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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: 341

Although it is the end of the world, no one with status can be spoiled, but some people still do not feel the threat of death on the basis of their original status .

Therefore, it also retains some pride that can only be seen in previous generations - or AO Jiao .

Liu Chang knows clearly why this young nurse named Qin only gives Thunder Tiger joy and big wolf .

After all, his ears are so good that he can hear the whole process of the quarrel between Thunder Tiger and Xiao Qin these days .

The reason is that because Lei Hu is trapped here, he has a bad temper . When Xiao Qin is a.s.signed to serve him, he becomes one of his few vent objects . Therefore, because he is depressed, Lei Hu always nags at this little girl . Later, in order to block Thunder Tiger's energetic mouth, which is unable to move other parts of his body, she becomes very energetic Got a computer to show him a movie .

However, ray tiger is always dissatisfied with the content of the film and is choosy - in fact, for a depressed person, watching anything can not relieve his mood . Liu Chang realized that a strong man could not move his fingers . He felt that he was dozens of times more embarra.s.sed than being a prison . Therefore, Thunder Tiger was a little grumpy these two days .

The little girl is not an angel in white because she is well respected . Because she can't openly violate the system of the Inst.i.tute, the little nurse plays a cartoon for him every day in order to retaliate against the thunder tigers who quarrel with each other .

And it's the same old "joy and big wolf . " .

"Xiao Qin, can you change it?" Thunder Tiger's neck can't move, so even if he doesn't want to see those, he opens his eyes to see, which is a kind of torture .

"Liu Chang, talk about him . I can't move now . I don't think it has any deterrent effect on him . "

"Ha ha, I didn't expect you to be bullied . " Liu Chang smiles and looks at Thunder Tiger . His voice is full of vitality . He knows that this guy will never have problems . So he patted the nurse on the shoulder and whispered, "in fact, what he likes to see is sea baby . " then he left the laboratory .

After leaving here, he did not return to the ward, but went to the study room of a research room that had been destroyed and now rebuilt, and then looked up the materials on the computer that were used to be used by researchers .

Because of the researchers previously included in the Beijing Research Inst.i.tute . Most of them are brain mutants, and their knowledge also needs to learn and acc.u.mulate . Therefore, there is a relatively complete knowledge learning system here .

Liu Chang has not had time to study knowledge seriously and systematically since the brain region mutation . Therefore, he urgently needs these as his own information reserve .

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After all, no matter how severe the brain changes, knowledge will not be produced out of thin air . You have to learn . You have to learn by yourself . Like a pump, he used to draw water at a flow rate of 1 . Now it's 100, but if you don't smoke, it's not at all .

"There should be no danger for the people on the bottom of the sea . The banner they are fighting is the common prosperity of intelligent creatures . Since they have played this flag, they can't violate it . After all, they can't grow so strong without the cooperation of those sea animals and human beings . Now is definitely not the time for them to tear their skin . "

"Well, I know . " Liu Chang nodded: the sea people themselves are very strong, but if there are no sea animals and human beings, they can not stand on the height of willows . "Well, so you can see what's going on there, even in the name of the official human race . However, we must not go to the front line and engage in logistics or whatever . I always feel that the war between the undersea man and the willow tree will not be so simple . " Li Qingshui said something equivocal, and finally shut up .

Smart people like to say half of what they say - because the other half has ten thousand possibilities in their eyes . It's a waste of time to speak one by one . It's not necessary .

Fortunately, Liu Chang is not the ignorant youth before . He understands the meaning of Li Qingshui, nods, and leaves his relatives and friends, and then embarks on the journey again .

Back and forth, from Beijing to Shandong, Liu Chang has been very familiar with the route .

However, the scenery of this trip is somewhat different - the first half of the journey is still calm and rainless, but at the last part of the journey, after entering Shandong Province, Liu Chang can clearly smell the smell of the sea in the air . According to the principle, from Qingdao to Zhengzhou, we should not pa.s.s the route from Beijing to Jinan, but Liu Chang still saw a small one here The footprints of man and beast .

"The sea people are not honest!" Seeing these footprints, Liu Chang knew that the people from the bottom of the sea came here more than those who landed in Qingdao . After all, they have such a strong reproductive capacity . As long as there is enough food, the sea people are not afraid to reduce their staff . (to be continued)

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