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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: 349

"Every hole, every hole . " Liu Chang can't even sigh at what Liu Chang hears . After all, what he sees and hears today is only a drop in the bucket of all the plans of the people of the sea . It's hard for him to imagine how many people in the sea can have if they only have comprehensive plans for human beings .

What about willows?

After all, in the eyes of undersea people, human beings are conquerable and have already had experience in conquest, while the big willow is unknown and threatening . The two are not on the same level .

Liu Changguang saw the infiltration of sea people into human beings . It was hard to imagine how many willow plans there were for these intelligent species . This is the only good news .

The enemy is strong, but the enemy of the enemy is stronger .

"Well, I have nothing else to ask . You've had a good time in Qingdao . If you have any difficulties, you can go to the Jinan Military Region and report my name . The high-level should be able to give you a living s.p.a.ce . " Liu Chang patted moustache on the shoulder .

"Are you from Jinan Military Region?" Hearing this, mustache was full of excitement - as a deserter, he heard this kind of thing, and had instinctive evasive reaction .

"Well, when you told me about that, I didn't know people from Jinan Military Region, but now I'm familiar with them . " Liu Chang saw a little panic on the big beard's face and comforted him: "it's OK . It's been a long time since you did that . No one will investigate . "

"That's good . That's good . " Big Hu Zi sighed, "after all, being a deserter is the most cowardly thing I have ever done in my life, and I have no way . "

"I understand . " Liu Chang nodded and stood up . "After all, if I had been replaced at that time, I would have made a similar choice with you . "

"Just understand . Let's go . I'll give you the gun . " With beard came to the original bas.e.m.e.nt . Liu Chang got his own pieces of meat, and then said goodbye to this old friend and went to the large-scale landing place on the sea floor .

To the place where they used to hunt by the sea . Liu Chang saw that the dilapidated port here is being expanded and rebuilt on a large scale . One by one, the sea people roam on the sea ice and sand beach, constantly directing the sea animals to carry materials . Building a house, and standing in the distance, Liu Chang did not rush into the huge military port, but fixed on watching the species of these sea animals .

After the end of the day, since the red fog, there has been a great increase in the wildness of creatures without intelligence, and there is almost no precedent for domestication - only intelligent species can cooperate with each other .

It's like humans can't use birds, but they can have affection - only intelligent creatures . In order to cooperate with each other .

Therefore, what Liu Chang now sees in his eyes are all intelligent species . Although he does not know the level of IQ, he must have possessed the most basic logical thinking ability .

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So . Liu Chang wants to first a.n.a.lyze how many intelligent ethnic alliances Haimen have .

Liu Chang has seen only three intelligent species in the area of only half of China and a few provinces - the flowing amphibian, the big willow, and Zhiqing - although he has only one, he is indeed an independent species .

Therefore, Liu Chang is not surprised that dozens of intelligent species with logical thinking ability have been born in the whole deep sea area . "I don't know how these creatures got together in the first place, whether there was a fight, whether there was a gap between them . " Thinking about these problems, Liu Chang went to a huge factory foundation and was stopped by a man from the bottom of the sea .

"Hey, human friends . " The bottom of the sea people always speak so fresh, "the front is the construction site . If you go in there, there will be some danger, such as falling rocks and breaking ice . Those sea monsters' eyes are not easy to use . They are afraid that they will encounter you . If you want to have a look, just turn around . "

"Oh, thank you for reminding me . " After wandering around the port along the way, Liu Chang had a general understanding of this place, and decided to make a formal start on what to do today .

"You're welcome . People from the bottom of the sea are friends with human beings . " Seafloor people laugh, just want to leave, but was stopped by Liu Chang .

"h.e.l.lo, man, do you know how to find your Officer Chief?" Liu Chang walked up to the man at the bottom of the sea .

"Chief?" A puzzled look appeared on the sea floor's face - and Liu Chang finally recognized that although the facial features of this race are fuzzy, they also have a unique expression function, "what do you want to do with the chief?"

"Oh, this is a letter of introduction from the Jinan Military Region . I want to join the army . As an advanced soldier in Jinan, I want to do something to eradicate the big willow trees . " With a smile, Liu Chang took out the letter of introduction with the seal of the military region from his arms and put it on the rolled up tentacles of the sea people . (to be continued)

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