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Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: 393

Taishel said, while looking at the sky, "time seems to be late . "

"Well, it's been a while since dawn . " Liu Chang nodded, "let's go . "

"Where to go, straight or to little Turner's city?" Asked Tessel .

"Go to little Turner's city and see what's worth noticing . " Liu Chang thought for a moment and said, "go to see if there are places like selling route maps . I saw the dangerous area division they marked yesterday . Since they are so familiar with the world's situation, they should also be able to mark out some relatively safe flight charts . "

"Route? This kind of thing is actually changeable . " Hearing Liu Chang's words, taishel stretched himself in the same place - his bright scales "clattered . " for example, the white ghost of Australia was only in Australia before, but now there are all over the East China Sea . Who can say how many changes have taken place in the habits of these animals after clearing the ice layer? What's more, even if the sea people have a large population and sophisticated instruments, it's impossible to explore the whole sea area . The route map is of little significance . "

"That's better than nothing . " Liu Chang patted Tai Shel's body, "let's go, don't waste time . "

"Yes . " Standing up in situ, taixie and Liu Chang went directly to the gate of the city and left the besieged city . Naturally, the soldiers in charge did not dare to stop them .

After leaving this tiny human settlement, they ran all the way on the island for less than an hour, and then they ran all the way from Okinawa county to Okinawa city - and then came to this city . Only then did Liu Chang feel the taste of the words "prosperous personnel" .

It is just that the peak of this person is not the peak of human beings, but the prosperity of all kinds of marine life .

It is more complicated than Qingdao in terms of personnel allocation - but only human beings can not be seen . Obviously, on this island of Ryukyu Islands and Okinawa, human power is far less than that of Qingdao . After being confined to that small area, human beings have no right to live in other places . Therefore, almost all of them are foreigners .

"Almost all the marine intelligent creatures can be seen here . " Liu Chang and taishel just ready to enter the city, a convex fish to stop Liu Chang . "No entry, man . "

"Why?" Liu Chang looked at the fish and asked .

"Why?" The halibut is not a race with high intelligence quotient . He only knows that he is in charge of guarding here, and he has recited the regulations before he came here, but he has forgotten almost all of them . In the past two or three months since he came here to work, he has not seen any human beings wanting to enter the city . It's Liu Chang's "why" question that this eyeball protrudes the guy's eyes to grunt to turn up .

"Why?" The fish turned its eyes and couldn't figure out why it was . After fixing his mind and stabilizing his eyes, he said: "I don't know why . This is the rule . "

This person fish dialogue, there are a few more guards - the security personnel configuration is very reasonable . In one group, there is a sea bear as fighting force, a puffer as an eye, and three sea people as ordinary team members .

See three sea people come . The puffer's eyes were completely stabilized, and he asked one of the larger men, "grugrugru, I wish you were here . This human can speak your language and want to enter the city . He asked me why I didn't let him in . You can tell him . "

Little Turner, named "grugrugru," did not move when he heard the fish . Instead, he went to Liu Chang and used his new turbid eyeball to make a lot of it . After Liu Chang asked tentatively, "is it not Okinawa residents?"

"Well, I'm from China . " Liu Chang nodded .

"Release . " Without saying a word, the leader of the guard team immediately waved his tentacles to let Liu Chang and Tai Sher pa.s.s . At last, it seemed that he had not done enough . He even took out a strange sign from his waist . "This is my waist token . It's a symbol of a pa.s.s . There is no pa.s.s here . I'm afraid it's not convenient for friends from China to enter the city . "

Impolitely, he took the waist token handed over by the team leader . Liu Chang Hung it directly on the chest of his swimsuit, carrying his flippers and fish gun, and approached the city full of people thoughtfully .

Entering the city, Liu Chang couldn't help sighing: "the people of the sea are worthy of being called brain abnormalities, and they all seem to be so smart . "

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A small guard captain on the island, a guy at the bottom who only manages two or three people, can understand and implement the "strategic intention" arranged by little Turner so clearly and thoroughly, which makes Liu Chang have to admire the understanding and execution ability of undersea people . Liu Chang is really curious about whether the 500 members of the proto nuclear Presbyterian group can count the future trajectory to a certain extent .

"No money . " Liu Chang shook his head, "but I have news . "

"News doesn't sell much these days . " Little Turner began to bargain, and with his words, he showed no interest and began to sort out the books in the seaweed basket on the ground .

"General news can't sell for much, but what about the black Pentagram?" Liu Chang didn't care about the neglect of the sea people, but laughed and said a word that made the centipede like body frozen . "You know, I come from the mainland, and coincidentally, I was born in Henan, where the black five pointed star was born . I know a lot about him Of course, these things are nothing to me, but I believe you are interested in hearing . . . "

Half an hour later

Liu Chang once again drilled out of the two meter opening hole . This time he came out again, covered with strange pieces and carrying a strange machine .

"What is this?" Guard at the door has been waiting for some impatient Tai Sher to see Liu Chang a strange outfit jump out, surprised to ask: "what thing? How did you go in and make so many things come out? "

"All useful things!" Liu Chang raised the machine that looked like a small car and a small ski car in his hand and said, "this is what you told me before . The ice vehicle developed by xiaoturner has not been ma.s.s produced, but it has been basically developed successfully . Today, I think, no, let's drive on the sea . Although the speed will not increase much, it is still safer than the sea bottom . Especially, with me, you don't have to worry about getting lost on the ice . "

"Isn't it?" Tai Shel looked at Liu Chang, who changed his clothes . He grew up a little frustrated and said, "you drive, I run?" 、


"Because there's no vehicle you're on

On the surface of the sea ice, Liu Chang explained to Tai Shel, who ran behind in a loud voice: "this thing was originally used by the sea people themselves, and there was no big one at all . d.a.m.n it, there are 16 trading tables on it . If it wasn't for my quick eye and quick hand, I couldn't handle it with two hands . " (to be continued)

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