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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: 345

These amphibians as like as two peas in the form, almost every one is exactly the same as the stream, and the difference is very small . Even if Liu Chang's observer is kissing, it is hard to distinguish their differences .

However, these amphibians are probably due to the relations.h.i.+p between the newborn, one by one their bodies are still weak, although the body presents a perfect streamline, but it is a little shriveled .

What's more, these newly born amphibians, one by one, do not have that kind of ignorant feeling of baby's first visit to the world . Instead, their eyes are bright, obviously with wisdom and memory .

Therefore, after they were born, they did not run around . Instead, they gathered in the center one by one from a distance, standing on the willows with a diameter of more than ten meters, and formed a uniform team . Then, they looked up silently at the willow branches all over the sky .

"And our father?" Among the nearly identical amphibians, there was a significantly larger individual, who was recommended by tacit approval to stand at the forefront of the new amphibians, representing thousands of amphibians behind them and asking their questions .

"Where's our father? We want to see him . " Asked the strong amphibian to the branches in the air .

And a moment later, he got the answer .

"No, no, you're not our father . We're an as.e.xual individual . There's only one father, that's liuzu . " After the amphibians got the answer in the air, it was obvious that one by one their emotions were out of control, and some of them were in disorder . "We want to see father . He gave us all our body memories . Yes, my father agreed that amphibians were attached to you, and we could not have been born without you . But he's paid so much for the continuation of the amphibian, and we just want to see him

Amphibians are still looking into the air .

"Yes, you gave the father the speed of reproduction and the environment in which we were born . And of course we will defend you, because without you, our race cannot continue . You are our home and our placenta . But father is our amphibian ancestor . He is different from you in our hearts . "

When amphibians learned that the current was not there, their respect for willows also declined . Obviously, among these separated individuals, they were very clear about the previous events, and they also knew who was really close to them and who was only interested in themselves .

And this, obviously, is the last resort of flow in the world - as amphibians say . Stream is the mother and ancestor of the whole amphibian race . It is for the continuation of the amphibian race that they are willing to sacrifice their existence . The willow is just a placenta . Willows hold the amphibian environment . He did not give birth to the ability of only child reproduction, but effectively combined this ability with his own interests, and established the racial system that would never betray himself by means of survival and binding .

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Willow is not a G.o.d . He can't create a race out of thin air . His physical transformation only strengthens the as.e.xual reproduction ability of stream itself by countless times . It's just the energy and the nutrition you need .

"What's the matter?" Lao Zhang, who was talking to him, saw that big Liu Chang's face changed and asked in doubt: "what's the matter?"

"I don't know . It's nothing . From just now on, I have some bad premonition in my heart . It seems that something is going to happen . " Since the brain domain mutation, since carrying nearly ten clones of the brain wave, Liu Chang is sensitive to all things around him countless times . All the information flow through him can be directly and effectively collected, and then converted into one data and possibility . Even when he is here, he can easily know the other side of the Research Inst.i.tute, those ordinary people What are the soldiers saying .

"Well, you have to be careful . " As a deep brain mutation, Lao Zhang can understand Liu Chang's feelings very well . Although they can't see the future, they are extremely sensitive to the collection of information flow . Naturally, the bad feeling in his heart is definitely not groundless . It can be the danger and hostility in a distant place . After countless s.p.a.ce turns, they spread here and become The weak information scattered almost in the air . "In any case, we must be careful when we mix with the sea people this time . Beijing is safe for the time being, so don't worry . If Mr . Li is there, he should be able to guard against all attacks from the dark . " Liu Chang nodded and pulled the little day after her to the body . "The girl has got rid of you these days . She has a deep hatred with the teacher . I'm afraid I'll go and find the teacher's trouble . Let her relax here these days . "

"Well, it's a small matter . Tomorrow I'll arrange a team of soldiers to follow her and let him have a good time in Jinan . " Lao Zhang nodded . "What about you? When do you start? If you're not in a hurry, come and see my recent research results . "


"As for the clematis, since you left last time, I'll find someone to fish some in the lake . Now it's in the laboratory . " (to be continued)

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