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Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: 377

"s.h.i.+t!" See Tai shere did not respond, Liu Chang heart more anxious up . Just now he heard that the middle sea area was dangerous, dangerous and dangerous, but he could not think that the life and death of taishel, who had just been in here for less than a minute, was still alive and kicking about how dangerous the sea area was .

This is really unthinkable .

After all, no matter how dangerous the place is, it shouldn't be like this . What's more, according to what Tai Sher said before, this guy has not crossed the middle sea once or twice . It's impossible that he has no defense at all .

"Is it bad luck that you meet a fierce animal when you go out?" Liu Chang's heart flashed a little thought, and quickly followed the direction of body paralysis .

Then, he felt something sticky on his bare arm . It was very soft and felt between liquid and real objects . It was like the feeling of a man's essence shooting on his hand . It was sticky and soft . Liu Chang immediately pulled it out of his fingers as soon as he started . Unexpectedly, this kind of thing squeezed out of his fingers as soon as he grasped it No strength .

However, in a panic, Liu Chang quickly settled down and rubbed his arm with his hands . He found that it was still ineffective and his body was warm and comfortable . When he wanted to sleep more and more strong, he gave up the struggle and hurriedly took advantage of his mind to dive into the water, smeared along the direction of the water, found the top of taisher's head, and then grasped a scaly groove in his head The water swam upward .

The body size difference between Liu Chang and taishel is about the same as that between a sparrow and a human . At the moment, although Liu Chang has endless strength, it is still a very difficult thing to pull a sinking giant water monster away by rowing in the water .

Because the area of the stroke was too small, and taishel had too much resistance in the water, Liu Chang used all his strength, and the speed of swimming in the water was still very slow - and not only that . The numbness and warmth of his body grew stronger and stronger, which made him anxious .

Fortunately, the two men were careful enough before, and just went down to the shallowest place in the middle sea area and stopped to let Liu Chang feel it . So now escape this absolute darkness, only need Liu Chang to upstream dozens of meters on the line, so . No matter how slow he was, within minutes, he saw the light again .

Came to the shallow sea, retina again feel the weak light, Liu Chang by this weak light, finally see what is attached to his body, what is .

White slime - no nose, no eyes, looks a bit transparent, like jellyfish or jellyfish, but no body . It's more like a ghost in the water .

What's more, they seem to have a characteristic with ghosts, that is, when they come to the light area, they can't pull off the sticky things, and the broken things fall off Liu Chang's body one after another, and then slowly return to the dark abyss .

And after pulling teschel out . Liu Chang found that it was these things that made taishel's life and death unknown, and there were more sticky ghosts on him than on himself . Fortunately, now this piece of guy saw the light automatically fall off, have fallen into the bottom of the sea .

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"Tessel, wake up, aren't you dead?" After pulling the companion out . Liu Chang swam to its...o...b..t around, found that this guy still has the breath of life, is a sigh of relief .

"Fortunately, this guy is in a deep coma, but his life seems to be stable . " Standing beside taishel, the sea animals just pulled out from the sea were frozen into ice sculptures . Standing next to the ice sculpture, Liu Chang has nothing to do but stay .

Therefore, he waited for more than 20 hours . After one day and one night, when the night came again, taisher moved and broke away the thick ice sculpture on his body, and then he came to his senses .

"Well, it hurts so much . " With the instinctive movement of taishel, "Hua La" ice debris fell from Liu Chang's head .

"You finally wake up, brother . If you don't wake up, I'm going to drag you all the way back to Qingdao . " Liu Chang slapped the ice dregs falling on the top of his head, then jumped onto taisher's body, raised his hand to turn his eyelids, looked at his pupil and said: "how, feeling ok?"

"Well, it's a headache . I'm paralyzed . What happened to me just now?" After recovering a little sanity, taishel suddenly remembered that the place where he had fainted just now seemed to be in the middle sea area . After being shocked, he could have bounced with fear, "have I been attacked by creatures? What kind of creature looks like a poisonous creature

"Well, a slimy white monster that looks like a snot combo . Do you know what it is?" Liu Chang asked curiously . (to be continued)

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