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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: 362

After spreading a thick layer of catkins on his body, Liu Chang peeked at it . Until the catkins all over the sky had fallen clean, he slowly straightened up from under the bark . At this time, the willow catkins on the ground had covered a full layer . After landing, the catkins were no longer bright, making the originally bright sky dull again .

"Big willow Liu Chang opened the bark and looked at the willow catkins on the ground . He did not dare to touch these things with his hands, so he stepped on the gap that the catkins did not cover on the ground, and reached the tent edge of the nearest undersea man's tent and tore off a tent cloth to cover his feet .

"How quiet . " After wrapping his feet, Liu Chang stood up from the ground and looked into the camp . All the creatures in the scene raised their heads and looked at the sky . His body was covered with thick catkins . Finally, he was fixed there .

"How wonderful!" At the moment when the catkins were in full bloom, there was still a lot of noise in the forest - the sound of fighting, the sound of gunfire, the sound of screams, making it even louder than the airport .

But after a burst of light in the sky, the place was completely silent - for a time, in addition to the rustling sound of the wind, there was also the "crackling" sound of the burning fire, which turned the battlefield filled with ashes into a silent city .

"This What's going on? " The voice of a man on the sea suddenly came out of the loudspeaker alone, full of panic .

Then a tent in the middle of the camp was opened and several commanders of undersea men came out .

"Well, what's going on?" The seaman commander stepped on the ground full of catkins and peeled off a compatriot covered with catkins . He shook violently: "wake up, do you still have consciousness?"

"He's unconscious . " The two amphibians followed the direction of the sound and showed themselves in the air . "Come on, come with us!"

At the same time, several distant anesthetic bombs accurately hit the bodies of several commanders, and then . The whole world was completely restored to the scene .

Far hide in one side, see all this, Liu Chang also silent left .

After this campaign . Although he didn't even see the willows, he had a clear a.s.sessment of the strength of both the seamen and the Willows - the undersea people are very strong, but they are better than the willows . It's still a big difference .

"I guess the only thing willows fear now is to die together . " Running in the burning forest, Liu Changru thought of it .

All the way from day to night, Liu Chang returned to Jinan .

"Why did you come back as soon as you left?" In the Research Inst.i.tute, Lao Zhang looked at Liu Chang and was surprised .

"Have you heard all the news?"

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded .

"It's so fast, I'm back in less than 24 hours . What do you hear?" Seeing Liu Chang coming back so soon, he said that he had heard the news . Even Lao Zhang couldn't believe it .

"I've heard that the sea people should be wiped out . " Liu sighed . "It seems that the undersea man is not Liu Shu's opponent at all . . . "

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Liu Chang and Lao Zhang went into the house and told them all the strange things they met today .

"Well, I don't hate people much after I pa.s.s you . " Xilong taisher laughed and said, "you looked ugly before, but now you think about it, you are not so disgusting . "

Taishel was frank and frank . Although he was saying good words, Liu Chang couldn't laugh or cry because of his straightforwardness .

"Let me tell you something . . . " After Liu Chang thought about it, he organized a few words, "it seems that the sea people lost . "

"Lost? So fast? " Taishel didn't seem surprised to hear the news of Haimen's failure - his first reaction was not "how can we lose", but "so fast?"

"Why, did you know you were going to lose?" Liu Chang asked, looking at the expression on Xilong's face .

"Well, I knew I would lose for two reasons . . . " After thinking about it, Xilong said, "I tell you, these should be regarded as military secrets . "

"Yes . " Liu Chang nodded, "and it's a military secret that ordinary soldiers don't know, so you can choose not to say it . "

"Well, we are friends . " After that, Xilong still refused to save me, but if you didn't want to save me, you didn't want to save me

"Yes . " Liu Chang nods - what Xilong said is true . A person may have abnormal brain regions, but not his heart .

"So we are true friends . So, I want to tell you something that may be important to you - in the name of a private person . " (to be continued)

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