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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: 356

After nearly a kilometer away from the encirclement, Liu Chang's speed gradually slowed down . After all, he did not dare to use the strength of arthropods . His body simply could not bear the reaction of such a powerful force, and his muscles were easy to strain . Therefore, after temporarily breaking away from the encirclement, Liu Chang changed his way of driving to ordinary running .

Even so, the amphibians in the back have already been left far away by him .

In this way, Liu Chang ran along the edge of the battlefield in a certain direction . His sight distance was only about 100 meters, and he could not see the whole situation of the battlefield, but the sound of guns and screams in his ear still let him know the terrible situation of the war there .

Amphibians are an excellent race - apart from having no reproductive capacity, they are no less intelligent than undersea men . They are also very strong and can hide their bodies . They are a very strong fighting race . If there were not only a few amphibians before, I believe they would be a more terrifying race than the sea people .

Therefore, in the face of the amphibian's surprise attack and heavy weapons, Liu Chang has no plan to fight . He is not a member of the undersea people . He has no psychological burden to be a deserter now . He runs all the way to the direction he came .

Straight run out of dozens of kilometers away, do not know whether it is good luck or bad luck, in the dense forest, Liu Chang saw the familiar Xilong - "taixie" .

"Hey, brother, you're out of here, too . " Now it is no longer dangerous . Liu Chang stepped up two steps, ran to Xilong and said h.e.l.lo .

Then I saw - this strong fellow, with a huge hole the size of three men in his chest - sylon taischel was running . While gasping for breath, he saw Liu Chang coming . He just tried to make a response .

"You've got a missile!" Taisher is a very strong Xilong, and he is also wearing the armor made by undersea man . The double defense of scale and armor makes it difficult for them to be broken by conventional weapons . Moreover, Liu Chang also knows that these giant beasts are actually all rough and fleshy . When he was in the stomach of eel, it was very difficult to destroy the gastric mucosa of each other, not to mention the thick scales .

"Well . . . " Heavy breath in the air . The air from taishelha turned into a thick white column in the air .

"You can't run back to the sea . " Liu Chang took a look at the depth of the wound and the green bubbles rising from the side . He said, "you can't run back to Qingdao for hundreds of kilometers . Absolutely not . "

"What can I do?" As if Liu Chang's words of desperation let "taishel" finally summon up strength also let out a clean, he decadent sitting on the ground, looking at the huge wound on his chest and said: "I do not run there is not also have to die?"

"Come back to Jinan with me . This is the west of Shandong Province . It's very close to Jinan . " From Qingdao, Shandong Province to Henan Province, it is close to the western border . Liu Chang is not too far away from Jinan, but there are still hundreds of kilometers away from Qingdao .

"Is Jinan your human city?" "Will they help me?" asked Tessel

"Don't worry, I'll be fine . " Liu Chang said and looked back . "It's not too late . You can't drag your wound, or you can bleed to death . And I'm still followed by a group of amphibians . You have to go . Cheer up . It's not far away . "

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"Thank you first . " After the last glimmer of hope, Tai Shel, who was only one and a half years old, followed Liu Chang through the jungle and ran in the direction of Jinan .

"Let's go . This giant beast belongs to our human side!" Liu Chang said . "Good . " After seeing that it was Liu Chang, the teacher quickly released him . However, it seemed that this man was very upright . Even Liu Chang, he was still worried and said, "but chief, you can let go, but you can't let the giant beast trample on the house . There are people in many houses in the city . Don't let him cause casualties . "

"Don't worry . " Liu Chang took a look at the square faced and broad-minded teacher, nodded, and returned to the side of "taishel" and changed it into the language of undersea people .

"Can you hold on?"

"Death No . . . " At this time, "taisher" of Xilong was extremely weak, and the green liquid on the edge of his wound seemed to have strong corrosive power . The original wound size of three had turned into the size of four, and the depth was deeper . The burnt wound even had a faint smell of meat .

"Then hurry into the city and pay attention not to trample on the house . There are living people in it . " After an explanation, Liu Chang called "taishel" all the way into the city, walked to the boundary of the Research Inst.i.tute .

At the gate of the Research Inst.i.tute, Lao Zhang, who had already received the news, was waiting there early .

"I heard the news . I've ordered people to carry all the medical equipment to the weapon laboratory . If there's no room for him in the room, let's make do with it . " Lao Zhang looked up at the huge sea animal and said . (to be continued)

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