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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: 383

At first, Liu Chang didn't notice that the air was distorted by the lake water transpiration, because the lake water was exposed to the ordinary hot spring like white gas, especially in the cold weather outside . This kind of white fog transpiration is very fierce . Standing beside makes people feel like standing in the bathhouse . Even if the observer is meticulous, he can not be in the white air transpiration without knowing in advance See those tiny air distortions .

"It's not water, but it's not magma . " Seeing the magic of the lake, Liu Chang picked up a section of tree branches by the lake, and then slowly put it in the water .

By the time it was pulled out again - the branch had turned into a carbon rod - it was completely charred .

"It's amazing!" Liu Chang looked at the lake . "I don't know what the specific substances are . It is said that many liquids will not boil when they are burned to hundreds of degrees . "

"But the bird just now . . . " Hearing Liu Chang's words and blowing his own red paws, taisher pointed to the strange fish and birds on the other side of the fire mangrove, and said, "but that guy just came out of this, not cooked?"

"I don't know, that's why I said magic . " Liu Chang took another look at the fish and bird that had been staring at him . After thinking about it, he said, "forget it . I can sleep here tonight . I think about some things too much and I can't understand them . I can't explain my questions until I find the elder of the original nucleus . "

"What about that? Can't you eat the birds? Do you want to eat the rice? " Taishel said, yawning, and the great wind came out of his mouth like a bomb shelter .

"No more . Eat tomorrow, and sleep here today . " Liu Chang once again took a look at the red crystal tree, and then stretched out a very tired, so nest in the warm lake, lying down .

"Sleep!" Tessel looked at the white, steaming lake, and then left far away .

"Why is it so far away? It's hard to have a warm place?" Liu Chang saw Tai Shel straight out of a hundred meters away from his sight, did not intend to lie down, and then roared at the place where the figure left .

"You don't understand . We underwater creatures are used to floating with the water and sleep on the sh.o.r.e . It's easy to roll . I'm afraid I'll sleep soundly in the middle of the night . I'll roll into the lava lake and cook a roast fish A thunderous sound came from the distance, and then a violent "puff" came from there - he lay down .

Liu Chang was also tired for a day, especially the "long-time" mental confusion just now, which made his mental state consume a lot, lying on the warm lake . It wasn't long before I fell asleep .

This sleep is two days and two nights .

Since the end of his life, Liu Chang has never had such a stable sleep . He is worried every day . He has too many things in his heart every day . He always feels light when he sleeps . In particular, he has a keen sense of five senses . He can wake up when there is a little wind and gra.s.s around him . Especially since he died in the cold winter night, he has never slept so soundly .

Two nights without dreams .

The body and mind have been greatly relaxed .

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When Liu Chang wakes up again . I saw the huge dragon face of taishel .

In the last five years, many human beings have complained about life, from life to existence . They have to challenge food and livelihood every moment . However, compared with the sea creatures that can't sleep safely, or compared with most wild animals, human beings can at least have a warm nest, and cities in the past can be used as shelters .

In the past, it was easier to be controlled by extravagance . Eschatology is the end of compet.i.tion . Human beings have the advantages of the past . In fact, the mortality rate is very low among all species .

Since the end of the world, in fact, countless species have been born, accompanied by the extinction of countless species . Although humans have fallen from the throne, and it seems that they have not evolved as fast as the top species, it is only because after the end of the world, human evolution is not at the top .

The pure speed is not the top, but it is definitely on the middle .

Most of the evolution or mutation in nature is useless mutation . Because the genetic structure of human is relatively stable, there is no useless mutation . Moreover, in the last few years, there has been continuous population evolution, so the speed is not very slow . In nature, the slow evolution speed is eliminated .

But it's just an average comparison . Just like the sudden rise of human beings millions of years ago, the G.o.ddess of luck can't care for the same species every time .

Therefore, when the "second era" comes, there will always be particularly lucky species, whose evolutionary speed is far faster than that of human beings or other species, reaching above the average . This is also the reason why there have been constant complaints from human beings after the end of the world: "other species have evolved, why human evolution is so slow . " .

According to Li Qingshui, "human beings have only changed from being particularly lucky to being one of the average . " the huge sense of difference makes it seem that evolution can't keep up with the people of Shanghai .

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