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Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: 353

"Well, tell me something about j.a.pan . " Liu Chang said, "have you fallen there?"

"It can't be said that it was occupied by the j.a.panese . In fact, after the end of the j.a.panese occupation, the population there has dropped sharply . It can't compare with that of China . Because it is a land locked country, it is much safer . " As the girl spoke, she began to slowly take out the fire tools from her backpack . While they worked together to raise the flames on the ground, they told about their country's affairs . "Before that, the forest coverage in our area was much higher than that in China . At the beginning, we were proud of it . But after the end of the day, because of the coverage rate of the forest base area, so From the beginning, the city was surrounded by forests

"This is a little bit inland . On the seash.o.r.e, just like the coastal cities in China, many people died at the beginning, and those who could run ran were trapped inland . " The girl's Chinese is not very good . There are a lot of words and phrases in her speech, "family, friends, we escaped from the seaside city in the beginning . I remember when the last day of the beginning came, a few days later, many sea monsters landed in the city, and there was a kind of very disgusting algae that devoured our city

"Algae?" Liu Chang asked .

"Well, a kind of algae, which can devour human beings, has been spreading from the sea level . This is how our city was destroyed . " A girl said, pointing to another girl who was cooking, she said, "we are neighbors and have always been good friends . When the end of the day came, we were still 13-4-year-old girls, in the first grade of junior high school . On the day of the end of the day, we were playing in the street, and then the air defense siren went off . At first we thought it was an earthquake drill, but then we saw the red fog all over the sky . "

"Well, this is very similar to me . I was in cla.s.s when the red fog came . " "Liu Chang said with a smile:" or you are good, summer vacation does not need to cram . "

"And then? Tell me more about how your monsters and people were killed and injured . "

"Then came the red fog, which should be similar to that in China . Then there were terrible plant growth and those monsters . " When the girl spoke, she lowered her head . "My mother was killed by a pet cat . This was the first situation . Then the soldiers of the self defense forces organized a refugee camp . At the beginning, many people died, old people and children died . Many people were afraid, and we were also afraid . "

"After that?" Liu Chang looks at the girl speaking .

"After that, the sea monster landed . The land is very dangerous at first, but the army is not dangerous - as long as it is in the army, it is very difficult for those animals and plants to cause harm to people . It's mainly because of illness and food shortage . When people think it's a little bit safe, then there are large-scale sea animals landing . " The girl recalled and said: "at the beginning of the landing, the sea animals fought with the army . It seems that the animals hate human beings and take the initiative to conflict with the soldiers of the self defense forces on our side . Then, the army began to downsize, and then our city was flooded with seaweed . After the collapse of the army, people fled in all directions, some organized into small-scale gathering places, and some died at the seaside - until the undersea people came here two years ago . "

"Two years ago?" Liu Chang remembered the number .

"Well . " The girl nodded .

"How many of your people were left at that time?"

"Less than one tenth . " The girl seems not very clear about the concept of this number . "Our city is almost empty, but later I heard that some people survived in the inland point, so I guess, one tenth . "

"Well, then?" Liu Chang continued to ask .

"After that, the undersea people landed and saved our nearly collapsed civilization . They helped us build our homes, grow food for us, help us drive away the manic sea monsters and clean up the seaweed . Anyway, they helped us a lot . We are very grateful to them . " When the girl said this, Liu Chang eyes steady attention to her expression change .

Now Liu Chang, as a brain aberrant, can easily tell whether a person has cheated him from some tiny information . Therefore, he pays close attention to the girl's expression and wants to really understand whether the undersea people, after occupying the j.a.panese island, are really helping the construction as she said .

It turned out to be obvious - there was no flaw in the girl's expression - that what she said was true .

"They are very nice . " The girl's face showed sincerity, "when I met them, I was dying . At the first sight I saw them, I thought it was another kind of monster, but unexpectedly, although their looks were a little vicious, they were really and h.e.l.lo . They saved me, so I want to repay them . "

"So you agreed to come here with them?" Liu Chang looked at this relatively innocent girl, some speechless .

"Well, my parents and brother are dead anyway, and there are no relatives there . When Jingzi wants to come, I will follow . " While the girl was talking, she looked at her companion who was making a fire and cooking .

Obviously, this companion is much worse than this girl . But before the end of the day, she should be a very good cook girl . Now, she is skillful in making things, and the taste is very fragrant . Liu Chang has long heard that many j.a.panese girls can cook and do housework when they are 11 or 12 years old . Today, she can't help but want to verify whether this idea is correct .

"Jingzi?" Liu Chang called out to the girl .

"Well?" The girl looked up and the fire made her face a little red . "Sir . . . "

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"Did you know how to cook before the end of the day?"

Therefore, peace, whether in theory or in reality, is impossible .

However, it is only a strategic need for the two people to be so friendly and kind-hearted now . Liu Chang's many questions about this girl undoubtedly show how excellent they are in all aspects from their surnames, the most fundamental things and the most complicated problems .

"Even me, they can study so thoroughly . " Liu Chang's questions about the girl and the current performance of the two girls can poke him in the soft position in his heart . Even if he knows that this is the spy's arrangement, he still can't produce more negative emotions in the boring behavior of the undersea man .

"Eat and go to sleep . " Liu Chang doesn't know what the future fate of these two girls will be in Haimen . He doesn't care so much . He doesn't want to have anything to do with this j.a.panese girl .

So, after getting all the answers he wanted, he ate his meal hastily and went to sleep in his empty room .

There was no word all night .

The next day, Liu Chang sent the girl back to the undersea people's military headquarters, and then followed Xi to the coast outside .

Last night, another armed army arrived on the coast . Three kinds of Marine Intelligent sea animals cooperated with the sea people . This time, Liu Chang was still at the seaside and saw the red snake he had seen twice before .

Two times, the first time was the first time I visited Qingdao, the second time was when I found the man under the sea, and the third time is now .

Later, Liu Chang suddenly remembered the battle between the sea animals he saw when he first came to Qingdao . That was the battle between a giant turtle and the sea snake . What they were saying while fighting between the two animals seemed to be the language of the sea people .

"I see . I'll tell you . " Thinking of this, Liu Chang's face showed a little smile .

(to be continued)

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