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Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: 391

"A rally?" Liu Chang thought that since they met, the female leader of the tribe in front of her had never left her sight . If she had ordered it before, it was obvious that before they met, she had received news to deal with the vacancy . Through this point, we can also see that the female leader in front of her can be regarded as a well arranged and thoughtful person .

"Well, the gathering specially held for you, sir . I hope that your speech will bring some hope and vitality to the people of our tribe . " "As you know, sometimes people need something spiritual to live, especially the seed of hope . Once it is destroyed, it is difficult to maintain vitality . To be honest, our island is no less populated than the residents on your mainland . Now it is only a few thousand, so the gray mood in the group is more serious than you think . Coupled with the lack of external human communication, many residents have lost their confidence in life . "

"What do you want me to do?" Liu Chang took a look at mizunouchi . If it wasn't too much trouble or a waste of time, he didn't want to refuse this woman . After all, after all, the concept of state was relatively weak after the end of the world . Everyone was human . This woman also helped herself a lot - especially the manual, which saved him a lot of trouble . So he decided to help if he could .

"If you don't do anything, I just want you to talk about things outside, about China, about the sea, about anecdotes or your experiences along the way . Anyway, as long as the information from the outside comes, it will be helpful to the rest of us . " He said .

"That's simple . Although I'm not very good at storytelling, I've experienced too many stories over the years . I'll tell you about China and the outside world, and I'll repay you for your kindness in that manual . " Although Liu Chang has no aversion to this woman, he doesn't want to take advantage of others . Being entertained for no reason .

"Thank you very much, sir . As long as it can bring vitality and vitality to these tribes, it can at least make the dead thousands of people no longer worry every day . " Natsuya said, showing a little bitter smile . "You know, although many people have died here since the end of the world, there has never been suicide . On the contrary, in the past few months, I don't know whether it is because of the captivity of undersea people . Although our life is better, many people are more depressed and lose the pressure of survival . A few months ago, people began to commit suicide! "

"Suicide?" How many years has Liu Chang never heard of this word? He remembers that since the end of the world, he has hardly heard the word come into being - because in the process of fighting against heaven and earth and various evolutionary creatures, as long as the will to survive is a little weak, it will be eliminated by nature . No one has the problem of suicide .

Now at first hearing this strange word for many years, Liu Chang's first thought is Qingyin, the woman who suffered from depression after enough food and clothing .

"Yes, suicide, from seven months ago . This is the first case that started more than half a year ago . Up to now, there have been 18 suicides in our tribe, of which 13 are women . " Mr . Mizuno sighed . "Especially since Nakamura implemented the family planning program, the existing women seem to have a harder life . They have no right to choose . In a sense, they have been reduced to a tool for the continuation of future generations . This is not in line with their own will . "

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"Well, humans can't be kept in captivity . " Liu Chang frowned and looked at shuishunai and thought for a while - then he thought about the nature of undersea man and little Turner . Then he stood up from the ground, "since the rally has begun, let's not waste time . I'll try to tell you more about the world outside the island . Because I'm leaving tomorrow . "

After Liu Chang came here, he saw countless expectant eyes . There were few men and women, but there was no old man . After arriving here, Liu Chang found that the number of newborn babies in this tribe is very large, and most of them are less than one year old, and most of them are children less than three months old . Moreover, the proportion of pregnant women among women in this tribe is also very large . Obviously, the birth plan of that village is to hope that every fertile woman can have as many children as possible, Let the population of each tribe reach a certain level first, leaving the fire of life for the tribe . It is just that the means are too radical, so that the tribes, which are already full of haze, are shrouded in a layer of dark clouds .

However, these are not what Liu Chang should really care about . He came to the center of gravity of the grid square and began to speak under the gaze of people nearby .

"h.e.l.lo, everyone . I don't speak j.a.panese very well . "

Liu Chang's first opening remarks are in English . The content sounds funny, but it is the biggest fact . But fortunately, when he finished this sentence, the one who followed him quickly translated it in j.a.panese .

"Mr . Liu said he didn't speak j.a.panese very well, so the next thing was for me to translate . " When he came to the crowd, he put away his sadness in the room and looked energetic . (to be continued)

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