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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: 355

"Gu Ah . . . " From the air came the scream of the sea people . The fierce scream let Liu Chang know that this creature's pain nerves must be very sensitive .

But he has no time to pay attention to these . These special missiles are very powerful . Standing in the thick green fog, even he can't bear it . It can be speculated that before long, their thousands of troops may be completely destroyed . It was an ambush, a perfect ambush .

No matter from the choice of location - the forest surrounded by hills;

or from the choice of time - no one expected that the big willow would launch a battle at this moment;

in fact, even Liu Chang did not expect that he would be ambushed in this place - this was also ambushed at the Shandong border . Liu Chang couldn't understand why so many amphibians were born suddenly .

Looking at the distorted light of those missiles in the air, Liu Chang guessed that the number of amphibians coming this time might not be thousands . He could not know what strength amphibians were . A single stream could make people worried, and the thousands of amphibians would cover up the amphibians who had no biological magnetic field, which made Liu Changsheng escape The idea .

"Live first . " After Liu Chang made up his mind, he called out to the Xilong "taisher" who was already crazy under him: "brother, these people are willow people . If you can run, you can't beat it!"

"Roar!" He screamed madly, and taisher didn't know whether he could hear Liu Chang's words . He directly pressed a b.u.t.ton on his body, and a huge missile flew out in the direction of a hilly slope . The missile was incomparably huge . The scale is absolutely comparable to the power of the main gun level of the battles.h.i.+p .


There was a strong sound coming from the distant hillside, and the fire and heat spread there . Although Liu Chang could not see the situation clearly with his eyesight, he knew that the hillside in front of him must have become a piece of ruins - and without hesitation, Liu Chang charged towards it .

"Man, let's go He yelled out his whole friends.h.i.+p . Liu Chang directly put his legs into the "taishel" head, then jumped down dozens of meters in the air, and then ran away at full speed .

In the last five years, Liu Chang fled everywhere . He has almost become a professional runner - especially in the red fog, smoke, gunpowder, dust and so on, which provides a big cover for his escape route .

He ran away fast, and behind him . There's a man faster than him .

"Taishel" although straightforward, and intelligence is not high, but after Liu Chang's reminder, obviously still very clever, a hand sh.e.l.ling out, followed Liu Chang to run up .

However, Liu Chang didn't want to be with Xilong . After all, the enemy had a large area, a large volume and a large target . Seeing that Cyrus followed him, he immediately ran in another direction .

While running, the scales on the body slowly change color and become red and green, which is more integrated into the environment than camouflage clothing, which is almost invisible . In addition, his running way, which ignored the terrain, made him leave the place with the most intense fire and hide in a forest .

In the distance, there was still a roar of guns . After being far away from the battlefield of thousands of people, Liu Chang's feeling of indistinct uneasiness became stronger .

Looking at the jungle, Liu Chang called out: "come out . Are you here for me

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After a silence in the air, an amphibian came out .

However, the two missiles that came to him forced him back to his original place .

"We can't run away . We know your strength . Willow has also given us data a.n.a.lysis . You can't escape . " The amphibian's voice came from the air, "don't do anything in vain . We don't want you to have an accident . ""The willow data for you?" With these words, he suddenly raised his gun - or his rifle .

Because no one has ever seen such a fast gun lifting speed, nearly one tenth of a second, faster than a bullet . Therefore, Liu Chang pulled the trigger of the shredded meat before lifting the gun . After the bullet was. .h.i.t by the primer and flew out along the rifling, it turned into an arc after flying out because of the excessive throwing force .

A banana shaped bullet made a perfect arc in the air - and then the crescent shaped edge directly sc.r.a.ped a bunch of bright blood flowers in the air .

Amphibian half body, thrown out of the void .

After using one tenth of the attack speed of mantis shrimp, Liu Chang didn't feel too uncomfortable . He used this 10% force of ejection again under his feet . With the rapid increase of speed, he shook the gun again, and a blood flower of broken meat bloomed in the air .

It seems that Liu Chang's sudden attack is not suitable, and it seems that the asymmetry of data makes amphibian deployment appear loopholes .

Therefore, this also gave Liu Chang the only chance - all the powerful strength of arthropods was applied on his legs . Liu Chang, in the extreme state that his body could bear, suddenly raised the speed to an incredible level in this instant - 100 meters in a flash, and another 100 meters in the blink of an eye, without any reaction from all amphibians , suddenly out of the encirclement, in the smoke filled battlefield, run away .

Only a little dust was left .

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