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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: 372

"A lot of . . . " Her eyesight is the best every day, so she can see the world most clearly . "A lot of alien like animals are walking around, and these buildings are not the species we should have . "

"Little Turner doesn't seem to have given up on this side . " Liu Chang also looked up and found that there were many strange creatures out there - more than when he left . "What's the matter? Are the bottom creatures landing? When I left, only three combat races belonging to little Turner landed here . What's the matter with these little sticky monsters that are obviously incapable of fighting? "

Liu Chang said that he pointed to a guy who looked like an aggregation of algae at his feet . After seeing Liu Chang's fingers, he even replied in the language of the sea people: "what do you mean, impolite guy!"

"I'm sorry . " Liu Chang got angry when he saw the sticky monster, and suddenly thought that since it could land and wander in the city, it was bound to be an intelligent race . It was indeed impolite to point at him so he apologized .

"It doesn't matter . You people always like to judge people by their appearance . I've been fed up with this kind of treatment these two days . It's still fun at the bottom of the sea . " After spitting a mouthful of saliva to the ground, the slimy monster wriggled his sticky body and left here .

"This What the h.e.l.l is this? " The first time Thunder Tiger saw the strange creatures on the sea floor for the first time . Although he didn't understand what this guy was talking about, it also made him feel very strange .

"Whatever it is, since the arrival of these guys can make the life of Qingdao aborigines better, it doesn't matter what they do . They don't seem to mean anything Liu Chang took a look at the strange creatures less than a meter after they talked and said with a smile: "maybe the small Turner people regard this as a tourist city, maybe ah . After the defeat, they suddenly understood the gap between themselves and willows, which made the smoke of gunpowder light and the smell of Commerce . This is a good thing 。 let's go . Let's go and have a look . "

Liu Chang said, then raised his head and called out in the language of the sea people: "taixie, you should be careful when you walk . Don't knock down the houses around you

"Yes, you human buildings are really stingy . " Liu changmi looked around . It's not as good as his tall house . After a few careful steps, he still found that the street was too narrow for him to walk as if he were a woman with legs . Therefore, after a few steps, this straightforward big guy could no longer stand this kind of Lin Daiyu's leaving .

"I can't, you play, I went to the seaside!" After leaving this sentence, taishel left here . There's a group of humans left in the team .

Seeing the giant animals leave, only the human team is naturally much more convenient, so this day, Liu Chang took a group of people around the city .

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Wandering around Qingdao, people have to admire the construction capacity and speed of undersea people - Liu Chang originally thought . Since the small Turner people suffered a great loss in the three provinces of Liushu, no matter how much they lost, they should feel frustrated . He thought that when he came to Qingdao this time, he saw either xiaoturner's withdrawal or the increase of their troops . Now he sees the reality, but this is not the case at all .

And girls are born to like that kind of transparent luminous things, see this crystal jellyfish, a few women have some can't bear the feeling of mouth, even voiceless are Lengleng Leng looking at the strange jellyfish for a long time, it seems that the mood is much better .

Glancing at her situation, the attentive Milan once again recruited the waiter of the undersea restaurant . The waiter was a fish with a protruding eye . When he saw someone waving from a distance, he hopped over, speaking poor and astringent Mandarin, and entertained the guests at this table . "Please, excuse me Well, that's the word, right Human language is too d.a.m.n hard to learn . . . " Looking at the menu on his hand, he murmured and said, "some human friends, excuse me What would you like to eat What to drink . . . "

"Do you have any beautiful food like this crystal jellyfish?" Milan asked the fish .

"Ah? Speak slowly . I can't understand some words . Speak slowly . . . " It is obvious that the fish are not a very intelligent race . It seems that learning a foreign language is not much easier for them than for Americans to learn Chinese . Therefore, if they speak too fast, they can't understand it

"She asked you if there was a beautiful food like this jellyfish that would glow!" Liu Chang looked at the confused fish and repeated it in the language of the sea people .

"Ouch, I met a human who can speak the language of undersea people . It's rare!" After hearing that Liu Chang could speak undersea language, he was so excited that he even forgot his ident.i.ty as a restaurant waiter . "Ha ha," he said with a smile: "how can you speak so fluently? Oh, I'm exhausted from learning your human language . A year ago, when I learned English, it was better than English . Chinese was several times harder than English . I would have gone to Las Vegas to serve as a steakhouse I heard that there are many interesting gambling machines there . . . " (to be continued)

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