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Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: 371

"Are you all right?" Seeing Qingyin's deep sunken eye socket, Liu Chang frowned and asked .

"Nothing, nothing, nothing . " Qingyin shakes her head and says it three times . When Liu Chang hears her way of speaking, she knows that this is a typical manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and that this woman has suffered from serious mental illness because of her long-term anxiety and isolation .

"Come out with me in a couple of days?" Liu Chang tried to ask .

"Well, go out and have a look Go out and have a look . . . " Qingyin nodded, her mind was clearly awake, her IQ and conventional cognition were still there, but she seemed to like to repeat one sentence three times, as if she wanted to say the other two times for her dead double headed son .

"Well, now that you've agreed, pack up and set out in two days . " Liu Chang nodded and withdrew to the room, no longer disturbing the young woman .

After leaving here, he spent another two days meeting his companions one by one, informing them of their plans to play - and soliciting their opinions .

Among those who were informed by Liu Chang, only Li Feng was unwilling to leave because he found the information about his family, including Lei Hu, who had not been informed, agreed to follow Liu Chang .

"No No way, I've had enough in bed

On the morning before leaving, Thunder Tiger yelled at the nurse who took care of him: "you see, I'm still a hundred times stronger than you, although I don't have good agility . "

Thunder Tiger said, he bent the iron armrest of his bed . After a burst of asthma, he continued to cry: "see? What is strong? I don't want to be here anyway . You have no right to restrict my action . I am the current commander in chief of Jinan Military Region, and I have personal freedom! "

To hear thunder tiger go out to have a visit, even his political ident.i.ty has been carried out, is a burst of speechless .

However, this move is very effective, so, in the early morning to Jinan small team . A man filled Li Feng's position .

"Ah It's still the fresh air outside! " Thunder Tiger walked very slowly . He didn't have a thorough body . He hung at the end of the team . It seems to be in the mood of outing, but everyone knows . He's actually panting .

But no one will spoil his good mood - because this is the purpose of this trip .

So Liu Chang took the initiative to find Milan when the team stopped .

"Have a chat? I haven't talked for a long time . " She handed her a special antiseptic food recently developed by a research inst.i.tute in Milan . Liu Chang sat beside her and said, "do you know about the voiceless sound?"

"I know, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder . I have to do it three times when I do it . I count my steps unconsciously when I walk . I seem to think about the past every day . " Milan, as a result, the cigarette like thing, in the hands of fiddling . "I've seen her before and I've given her psychological guidance, but it doesn't seem to be very useful," he said

"No effect?" Liu Chang asked .

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"Well, pure language therapy is not omnipotent . Most of the time, patients with mental illness . If she wants to get out of her depressed spiritual world, she depends more on herself . And . . . " Milan said, glancing at the voiceless side, he said, "and, you know, mental illness is something that the smarter the guy gets . The more difficult it is to cure, because they are too confident, and it is difficult to get out of it after they fall into their own logical cycle . To make a joke, if Li Qingshui is suffering from mental illness, I doubt that no one can treat him well . "


After a short talk, the team set off again . Because there were several ordinary people on the way, the journey was very slow . It took nearly a week for Liu Chang to arrive at Jinan .

"Back at last . " After seven days, Thunder Tiger's body recovered a lot on the road, and his action power had completely surpa.s.sed that of ordinary people . So he rushed into the Jinan Military Region and went to find his son as soon as he came back .

But after Liu Chang returned to Jinan Military Region, he found Lao Zhang .

"Lao Zhang, would you please look up a person's information?" Liu Chang asked .

"Who is it?" Lao Zhang asked, "there are census data in the major military areas, but it's very difficult to find someone . How much information do you have about that person?"

"No, I only know my nickname is Doudou . I used to be a cla.s.smate with Mr . Li After a day's rest in Jinan, Liu Chang's team arrived in Qingdao four days later . In addition to the original human beings in the team, taixie also recovered and followed .

Liu Chang's first trip to the sea was just after the tour, so he followed him together and prepared to adapt himself to the shallow sea world when he was by the sea .

"Is this Qingdao now?" When I arrived in Qingdao, I watched the world in front of me every day with Milan . I couldn't believe it . "It's like the city in the film man in black?" (to be continued)

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