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Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: 394

Although the two sides are similar in size, Liu Chang is not too comfortable to sit in . What makes him feel bigger is that there are 16 operating devices in the vehicle, including a pull rod and a steering wheel . The seaman has more tentacles . He has only two hands, which makes him feel a bit busy .

But even so, driving is always more comfortable than running .

Liu Chang put his clothes and equipment in the c.o.c.kpit . After closing the transparent car cover, Liu Chang looked at Tai Sher behind him laughing at full speed .

The fuel supply of the aircraft is very sufficient . Probably considering that the biggest use of the aircraft on ice is to sail on the sea, the general volume of the whole vehicle is filled with fuel - the fuel is a green liquid, which has a strong pungent smell, and is somewhat similar to oil .

After a while, they finally left the island and entered the established route . After setting the route, Liu Chang let the vehicle enter the automatic straight-line navigation state . He opened the transparent gla.s.s cover on his head, sat in the c.o.c.kpit and looked at the das.h.i.+ng taisher, laughing at a piece of undersea man's The cheese goes into the mouth .

"Seriously, I have an impulse now . " Tai Shel looked at Liu Chang's leisurely manner of pretending to force, and raised his feet with a smile .

"Do you want to trample my machine down?" Liu changchewed his food and then said, "don't be so violent . I asked you whether there is a large-scale aircraft for you . The answer they gave me was that the large-scale aircraft was not cost-effective at all . Anyway, I wanted to make it, but considering various factors, it was not implemented . "

"What's more, the boss of the undersea man also said that he bought this vehicle at a high price, specially customized, much faster than that kind of ma.s.s production!" Leaving Okinawa, Liu Chang played a joke on the rare way .

Three days later, in the middle of the night .

Liu Chang left the vehicle in place . We got out of the c.o.c.kpit and identified the direction .

"How far is it from the Philippines?" Tessel lay panting on the ice .

"Come on, we've gone more than half of the way . " Liu Chang proofread the map in his head and looked at the endless ice . Ask: "run a day, you are hungry, I will go into the water to get you something to eat . "

"It's dark . It's not safe to go into the water . " Though Tessel said so, he was still staring at the ice under his feet .

"It's OK . I don't go too deep, and I have to enter the middle sea sooner or later . There's no danger . I can't meet such fierce animals every time . " After laughing, Liu Chang bent down and began to dig holes in the ice . Because he was strong, he dug very fast . The ice powder was all over the sky . Soon he got into the water, which was still warm .

When he got to the bottom, he put on his fins . After opening his eyes and putting on his goggles, he turned on the searchlight on the diving . The world under the sea at night was presented in front of Liu Chang .

The jungle in the water, blue seaweed, strange cannibals . The little squid with a smiling face, and the golden swordfish that is as slender as an arrow .

"Red man eater . " The place where Liu Chang went into the water is a light blue seaweed jungle . According to the biological Atlas of the sea people, it is still a relatively safe area, so . Liu Changcai dares to sleep in the middle of the night - cyan.o.bacteria jungle - which is the name given to this area by the sea people . The cyan.o.bacteria all over the sky are poisonous, and there is no strong lethality . However, there are records of the red giant man eater .

"It's more than ten meters in size, but it's not that big in the picture . " The place where Liu Chang falls into the water is just above a cannibal flower . The cannibal flower is very beautiful . From the top down, it looks like a huge peony in full bloom, bright red and bright red . Inside the blooming flowers are fleshy and granular stamens, which are full of various fruits and emit a strange smell of meat, which are used to attract all kinds of animals to eat .

As long as there is an animal to eat, if it is too small, it may not care, but if it enters the scope of its diet, the beautiful petals will be covered with barbels in an instant . When the petals are closed, the prey will be riddled with holes, and then the powerful digestive juice will be injected into the prey's body, and finally turned into nutrition into a feast of undersea man eating flowers .

These cannibals grow on top of cyan.o.bacteria, which is a common symbiosis on the sea floor - except that this symbiosis is between plants, which is different from that of animals - the symbiosis system of plants works more closely, even to the level of exchanging food and energy .

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These cannibals grow on top of cyan.o.bacteria, which provide them with the energy to grow when they are still young . If vegetarians do not know how to grow algae, they will be able to prevent the growth of blue-green algae .

"Plant hunting is violent!" Swimming into the petals, the barb on the fish saved the dying fish from the stamens . Then, before the blood spread completely, he pushed it in the water and pushed several petals wrapped in his body, swimming all the way to the small hole where it entered the water .

By the time he wielded his knife, the hole had been expanded dozens of times . These days, tianchengtian and taishel had already formed a tacit understanding . Liu Chang hunted in the water and taishere dug the hole on the top . Compared with the hunting, digging the hole was much easier . This is what Liu Chang usually does these days, because Liu Chang keeps his head above him in the morning Driving, so there is no physical exertion .

It only takes a few minutes for Liu Chang to dig a hole the size of one person, and the same is true for taishel . However, the concept of "one person size" is somewhat different between them .

Therefore, when Liu Chang threw the big yellow croaker on the water, Tai Shel had been waiting here for a long time .

"Ouch, cannibal fish wrapped in sea is a famous dish . " Guarding at the edge of the ice hole, seeing what Liu Chang threw out, Tai Shel immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva .

When Liu Chang threw the big yellow croaker out of the water, his head popped out of the water . What Liu Chang welcomed was small pieces of ice all over the sky - it was too cold, and the caves that had just been dug would freeze . So when Liu Chang threw the big yellow croaker, he broke the small ice layer on the water surface, falling all over the sky . After diving out of the ice cave and climbing tens of meters of ice on the surface of sea ice, Liu Chang saw the expression of Tai Sher swallowing saliva .

"It's delicious?" Liu Chang threw the ice beads on his body and hammered hard at his chest . The ice layer on his body that was like armor fell to the ground .

"It's delicious!" Taishel said: "this food is a famous dish in the sea people . It is said that this dish is the first step for the sea people to start eating cooked food . "

"What do you say?" Liu Chang heard taixie's words and showed an interested look .

"As you know, the bottom of the sea lives on the bottom of the sea . They should be more difficult to accept cooked food than we are shallow sea creatures . " While explaining the history of the sea people's diet, taishel wrapped the petals and fish tightly with his sharp claws, and did not even remove the barbs on them . (to be continued)

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