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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: 366

"Ha ha ha Good, you're very cooperative! " Seeing that Liu Chang did not hold his breath or escape after the explosion of the willow bud, the amphibian leader seemed to be in a good mood - after all, catching Liu Chang means knowing the existence of his father, which is the most important thing for amphibians at present . Therefore, after they caught Liu Chang, they did not create any conflicts here, and they also let go of the day and Tai Shel, which were totally irrelevant to them .

So carrying Liu Chang's body, he left the Research Inst.i.tute and Jinan all the way .

Running in the woods, the amphibian leader personally carries Liu Chang, and carries a spray on his body, constantly applying psychedelic drugs to Liu Chang .

"Is this from willow?" Liu Chang couldn't move, losing more than 99% of his power of action, but he could barely wriggle his tongue, "are you going to take me to the willow body? In fact, I always wanted to see what it was like there

"Prosperity is incomparable . " Running through the woods, it's almost impossible for human pursuers to catch up with these fast-moving guys, so the amphibian leader seems not to be in a hurry .

"What's your name?" According to his former personality, Liu Chang was actually very afraid of death . Every time he fell into danger, his body would produce excessive adrenaline, his brain would be excited and his heart would be calm . But this time, he was not afraid of his body, except that his heart was peaceful . At this moment, the amphibious leader is still in the mood to chat with him .

"Are humans also a race not afraid of death? As far as I know, it's not . " He turned his head and looked at Liu Chang on his shoulder . The amphibian leader did not feel any fear or even a little excitement there, which made him feel a little confused - and because of doubt, he felt a little uneasy - that people of any race, as long as they had wisdom, would feel afraid of the unknown or things that were not consistent with their common sense .

So . The amphibian stopped .

"And as far as I know, you are not a fearless hero . Can you tell me what you think?"

"No idea . I'm very calm in my heart . I don't know if it's because I've died a lot, or I feel that I won't be in danger during this trip . There's no fear in my heart Liu Chang thought for a moment and said truthfully, "maybe it's because I can already feel part of the future, or the general track of the future . At least for myself, I feel very clear . This time, I won't die!"

"Is it? I can't believe you can go back to live After listening to Liu Chang's words, the amphibian leader took a wary look around him . After finding nothing, he waved his hand to let the team move on . "Don't delay . Go ahead at full speed . You can wait until the willow tree arrives . "

But his words did not fall, the air suddenly quiet up, the wind no longer howling . It seems that the frozen dust has frozen in the jungle all of a sudden .

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Later, Liu Chang saw that all amphibians were fixed in place like sculptures at this moment . At the first moment, they started to pack up and run, and the second moment they were all fixed there - and then . Between the quiet jungle, out of a plain figure .

"Yes, and I know that you are only seven years and four months older than me . What's more, it's not about age . " Liu Chang said, with his hand on Li Qingshui's shoulder and looking directly into his eyes, "in fact, what I want to know is that you have known about today's affairs . "

"Well, I don't know exactly, but I can roughly guess what will happen after you leave . " Li Qingshui told the truth .

"So, what I want to say is that although you are my teacher and now my family member, I'm really not a child . I'm 23 years old in the last five years . I'm an adult in theory, but more mature in emotion . So, if you want me to do something next time, you'd better inform me of the possible dangers in advance so that I have a little bit of it It's not good to be prepared and to be kept in the dark . "Liu Chang said this with a smile, "you see, every time you arrange everything, and I know nothing about it . Then you go step by step according to your established steps, and finally you appear in the most handsome posture . This is unfair . "

Liu Chang said this half jokingly - in fact, he was talking about a very serious matter - some things, he really felt that there was something wrong . For five years, no matter what Li Qingshui did or what plan he did, even if Liu Chang was included in the plan, he would not be told the inside story . If he did not understand before, it can be said that he did not understand, but now Liu Chang feels that he has the ability or that it is time to know some important things and internal plans .

"Well, I see . " Li Qingshui looked at Liu Chang with a smile, then patted him hard on the shoulder, "I'll leave you the chance to play handsome next time!"

"Now introduce me to your new friend . " Liu Chang turned his head and looked around, "is it a member of prokaryote?" (to be continued)

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