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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: 347

When Liu Chang left this time, he didn't carry any weapons except some daily necessities and water, except for a pistol . After all, for him now, the effect of conventional mechanical military weapons is not so good . It doesn't matter whether he uses weapons or not to deal with ordinary enemies . When he deals with enemies that he can't deal with, he doesn't carry any weapons It's a weapon, and it's almost useless .

Therefore, the first target of his departure this time is also the initial goal of his joining the sea people's army, that is Qingdao - the undersea man landed there . If he wants to know the whole military process of the other side, it is the beginning, and naturally it is the best place - and not to mention this, his meat gun is also in Qingdao, and he wants to take it back .

"On Xiao Liu's road, be careful on the way . " It's not Lao Zhang who says goodbye to Liu Chang, but every day . She looks at Liu Chang and says with a wry smile: "although I will never forgive you for things that are fatal to me, there is Li Qingshui . But I hope you will come back alive

"I'm here, relaxing and waiting for you . "

"I'm sorry for what I love . " Liu Chang's relatives are Li Qingshui and Xiaojing, and for every day, the only family member alive before may be the most affectionate - the noisy bird .

"Come on, boy . " Every day, she stood on tiptoe and patted Liu Chang on the shoulder, saying goodbye to him .

Then the two separated .

After Liu Chang left Jinan, he ran all the way to the East . He walked through the forest several times, pa.s.sed the chilly Clematis lake, and headed for Qingdao all the way .

It's just the journey and scenery of this journey . It's very different from last time .

Among the dense frozen forests, Liu Chang can see many dense footprints, which have not yet subsided, and are neat and uniform - some large, some small, odd shaped, mixed with various residual odor . From so many footprints, Liu Chang can judge . How many sea people and beasts are there to march into Henan .

All the way, he silently calculated the source and number of odors, and he traveled hundreds of kilometers . Arrived in Qingdao, which is familiar with .

After entering Qingdao, Liu Chang found that the smell of the sea breeze mixed with the cold wind came . It's so different from the last time I came here!

To be exact, it is a lot of prosperity!

A lot .

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If you look at it, you can see that it is no longer the bleak atmosphere of human cities after the collapse, but a lively and prosperous scene - everywhere is the scene of construction, one by one dilapidated houses have been rebuilt and demolished, one by one giant animals are busy on the road, and the streets are full of people - people from the sea, Qingdao, and Americans .

The cartoon undersea man is obviously a j.a.panese style painting method . With a pink body and big eyes flas.h.i.+ng, it adds a lot of lovely flavor to the originally ugly cartoon figure .

"The invasion was thorough . " Liu Chang sighed, seeing this familiar painting style, he couldn't help but think of the country on the other end of the sea . As an island country, the country is surrounded by the sea . After the end of the day, it should be more sad than the inland country . But since four or five years ago, China has lost most of its international contacts . But now when he sees this cartoon image, Liu Chang is clear 。The sea people must have been there .

Opening the wooden door of the tavern, which is covered with fur and covered with wood, and equipped with first-cla.s.s cold protection facilities, Liu Chang enters the warm tavern . Then, at a wooden table in the tavern, he sees the figure of a big beard .

"Welcome to the ocean pub . " Opening the door, a lovely girl of human beings met her . She was smiling, looking well-trained, and her voice was sweet . Seeing the girl with one in a hundred looks, Liu Chang couldn't help sighing again that the people in the sea could be so interested in these business details . Since he entered the city, he could feel a strong and pervasive article They seem to be able to think of anything that can make people feel good about it, and they do it very well . It's all about everything .

"What kind of service would you like, sir? The drinks here are very complete, and half price for human, free on Wednesday . " The girl pointed to the bar with a smile, "there is also a master bartender performance of the undersea people . You must have never seen 30 tentacles mixing wine together . "

Obviously, the girl worked here at the beginning of the opening of this pub . She recognized Liu Chang as a stranger at a glance, and said firmly .

Liu Chang frowned when she heard her stiff Mandarin, "are you j.a.panese?" (to be continued)

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