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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 34 Pus

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Chapter 34 Pus

While Chang was observing his giant enemy, another wolfhound ran out from the bush. As soon as it stood in front of Chang, it gave a loud and short bark, leading the giant dog’s attention to Chang.

“So it’s a revenge.” He glanced at that small wolfhound – it was the one who fled; or more accurately, it didn’t flee, it went to find someone to back it.

“Jing, leave with Mr. Li. The wolfhounds are only here for me.” Chang slowly lowered his body so that Jing could climb off his back. He clenched the spear even tighter – after all, that was the only weapon he had that could possibly save him.

Jing clearly knew that she would be a burden for Chang if she stayed, so once she jumped off his back, she went to Qing shui. Surprisingly, the whole process didn’t distract the giant dog’s attention from Chang a single bit.

“Mr.Li, leave with Jing! Even with the three of us, we still can’t even take one slap from it.” Holding the spear, Chang gradually felt sadness overcome his heart. In this situation, he would definitely die. As he slowly accepted this fact, his sadness slowly turned into solemnness. For the first time in his life, he decided to do something heroic.

“I’ll deal with it, so just run as far away as you can,” Chang sighed.

“Sure.” Qing shui’s answer was so simple that it completely ruined the heroic atmosphere. Then, Qing shui lifted Jing and without looking back, they disappeared into the fog. Although Chang was solemn and Jing was crying, it didn’t matter to him at all as he ran as fast as he could.

“… He really rational, but sometimes his calmness scares me.” Seeing the figure of Qing shui slowly fade into the fog while he stood still in front of this beast, Chang felt that the fog had unprecedentedly become b.l.o.o.d.y.

“So this is it.” Confronting the two twisted-face wolfhounds, Chang didn’t know whether he should runaway or fight them – if he chose to flee, he would definitely be slower than this giant beast. However, if he chose to fight, he would be extremely small and fragile in front of this monstrous dog.

Being so close to death, he knew that he had to face these cruel choices, despite neither of them being desirable.

Fortunately, Chang didn’t need to spend more time on making a difficult decision – his opponent made the first move.

It literally rushed towards Chang as if it was going to crash into him.

Chang completely abandoned any thoughts in his mind. Facing the black shadow running at him, he raised his spear in front of his chest horizontally as defense.


The spear was strong enough to block the first strike, but it was bent into a V shape when the wolfhound collided with him. Chang wasn’t able to bear such a powerful attack, and his arms went numb upon receiving this shock and subsequently, he let go of the spear. The shock was so great that he flew back three meters and rolled into the bushes.

Almost at the same time he fell on the gra.s.s, the smaller wolfhound leaped forward and firmly bit him; its sharp and hard teeth ripped off his long pants and poked through his skin, slowly burying into his muscles.

“Ahhhhh, f*ck!” the extreme sensation of piercing pain made him fight back. He kicked away the small wolfhound, but the giant beast pushed aside the bush and started its second attack.

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“Son of a b*tch!” The giant wolfhound attacked from the behind this time, and while Chang flipped over on the gra.s.s to dodge, he also sliced open its front paw with his scalpel; although the cut wasn’t deep at all, he unfortunately enraged the beast even more.

Knowing that the dogs wouldn’t be a threat to him, he stood up from the muddy and stinky water. The first impression of this place was dark.

It was literally pitch black.

The visibility of the outside world was low due to the red fog, and the world down here was even darker since there wasn’t any form of light. Even though Chang’s vision was better than others, he still couldn’t see anything in the sewer.

The only light source of this place was from the manhole. The circle of light was so thin and weak that it simply couldn’t light up the sewer; Chang stood right under the halo and listened to the wolfhound’s barking. He carefully tried to feel around to understand the layout of the sewer while hearing the sound of water flow.

Human were vulnerable in the dark, and it induced fear. The first thought that flashed in Chang’s mind was those tentacle monsters that lived in the sewer.

Then, he imagined maggots and flies, as well as a variety of parasites. Although these were just his imagination, he also noticed that the wound on his leg was bleeding.

Slowly, his imagination and reality began to merge. He was bleeding and the smell of blood was strong; in a dark sewer like this, the smell could attract those tentacle monsters to him, as if the blood was a blazing beacon of light that gave his directions to the monsters. The result would be obvious. He would be attacked by a tentacle or something and his body would be smashed into pieces of flesh and he would be devoured. The remaining residues of his body would be left here forever and become a home for mutated flies. All those little maggots would digest his body, leaving him as a pool of pus.

Chang shuddered; with all these reasonable possibilities, he started to realize that his imagination was convincing.

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