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Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: 368

"A lot of human emotions, indeed, are precipitated by time, but I don't think prokaryotic emotions are as complex as human emotions . " Liu Chang looked at the man at the bottom of the sea beside him and asked, "is the purpose of your landing about willows?"

"Well, willows have taken away millions of undersea people, which we didn't expect . " Hearing Liu Chang mention the willow, the elder changed his face immediately . "This guy is so powerful . We, including Mr . Li, actually no one can guess how many reserved means this guy has . We thought that those people of little Turner would not do any harm to the willow tree, but we still hope that they can bring us first-hand information . But I can't imagine . . . "

"Do you have any way to deal with willows?" Liu Chang turned his head and looked at the man with an incredible look on his face . "To be honest, it may not sound good, but since I saw the catkins all over the sky, I don't think you . Even if you are members of the nuclear power plant, I still think you can't deal with that guy . Because I felt the existence of the source of consciousness in the willow catkins all over the sky . . . "

"Original consciousness?" Hearing Liu Chang's words, the protonuclear elder sighed heavily, "yes, the original consciousness . As far as we know, there are only three creatures in the world who have the ability to feel the original consciousness, and only two creatures have the ability to manipulate him - you, Mr . Li, and willow tree . . . "

"I don't think it's useful . " Liu Chang heard the original nuclear compared himself with Li Qingshui and even willow trees, interrupting the undersea man's speech, showing self mockery on his face . "I just can see them exist, nothing else . Different from Mr . Li, Mr . Li can make other people's thinking still, while the willow tree is obviously higher than others . . . "

"No, no, no, you haven't heard me clearly . What I want to say is, in this world . Only three people can feel the source of consciousness, but it seems that you are the only one who can clearly see its existence . . . " The people of the Presbyterian group looked at Liu Chang and said, "you are the one who can see its existence most clearly . "

"Miss Li can't see it?" Liu Chang is concerned with this issue . There are some doubts .

"No, he can only feel its existence vaguely . It is fuzzy . Just like your sense of danger, you can feel the danger vaguely, but you can't really see what the danger is The original nuclear people talk, has been looking at Liu Chang, "about this, Mr . Li himself has confirmed . "

"Even so, even if Mr . Li can't see the source of consciousness, how can you know that willow can't see it, can't he talk to you about it?" Liu Chang asked .

"Let's talk about it first . About the composition of our prokaryotes . " The protonuclear elders seem to be able to lead to topics . From the issue of the source of consciousness, their members.h.i.+p also explains the cooperative relations.h.i.+p between the two sides . After all, cooperation must be based on mutual trust . And to trust, you have to understand .

"In fact, there are not many members in the core of our prokaryote . A few days ago, there were 5001 members, and then one died . Now there are only 500 people left . " "Five hundred people," the elder said slowly . Most of them are the first batch of undersea people born . Because we are egg laying, we have a very fast reproduction rate . Therefore, we, a small race in the deep-sea trench, can now develop to such a large scale . "

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"Therefore, these 500 people are our core, and similarly, the wisdom base of these 500 people is the highest among the sea people . Among them, there are no less than 300 comparable to Mr . Li's current level, and several brain regions are more complex . " A representative of the Presbyterian said: "therefore, we have our own advantages in terms of computing power in the future, which is still obvious . With 500 prokaryotes, we have more computing power to connect brain waves together than you can imagine at present . Therefore, we have calculated all the things about Mr . Li and the willow tree . "

"In the face of nature, no one can violate the law, so since half a year ago, we have begun to call on the various tribes of the undersea people to begin to have a controlled birth . We don't want our race to become an inferior race in a few hundred years . "

"It turns out there's this story . " After listening to the words of the nuclear elder, Liu Chang nodded, "thank you for telling me these . "

"You're welcome . " The elder bent his worm like neck and nodded .

"I don't want to ask about anything else . I just want to ask, do you have any specific plans to deal with willows when you land ash.o.r.e this time?" Liu Chang asked .

"No The head that the elder had just ordered shook again, "but since I have landed on the sh.o.r.e, I must go to see the willow with my own eyes and have a face-to-face talk with him . " (to be continued)

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