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Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: 369

"Interview?" Looking at the elder, Liu Yuanhe asked, "isn't he afraid of the danger?"

"If a willow does not let go of an emissary, it will not be a willow . " The nuclear elder shook his head and said, "what's more, no matter when, whether it's human beings or we undersea people, even if we can't defeat willows, we will always have the ability to die together . Therefore, he will not give me the opportunity to sit down and talk . "

"Yes, it is . " Liu Chang nodded, "when will you go?"

"Leave immediately . Anyway, we have nothing to do in the Jinan Military Region . We must do what we think is useful . " After finis.h.i.+ng this sentence, the elder of p.r.o.nuclear looked up at the sky and said, "we have finished what we are going to do here, and we have finished what we have to say . Next, we will do other things . Speak to Mr . Li Qingshui for us, and we are leaving . "

Liu Chang has never seen such a vigorous and vigorous person . He has never sent himself here . After saying something that seems necessary to be said, these pro nuclear elders did not even say h.e.l.lo to Li Qingshui and left . It seems that this race, which has only a few years of history, never knows what "courtesy" is . It has been extremely vigorous .

"Just go away?" When Liu Chang just opened his mouth and was ready to ask a few more questions, several protonuclear elders had already gone far away and headed for the West with their teams .

After Liu Guang walked to the other side of the field .

"Are they gone?"

"Gone . " Liu Chang walked to Li Qingshui and glanced at the distant "how to coax well? She's not stupid . "

"No, I didn't kill the bird, but I really like that bird, so I'm going to make another one . " Li Qingshui said: "when he committed suicide, I was still manipulated by willows, thinking that it was an independent intelligent creature and might swim in the future, so I specially left a feather of his as a gene preservation . So now I can clone one to make up for every day . Although it is certainly not the best feeling in the past, it is more or less spiritual comfort! "

"That's what you said to her?" Liu Chang asked .

"Well, the little girl is very smart . In fact, she can guess the whole story of this incident . I am not the murderer who really killed her, but willow . She hated me so much only because she knew that there was no hope of finding a willow tree for revenge, and she took me out of anger . Therefore, her hatred towards me was a kind of anger, not a real hatred . Otherwise, it would not be possible to eliminate this hatred with a single word Li Qingshui explained her a.n.a.lysis of every day's emotions, and then took a picture of taishel's toenails . "And your brother seems to be a good person . If you really want to go to the bottom of the sea, it's safer for him to lead the way . "

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"I know the taischels are good . " Liu Chang raised his head, looked up at the top of his head, looked at the Xilong below, and turned to use the language of the sea people: "we say you are good!"

"Yes . " Liu Chang nodded, "in fact, I also want to relax . I live on the edge of life and death every day . Even now, there are countless amphibians staring at me all the time . So, before I go to the bottom of the sea this time, I'll take a good rest . "

Since the moment when Daliushu attacked Zhengzhou, Liu Chang has shouldered countless responsibilities . He has to take care of them with he Zhizhi and Xiaojing, so that they can survive . Therefore, he has been busy, from Henan to Beijing, all the way difficult and dangerous . Then in Beijing, he encountered the current, clones, and finally Li Qingshui and amphibians . Apart from the numerous death threats, he hardly had a good rest .

However, since Li Qingshui was rescued, his nervous tension has been relaxed for the most part . With this man behind him, Liu Chang has no worries about his future no matter what he does . As long as Li Qingshui does not die, Xiaojing, he Zhizhi and even Qingyin, Li Feng in Milan will have a very safe backing .

Therefore, Liu Chang felt more relaxed when he went out of the task this time - and now that he can settle down and don't have to worry about anything for a period of time, he would like to have a good rest .

"I'm going to take Xiaojing and them to the seaside . " Liu Chang made his own beautiful ideas and plans . "I don't think anyone has tried to travel after the end of the day . Qingdao, well, go to Qingdao . Before the end of the day, it was a tourist city . Now, little Turner has built a good place there . There are pubs, food and all kinds of equipment . I think it's more suitable to relax there . ""Well, take the family to relax, especially the Qingyin girl . I feel that she is suicidal recently . " Li Qingshui is in Beijing Research Inst.i.tute, and can control the trend of everything in a few days . Even Qingyin, who is not familiar with her, can grasp the emotions and feelings of a person she is not familiar with . She is the mother of the two headed child . I have learned that, it seems that since the poor child died, her mood has been very bad . You have not found that when she was in Beijing, she was in a good mood In Beijing, at the end of the day, she never appeared in front of people? Take her for a walk and have a look, contact with nature, even if the nature is extremely dangerous now, but it can still open people's mind . Those who die in depression and pain are the saddest . Isn't she a psychologist if Milan enlightens her

"Well, there are too many fights between life and death recently, but I have neglected the people around me . Thank you for reminding me . " Liu Chang patted Li Qingshui on the shoulder . "It's all right . I'll learn from the sea people once and do what they say . I'll go and pick them up . By the way, I'll see how Lei Hu and Lao Liu are getting better . " (to be continued)

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