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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: 354

"Go away, gra.s.shopper fish . " Hearing that Liu Chang's Dragon didn't stop, he was still on his way, "I feel sick when I see you who are all without scales . "

"Nothing without scales is disgusting?" Liu Chang thought about how he felt when he saw a hairless animal . Maybe in the aesthetic view of this kind of giant species which looks very grumpy, no scale is very ugly .

"Tessel, be polite to your friends . " Because of the reminder, Xilong's voice is very thick, and his groans roll like thunder, which makes Xidu, who is hundreds of meters away, hear the conversation here .

"You undersea men have no right to order us . " To Liu Chang's surprise, Xilong didn't sell face when he heard the words of the sea people's chief . It is obvious that the race and the sea people are really just a simple cooperative relations.h.i.+p .

Liu Nong is more interested in them .

After thinking about it, Liu Chang's body began to change, slowly growing scales, and then compared with the color of Xilong beside him, so that the color change of his body was very close to him .

"Ah?" Seeing the color change of Liu Chang, Xilong was obviously interested in him, "what species are you? And this ability? Now it looks good on me

Xilong's eyes saw the change of Liu Chang, as if to see a originally hairless earthworm suddenly turned into a cute fluffy kitten, and his face showed a look of delight in hunting .

"I can't imagine that the strong Xilong is also from the appearance a.s.sociation . " Liu Chang's mind was stuffy, but he didn't know that it was the nature of all species to love beauty and avoid ugliness . It was just that species and species were different, so their aesthetic views were not the same . It was as if human beings could hardly like maggots, but easily like kittens and puppies .

But now that he has got the other party's approval, Liu Chang doesn't make a pretentious move . He jumps on the body of Xilong and tramples on his smooth scales to his back .

Xilong's back is smooth and its scales are smoother than fish - scientifically, it's good for underwater activity - but in reality, it's hard to get a foothold .

But Liu Chang is still standing steady .

"I can't believe you're standing on your feet . " It seems that he knows his physiological structure very well . As he marches, Xilong looks back at Liu Chang . His voice roars again, "what are you looking for me for?"

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"Nothing . The March is boring . I want to talk to you . I want to know something about the sea floor . " Liu Chang said truthfully .

"Is it true?" Liu Chang thought of Xilong "taishel" is lamenting his family, Liu Chang suddenly stood up from his head .

"What's the matter, brother?"

"In danger!" Before Liu Chang's voice fell, he saw several missiles flying from afar with long flame tails . These missiles seemed to be a signal . At the same time, countless strange looking rockets suddenly appeared from far or near places, like raindrops all over the sky .

"Amphibians!" From a distance, Liu Chang is familiar with the distorted light at the moment when a missile appears, which is the unique ability of amphibians .

However, even if amphibians could be invisible, he did not expect to suddenly appear around him for a kilometer without being discovered by himself - after all, they have fishy smell and biological magnetic field that can't be removed - and the consciousness source that can make him feel full of stars like fireflies .

But none of these, they just appeared out of thin air, and then fired countless missiles out of thin air .

After Liu Chang helped "taishel" block a missile, countless missiles exploded behind him . The smoke produced by the explosion was very strange, not fire light, but a kind of green smoke, as if the thick smoke suddenly splashed from the tree sap . After seeing the smoke, Liu Chang immediately closed his breath, and then his scales began to make a "squeak" sound and began to soften Melt away - as if he had been digested when he fell into the belly of an eel . "Is this willow's digestive juice?" Liu Chang looked down and saw that after the explosion of the bomb, a large area of sea people quickly festered under the invasion of thick smoke . He held up his guns and did not dare to relax .

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