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Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: 351

Originally, Liu Chang would have thought that the seamen might use unconventional weapons such as nuclear weapons, but this idea was also denied by Li Qingshui .

If the equivalent is not enough, then the nuclear weapons can not completely destroy the willow trees - in addition to these, Liu Chang really can not think of any particularly effective way to deal with willows .

"Come, you follow me . " With doubts in his heart, Liu Chang followed the man at the bottom of the sea . After nearly a kilometer from the sea, he came to a newly built house . The house was built in the style of a sea man . The house was three feet above the ground, but there were no steps . It seemed that the swimming body of the sea dweller was not adapted to the steps, so it was a smooth slope .

"When we built the military headquarters, we thought that human beings would rarely enter, so we didn't make steps, but we didn't think about it properly . " After taking Liu Chang up the slope, he opened the tree hole shaped door . He walked down the door of the prototype into the Haimen's house . Liu Chang felt that the house was full of warmth .

"It's warm . Has Qingdao been electrified?" Liu Chang looked around the building structure, and found that it was very large, and there were many unique office places . Among them, one by one people from the sea were processing various materials and doc.u.ments . Everything here had a unique style system . The computer keyboard of Haimen was obviously modified . The b.u.t.tons were several times more than that of human beings, and the software system was also It was designed by the sea people themselves . Not only are the words different, but also the contents on the desktop are completely different .

In the United States for two years, Liu Chang did not know where the submarine people have developed software technology .

Liu Chang's entry . The work of this military headquarters was stopped for about 0 . 1 seconds . When the sea people who were working saw that the chief officer brought a human into this place, they would have some questions that could be ignored . If Liu Chang's eyes were not very good and his observation was very subtle, he could not find the pause at all .

And after a pause, these people return to the role of good actors, one by one to work .

After Liu Chang entered here . Also did not speak, just looked around at everything here, the text . The equipment, the architectural style, the hierarchy of the undersea man - everything was in his eye . And the officer standing in front of him, also seems to be unable to see Liu Chang's observation in general, acquiesced in all this .

"Take me to see the weapons?" After Liu Chang saw almost, he said with a smile to the officer .

"No problem . Come with me . Be careful of the slippery floor . " The man said, and his lower body continued to swim forward . Then he walked through the vestibule, pa.s.sed the corridor, and entered a room that seemed to be heavily guarded .

"Open the door . " Come to the door . The seaman officer ordered to two strange looking seamen .

"Yes, sir . " The seaman guard carries a strange electronic weapon that looks like a schoolbag . When Liu Chang turns to open the door with his tentacles, he can't help but look at the backpack .

Then the door opened and Liu Chang entered an open room with bright lights .

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There are many gla.s.s cabinets on display in the room . Inside the cabinet are all kinds of strange utensils . Some look like missiles, some look like four different kinds of weapons . I don't know what kind of weapons they are .

"Yes, this is a kind of chemical bomb . Its unique ingredients can make this powder penetrate the ground quickly after entering the soil and the earth, and then completely destroy the nutrients in the soil, and at the same time, part of the water will be evaporated, which can well limit the growth ability of willows . " "Although the willow can absorb nutrients from animals and plants, after all, the earth is the most fundamental part of its nutrition . So if you destroy the soil around him, it's hard for him to continue to stretch . And if he destroys the soil where he is based, he will be completely withered because of the loss of nutrition . "

"It's not easy to get into his roots . " Liu Chang shook his head .

"Yes, so, it needs a strict combat plan . Let's not mention this for the moment . We can first limit his sphere of influence and drop dry bombs far away from him to encircle him . " "After that, we'll talk about the rush," said the man"If the dry powder destroys the soil, will it not cause great losses to the land?" Liu Chang could imagine how much damage would be caused to China if such bombs were used on a large scale . So, hearing this, he felt a little uncomfortable .

As if you could guess what he thought in his mind, the man of the sea explained: "war, there will always be losses . Don't your large-scale wars also bring devastation to the earth? This dry powder will temporarily damage the soil, but it will not leave any other pollution . Compared with nuclear weapons, it is very clean

"Well, go on, you don't just want to take care of the big willow with this weapon, do you?"

"Of course not . This is the next one . " The man at the bottom of the sea led Liu Chang to the gla.s.s cabinet next door and said, "to limit his expansion, we use dry powder, but this can't effectively damage the willow itself . The next thing is this, plant death agent!"

"It's a plant specific chemical . " "Haven't you humans studied defoliants, too?" he said? It's the one that can make a large area of forest die suddenly (to be continued)

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