the sea, voiceless mouth said .

"Well, I've been away for days . " Standing beside her has been accompanied by Milan, he Zhizhi and Xiaojing have disappeared . On the bustling street, only two of them know each other, "I don't know how his situation is . Li Qingshui, who hasn't said a word since Liu Chang left, asked him nothing . This is a boring guy . ""It's a very boring guy . " Qingyin looked at the East, speculated: "but since Liu Chang left, this guy has not returned to Beijing . Two days ago, he came suddenly and took Xiaojing away . I don't know what the purpose is . "

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"Well, it's said that it's the protonuclear Presbyterian, who came back from the willow tree . "

"Forget it . No matter how loud it is, it's not as loud as your steps . " Liu Chang patted his vehicle and said, "before this thing falls, there is no noise . Now, although it's broken, there's no problem in running to Australia . What's more, we've replenished fuel for Bolong people . "

"Ha, I can't believe that they can find the things of the sea people . " Taishel laughed, quickened his pace and ran ahead .

Liu Chang also used two hands as a 16, manipulating the complicated instrument panel, quickly catching up with

There was no wind or rain along the way . When they ran hungry, they went down to the sea to hunt for food . At night, they took a rest in situ . During this period, they also found several small islands for habitation according to the map . They ran all the way to eat . After a week and a half, they arrived at the boundary of Australia .


"Australia is indeed the capital of poisons . All the fish in the sea are of this color!"

Standing next to an oxygen outlet on a sea ice surface, Liu Chang stopped the vehicle and looked inside the hole - large oxygen outlets are common on the sea ice, while the two people seldom live near the oxygen outlet along the way - because more creatures are more dangerous, there is no need to join in the fun .

At this time, when he came to the boundary of Australia and was curious about the creatures of other continents, Liu Chang stopped and watched .

Obviously, the fish in the cave are very different from those in the East China Sea . The biggest difference is the color . Generally speaking, the fish in the sea, whether they are predators or herbivores, are not too bright in color, because this will attract the attention of other creatures .

But Australia is different . Looking at it with a big eye, Liu Chang found that all the fish in Australia are the most dazzling colors - bright red or orange, or bright dark purple, as if afraid that others would not see them .

"It's a poison indeed . The color of this warning is so conspicuous . " Seeing these conspicuous to bright colors, Liu Chang instinctively got goose b.u.mps - this is caused by fear from the depths of human genes . People have an instinctive fear of animals that look particularly bright . This is because for millions of years, creatures with particularly conspicuous body colors have one thing in common - that is, they are extremely poisonous .

For millions of years, human beings have evolved and witnessed countless painful scenes of poisoning of their own species, which have been pa.s.sed on from generation to generation . This fear is imprinted in the gene depths - it is an evolution of emotions that enables people to know at a glance which animals should avoid . (to be continued)

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