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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: 361

Different from the previous image of gentle and insidious parasitism, the coming dodder obviously has reached a cruel degree in momentum . The color of the vine is bright red and s.h.i.+ny, similar to the color of metal . There are a lot of barbs on the vine . As soon as the body of Shanghai people is entangled, it is immediately inserted under the armor . It takes less than 10 seconds to get the flesh and blood there Take it clean .

Moreover, when these magic dodders come, they come out of the ground without a sound . Even the sea people can't want to get the attack methods of all forest species - because even Li Qingshui doesn't know how many magical species will be born every day in the rapidly changing forest .

Therefore, these super life groups, which are not afraid of sound wave attack and gas release, together with other giant creatures, have caused huge casualties to the sea floor people .

"Hehe, a hundred secrets and a few secrets . " Liu Chang looked at the scream of the people at the bottom of the sea, and seemed to have a feeling of anger in his heart .

After all, these creatures come from the deep sea, and after reaching the land, they burn the forest wantonly . Even if this behavior is to deal with the big willow trees, no one will be happy to see it . What's more, Liu Chang is hostile to the people at the bottom of the sea . The wild heart of this clan is too big .

"This dodder, should also be regarded as a super life of racial group nature?" Xilong is very big and strong, and its scales are very thick . However, when facing this kind of dodder, once it is entangled, it will be unable to move like a bison tied with hemp rope .

This strange creature is not only super tough, but also extremely destructive . And it seems that they have a strange sense of resonance . Under the operation of this consciousness, each of them, like a part of a whole, can cooperate well, attack and complement each other .

"Burn, burn these abominable plants . " The voice of the undersea man commander in the loudspeaker is no longer quiet . In fact, the camp for 100000 people sounds like a lot, but in fact, it's not much . Liu Chang used to write about 100000 troops in his books . It sounds like a lot, but if there is not a lot of transportation teams and equipment, in fact, 100000 people are the number of people in more than a dozen high schools . Not a lot .

Especially when it comes to the millions of forest species - not a lot .

So they can't stand the dead .

"Burning with fire, these plants should be afraid of fire . Can't phytocide kill these hateful things?" Under the unified command of loudspeakers, the large flame throwers equipped by Xilong aim at the oncoming dodder, and then the flames that will not extinguish when they touch them are sprayed onto these terrible things .

We can tear down the east wall to pay Paul wall . As soon as the devil dodder got into the ground on this side, the battle between the giants began on the other side .

The hand to hand battle between Xilong and the jungle beast is on .

Because, after all, it's a marine species . Maybe Xilong is very powerful underwater . But on sh.o.r.e, it's hard to beat a monster of their size - even with weapons in hand .

It's easy to understand . It's like if Liu Chang had evolved gill scales and got into the water, even if his actions were unimpeded . It can't be as comfortable as on sh.o.r.e .

Therefore, Liu Chang saw with his own eyes a Sika dragon was strangled by a snake half his size, and then he was killed by a magic dodder which was drilled out of the soil . Therefore, he saw with his own eyes that a gorilla, one third of the size of Xilong, jumped on their shoulders . Put your finger in their eyes .

It was a terrible situation on the field .

But also in the field the situation is the most tragic, the two sides stalemate, a touch of extreme dangerous atmosphere, let the situation in the field become one-sided .

"No, amphibians are coming!" Liu Chang, who had been standing on the giant wood and looked down at everything he could see in the field, suddenly felt the breath of danger in the air . Then, without saying a word, he fell from the giant wood into the forest surrounded by flames . Then he saw all kinds of green missiles fall from the sky and enter the sea people's camp .

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A big war is imminent .


"That's . . . " Originally, the red and gray sky suddenly lit up the day, just as Liu Chang was preparing to leave, suddenly it was as bright as the sunrise before the end of the day .

It hasn't been so bright for a long time . Since the red fog, visibility is extremely low . Even if there is sunlight, it's also the hazy shape after the red fog . Liu Chang has been nearly five years, and has not seen the feeling that the suns.h.i.+ne is s.h.i.+ning all over the clear sky for thousands of miles . Today, it is almost forgotten that it has come back .

"This is Willow catkins? "

Staring at the dazzling sky, Liu Chang looked up and saw the dandelion like catkins flying all over the sky . Above the endless sky, those catkins were bright and dazzling, lighting up the sky that had been dim for five years and illuminating the land that had been hazy for five years .

At this moment, people who have never seen light seem to yearn for light .

One by one, messengers of light came down from the sky, covered the earth, and entered their bodies .

While Liu Chang was looking at the sky at a loss, when the first seed of light was about to fall on his cheek, an unprecedented sense of fear suddenly rose in his heart .

"d.a.m.n it, catkins!" Within one thousandth of a second, Liu Chang quickly retracted his body, and then pulled out a piece of burnt bark on the ground to block his body, so that the willow catkins could not cover his body . (to be continued)

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