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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: 348

"Yes, I am j.a.panese . " The girl smiles at Liu Chang professionally - obviously, she is very used to facing this problem, even the polite words of rhetorical questions are so proficient, "my Chinese should be OK, why can you hear that I am j.a.panese, not Korean or other Asian people . "

"Because of the j.a.panese accent, there is a unique stiffness, just like Guan Gu in love apartment . " Liu Chang laughed and then asked, "how are you doing in j.a.pan?"

"Well . . . " The waiter didn't speak this time, and the embarra.s.sed look on his face flashed away . Then Gu Zuo said that he began to introduce their tavern .

Liu Chang naturally listens to this in every mood . After retiring the girl, he goes to a wooden table in the tavern and finds the moustache who is chatting with others .

"Hey . . . " Liu Chang went straight to him, and the other party didn't find him . Now his steps and breath are no different from those of ghosts . Silent steps have become an instinct . If you don't deliberately pretend to be ordinary people, Liu Chang's footsteps are softer than cats .

So, he gave him a shock when he slapped his beard on the shoulder .

"s.h.i.+t, it's you!" A spirit of excitement turned his head, and the bearded man saw that Liu Chang, the strong man who had suddenly left without saying goodbye a few days ago .

"Where have you been these days? The things are still in my place . I've got someone to repair your gun . Your gun material is really good . I've been all over Qingdao and I haven't found anyone who can repair your gun . Or the people from the bottom of the sea came the other day and I asked them to help repair it . " Said beard .

"Well, I came to you this time . First, I want to get my gun back . Second, I want to ask you about the recent situation in Qingdao . " Liu Chang spoke and looked around .

And beards are smart people, so . Very straightforward with a few wine friends to say h.e.l.lo, and then with Liu Chang came to a n.o.body's corner .

"How's the situation in Qingdao recently? Let's focus on the undersea people . " Coming to a corner of the pub, Liu Chang asked in a voice that only two people could hear .

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"Well . It's almost a colony . The only difference from the colony is that the sea people are very, very friendly . " In fact, moustache is not an ordinary person in Qingdao . As a leader of a large tribe, he hardly has to worry about food, but his military equipment and safe residence make him comfortable . The angle of view is slightly different from that of the civilians who are struggling to survive .

"What do you think of undersea men?" Liu Chang ignored the animals and looked at the bearded man .

"I don't know their ultimate goal, but I can see one or two of their goals in this city . " "I used to be a qualified officer, graduated from a regular military academy . Judging from their urban construction these days, it is not to build a city at all, but to build a military base for frontier landing . After all, the function of a city is very different from that of a military base . As long as you have learned professional knowledge, you can see it at a glance . "

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded . Different architectural layout and different urban functions .

"They have recently focused on building landing ports, rebuilding power generation facilities, and warehouses that can store goods in large areas . I have even noticed that they have set aside a large area in the south of the city . It seems that they are building factories - and at first glance it is that kind of high-tech factory . I guess they want to directly establish a military production industrial chain here . " Big beard said these words, sighed: "these undersea people's purpose is not pure! But what can we do? Their strength against us, the tribesmen in Qingdao, is just like the contrast between a giant beast and an ant . Therefore, some things can only be seen . Even now I have to live by pleasing those tribal administrators . ""Do you know what their food sources are?" Liu Chang has some doubts - the sea people must have their own food sources . As a highly civilized race, they can't live entirely by hunting, but the ground planting is obviously not suitable for them . Therefore, food has become Liu Chang's first problem .

"Well, I know . It's not very confidential . " Big beard nodded, "they can grow a strange creature on the sea, which is similar to mushroom and seaweed . It grows very fast . It seems that they can grow rapidly by absorbing nutrients from the sea, which can meet their basic nutritional needs . However, it seems that the sea level has been frozen recently, which makes their food less abundant . What's more, I found that these people on the sea began to send people who were especially friendly to them to other places, intentionally or unintentionally . It seems that they want to promote a positive image of the undersea people through their mouths . " (to be continued)

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