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Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: 350

"Advance army?" As a result, the man at the bottom of the sea found that the letter of introduction from Liu Chang first carefully identified the seal on it, and then asked in doubt, "on your own?"

"Yes, as far as I am concerned, the main purpose of our military area command is to understand the situation at Daliushu first, and then give you support according to the results of the war at that time . " Liu Chang let his words as reasonable as possible, "after all, you have just landed here, and we do not know each other very well . Therefore, I am ordered to come here this time, and I also want to make the first step of friendly exchanges . So, this time, I am on my own . "

"Oh, that's it . " There was no expression on Haidi's face, so Liu Chang didn't know whether the other party believed him or not . But even so, what he could be sure of was that although he didn't know whether the other party accepted or not, according to their political and policy problems, he would not refuse his own proposal .

So - "well, well, I can't make a decision on this . I want to inform my superiors . " After knowing that Liu Chang came from Jinan Military Region, the man on the sea showed a "respectful" look that human can understand, "then this officer, please wait here for two minutes, and I will go . "

"Well, no hurry . " Liu Chang nodded and stood in place .

The seamen then left here - and these ugly looking guys are very efficient . They are different from the kind of government, government and government officials who can make people wait to die in the same place before the end of China . This time, the sea man said that in two minutes, in fact, only about 45 seconds, he came back again . This time, he brought another submarine man who looked almost the same as him .

However, Liu Chang knows that the chief is here .

"Oh, Jinan Military Region . " As soon as he arrived, he was very enthusiastic . He did not distinguish the ident.i.ty of Liu Chang military region from that of Liu Chang . He held out his tentacle and made a handshake gesture and said, "it's really good that we can support the undersea people from the Jinan Military Region . This gentleman . . . "

"Oh, my name is Liu Chang . " Liu Chang nodded .

"Liu Chang? Is it Liu Chang from Yanjing? " After hearing Liu Chang's name and distinguis.h.i.+ng his appearance, the man on the sea showed a familiar look .

"Do you know me?" Seeing his look, even Liu Chang himself was very surprised - because this is simply impossible . This is the third time that he saw the man from the sea . The first time was in Qingdao, and then the man was captured by Li Qingshui . The second time he saw him on the way to Jinan . He was full of Legalist spirit . The third time he saw this man, he knew himself . It was impossible .

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"Well, I'd like to ask you to forgive me . You should also know what kind of race we are . We are not very strong physically . We have been able to develop and grow up to this point . We rely on the collection of wisdom and information . Before we came to China, we had collected a little bit of information about the continent - otherwise, we would not have known about the big willow . " "We don't have a complete collection of information about China, but we also know that you exist . It seems that you were in Zhengzhou before, and you were with Mr . Li Qingshui, and you are a good partner . "

"Ha ha, Mr . Liu, don't laugh so" ha ha " . According to my understanding of Chinese culture, it seems that there were rumors on the Internet before, ha ha, which means swearing?" Undersea people do not know what Liu Chang thinks in his heart, and still communicate with him easily .

"You even know the Internet buzzwords before the end of the day . It's not easy . " Liu Chang also laughed, in line with the principle of "more words than losses", he led the topic to the right track . "Well, this is the end of the ceremony . Before dark, I want to go through the procedures for joining you . After all, you know that I have a deep hatred with that guy Liu Shu . He killed my family members . I also want to calculate this account early . I have not been able to get revenge before . I really want to thank you for coming . "Liu Chang's words are half true and half false - after all, he may never be able to shake a single hair of a willow tree if he doesn't come .

"Ha ha, Mr . Liu, don't thank us . After all, the willow is the public enemy of all intelligent creatures, and is an existence of reading power insoluble in the earth's ecosystem . As an intelligent species, we should unite to deal with this bandit creature . " The undersea man nodded his neck free head and led Liu Chang to the core of his military headquarters . "Come on, since Mr . Liu can't wait, I can't delay your time . Come with me . I'll take you to our undersea men's military headquarters . By the way, I'd like to introduce some of our weapons against willows . "

"Weapons against willows?" Liu Chang's eyes were obviously bright when he heard the words of the sea people . After the sea people landed, he had been thinking about what the sea people would use to deal with the willow tree guy .

After all, he had seen the power of willow before, and hundreds of millions of creatures were driven around by him . When he went forward, the cane was as wide as a hundred feet, which could not shake his foundation with conventional weapons .

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