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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: 346

"A little wireworm?" When it comes to the thing that was born on him, Liu Chang's stomach is still a little uncomfortable .

"Well, they are kept in incubators . Recently, I have observed their whole physiological cycle, including oviposition, growth and development . " Lao Zhang nodded, and then called a soldier to lead him away every day . He gave Liu Chang a guide and said, "the key is that since the last parasitism, I feel that this kind of insect is too powerful . Although I have not made a detailed a.n.a.lysis of your body strength, there is still some intuitive feeling . Your scales must be much harder than ordinary steel, but I heard that the larvae of Clematis can be drilled out, so I wonder if this kind of thing can be made into a biological weapon

"In terms of biological weapons, this kind of insect should have no threat to willows because of the environmental problems . Do you mean . . . " Liu Chang thought of a possibility .

"Well, this super mutant parasite was originally found in a closed freshwater lake, and the discoverer is you . I wonder if this insect can survive in the sea water . " While talking, Lao Zhang led Liu Chang to a cultivation laboratory, where there was a large s.p.a.ce, and there were incubators and some water tanks everywhere .

Lao Zhang leads Liu Chang to a clear water tank without freezing . Liu Chang sees several disgusting things intertwined inside .

"Here, I put them in the warm sea water, and constantly adjust the temperature . From the temperature of 30 degrees above zero to the freezing point, they can survive except that they seem a little uncomfortable . " Lao Zhang was a little surprised at the viability of these wireworms . "I think if it wasn't for the lake where they were born, there was no other large water source around . If they don't have any intelligence, I think the survival environment of this kind of insect will not be limited to such a small area

"You mean . . . "

"You want to put them in the ocean?" Liu Chang frowned, "isn't that good?"

This kind of behavior is just as unacceptable as the sea people poison the atmosphere - this kind of thing, let alone immoral, was discovered by the sea people . Then there is no possibility of any negotiation between the two sides . Moreover, this is disrespect for all living things in the sea . There are too many enemies .

"Well, I don't have the plan for the time being, but it's always good to cultivate some strategic new varieties . It's like a nuclear weapon . It's one thing to use or not, but it's another thing to have it or not . " Lao Zhang understood the key point, so he shook his head and denied Liu Chang's conjecture .

"That's good . " Liu Chang nodded and looked at the insects in his eyes . When there was no purpose or food to eat, this kind of insect looked very docile and floated in the water . Besides wriggling the body from time to time, it seemed harmless .

"In addition to breeding mutant varieties . In fact, you can also try to study those biomaterials on the tip of the head and tail of the wireworm, which should be very strong and penetrating, and can be used for military production Liu Chang proposed .

"Well, it's a good idea . " Lao Zhang nodded .

Then there was silence .

Because Liu Chang knows that Lao Zhang actually brought him here today . It's not that simple - and that's the real reason why he has some nausea when he hears the worm .

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The real purpose of Lao Zhang's bringing him here is that he wants Liu Chang to be parasitized by Clematis again .

After leaving the laboratory, Liu Changshun, guided by the smell, found the third lady who had met several times a few days ago . This poor woman has been living in the ward since the last bombing, and the human feelings are cold and warm in the last life . When Liu Chang went to find her, she did not even have a companion .

"I don't think you remember me . " Seeing Liu Chang coming, the third lady tried to sit up with her burned body . She was very warm and happy .

"Well, of course, I don't remember how well I am?" As soon as Liu Chang entered, he quickly waved his hand to let the three ladies lie down . He looked at the cold ward and asked, "how come there is no nurse to take care of?"

"Well, it's too extravagant even for the Inst.i.tute to support a useless living person without 24-hour care . " The third lady shook her head . She was still smart and capable, but her voice was not as good as it used to be because of the burns, and it was inconvenient to clean it . Therefore, her mouth was inevitably sour and smelly . However, in the end of the day, no one's body smell very good, Liu Chang naturally won't care about these - just think of the first time I saw this woman, the other party was dressed neatly, now because of the injury and Thunder Tiger is not in, lost power, reduced to the present situation, can't help but feel some sigh of the world .

"In fact, Lao Zhang and they are very kind to me . " As if seeing through Liu Chang's mind, the third lady said with a smile: "it's just that you should be self-conscious . I haven't done anything for the base now, so I can't drag you down any more and occupy so many resources . Speaking of tiger, how is he recently? I heard that he went on a mission and was injured? I haven't seen the anxious look of Lao Zhang for a long time . Is this mission very dangerous? "

"Well, it's very dangerous, but it's over . The tiger is in Beijing . It's ok now . I'll take him to see you later . "

Having met this old friend carelessly, Liu Chang explained a few words when Lao Zhang gave him the letter of proof . The next morning, he set out with his backpack on his back . (to be continued)

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