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Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: 359

After touching the camp, Liu Chang found that the scale, layout and staffing of the camp were similar to those before the war in the era of human thermal weapons . It just seems that the sea people don't live in tents, they just dig out small caves in the ground to live in - but even if they don't live in tents, they still seem to have built a lot of them .

The smell of oil coming from inside let Liu Chang know that the weapon was placed in the box .

Apart from these, Liu Chang did not see very epoch-making scientific and technological items here - no transformers like chariots - nor more high-tech things similar to those in science fiction movies . It seems that the knowledge output of undersea people in the past two years is still mainly learning, supplemented by innovation .

After that, Liu Chang came to the place where the plane was parked at the bottom of the sea .

And here, he finally saw that kind of transformation "super airs.h.i.+p" .

"It's a bit of science fiction at last . " Far away on the side of the airport, Liu Chang saw an airs.h.i.+p that looked like a combination of a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and an airplane . Relying on the military knowledge learned these days, Liu Chang could see that this was a high-tech product - it was suitable for long-distance flight, loading and dropping bombs . Moreover, judging from the landing mode of the airs.h.i.+p, it seemed that the airs.h.i.+p could be used without a runway airport The ground takes off and lands, and there is a special device at the bottom, which seems to be able to rise and fall on the top of dense trees in the jungle .

"I don't know . I don't know . " Liu Chang looked at the sealed cabin, which wanted to continue to study this high-tech product, and suddenly the alarm sounded in the camp .

"Go back to the cave, all back to the cave!" At the same time that the camp alarm sounded, Liu Chang heard the sound of the underwater man's loudspeaker in the air, "the first wave of aerial plant death agent spray, please enter the underground cave and prepare for anti-virus . "

"Are you here?" After hearing the alarm, Liu Chang saw a sea people and giant animals . They all went into the ground one after another, and he also found a rock and hid under it .

Five minutes later, the shadow of the airs.h.i.+p began to pa.s.s in the sky . Then, like rain, a lot of death agents mixed with foam liquid, and sprayed from the sky - a wave of waves, the same as below the route of the airs.h.i.+ps, where the plants were withered away and died at the speed of the flesh eye .

Liu Chang was in Zhengzhou before . I've seen the power of "defoliant" -- all the plants in Zhengzhou died overnight .

Now, the power of the sea man's plant death agent is more powerful than a hundred times . Although he does not know the principle, Liu Chang clearly sees that those big trees in the sky after the end of the day, whose vitality is so strong that they can not be frozen to death in the tens of degrees below zero, are rapidly withering away after contacting with these plant death agents .

The water in the leaves evaporates quickly - as if the human body had been exposed to sulfuric acid - and then the trunk began to wither and dry up, a big tree hugged by several people . Because of the lack of water, some of them even broke off from the middle of the trunk, making a loud noise .

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"So powerful? I don't know if it's useful to deal with willows . " Looking at the withered forest around, Liu Chang suddenly felt uncomfortable . The source of consciousness in his brain seems to get some response . He seems to see the crisis lurking in the forest .

Since the cold winter death night, many animals seem to be lurking . When they are not hunting, they usually curl up in tree holes or under the ground . It seems that the forest is much calmer than usual . However, Liu Chang knows that most of these animals are not dead after the dead night, but they are no longer easy to waste their heat .

Therefore, at this moment, the behavior of the undersea man to destroy the forest naturally aroused the anger of all animals . After the first wave of birds pa.s.sed by, Liu Chang faintly heard the "boom" of mechanical explosion in the distant air . However, the sea people seemed to have antic.i.p.ated all this . They did not panic when they heard the death of their companions in the distance, but guarded around the camp one by one with weapons .

"Prepare the flamethrower . " Loudspeakers in the center of the camp roared again, and then giant flame throwers were equipped on the a.s.sembled Xilong .

"Ready, let go!" There is a unified command in the air . After the command of the trumpet, several thick and long flame columns with diameter of tens of meters and length of more than 200 meters appeared in the air . Xilong controls these flame pillars and sweeps through the air . A large area of flame rises from the withered trees .

"It turns out that these things can still burn . " Liu Chang looked at the foam like agents, saw them burning the fire, and showed a green flame in the air, and the flames seemed to be added with some kind of chemical agent, which would not extinguish after burning, so the large area of fire was spread, causing the most powerful forest fire in history .

"I'm not afraid to be burned to death by my own fire . " Standing next to the fire, Liu Chang endured the feeling of being roasted . Looking at the hole excavated by the sea people, Liu Chang couldn't help but sigh that they were fully prepared . (to be continued)

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