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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: 336

On the earth slope, Li Qingshui stands, but Liu Chang hides behind a tree - Li Qingshui still has a person in front of him, who is very familiar with Xiaojing, but the eldest one, the second and the third, did not know Zhao Zhuo before .

At this time, Zhao Zhuo's body shape has changed, and his clothes have broken . Beside him, there are three or four synthetic soldiers, one of whom is carrying Li Qingshui's neck .

But after Li Qingshui's words, he became a body standing still .

"If you can't run away, can you run faster than your mind?"

Li Qingshui finished this sentence, including Zhao Zhuo, all of us suddenly stopped thinking, including Liu Chang in the distance, fainted in the past .

"What kind of ability is that?" Seeing this scene, the eldest brother, the second and the third face, at the same time, showed a surprised look, "this is not caused by brain waves, brain waves are not so powerful!"

The eldest, the second and the third have been exposed to many brain domain mutants, as high as old Liu, and the lower ones, including the researchers in the Research Inst.i.tute, including themselves, are all brain domain mutants . They can't understand how much more can be done after the brain regions are developed . However, from Lao Liu to the most ordinary researchers, they have never seen the ability to stop other people's thinking abruptly, which is beyond the scope of brain waves .

The strong brain current may make an ordinary person faint, but it is absolutely impossible for a person who is also a brain mutation to suddenly die like this . From Zhao Zhuo's performance of falling to the ground, people can clearly judge that this person has no breath .

Seeing this scene, Liu Chang, who was out of the dream, said: "at that time, I contacted very few brain domain mutants, and I saw even less of this kind of situation . I thought it was the ordinary ability of brain domain mutants, and then I knew it was not . . . "

Liu Chang finished this sentence, the scene in the dream entered the following picture .

It is also the last two pictures before Li Qingshui died .

The first picture is the last dialogue between Liu Chang and him . Liu Chang advised him to leave, but he said he would stay here to drag the willows for three years, because if he also left . They can't walk faster than willows .

"I have my own ideas . " Li light horizontal static and firm to Liu Chang said: "you don't advise me . "

"What is more important than being alive?" Liu Chang in the picture looks very anxious .

"You, you are more important than alive . Li Qingshui said this sentence, with a sad smile: "do you know . I value our feelings more than you, or quieter than anyone else . . . "

"Yes, that's what you said . " Liu Chang, an outsider, saw this, and his eyes were red: "for us . He took great risks and was willing to be the biggest variable . "

Liu Chang's voice did not fall, Li Qingshui's dream entered the last picture .

He came out of the laboratory bed naked, and his life was so overdrawn that his hair was white - but his face was still so calm .

After he got up, he stood in the mirror and looked at the reflected world . Then I put on a suit of leisure work clothes - the work clothes were washed very clean - as clean as the ordinary teacher five years ago .

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After putting on his clothes, he arranged his snow-white hair, and then went to a drawer . Picked up an old-fas.h.i.+oned CD player - there is a line of small words on the CD player - I wish my dear first love, Li Qingshui boy, happy forever . Your dearest daughter-in-law, Douzi .

Then, the matter came to an end, and the picture in front of everyone turned into a dark one, leaving only a bright and dark body . The outline of the body was Li Qingshui's, but it was light green . After the dream, Liu Chang approached the infinite dark s.p.a.ce and stood in front of the pale green shadow . Empty shadow is vacillating . Seeing Liu Chang, she opens her mouth and asks, "who are you?"

"I'm Liu Chang, Miss Li . "

"Liu Chang?" Empty shadow is still vacillating, seems to have been the memory .

"Well, Liu Chang . " Liu Chang nodded and sighed, "it's great to see you again . Where is the other source of consciousness in you, the willow one? "

"That's not the willow's source of consciousness, it's mine, mine . . . " Empty shadow light said .

"Oh, yes, half of yours and half of his, but his half doesn't belong to you . " Liu Chang said, and waved back to let several people come forward, "Mr . Li, I really admire you . You are in danger . The world is the board and the man is the chess piece . Three years ago, I saw something so long ago . When everyone thought you had become a p.a.w.n of willow, you changed your mind and became a chess player again

Liu Chang said and waved again . Later, the boss and Xiaojing were surprised to see that some light gray photoelectricity slowly floated out of his head like dandelion .

"Teacher, do you remember? What you said to me a year ago? I didn't understand what it meant at that time, but I finally did the other day . " Liu Chang said, directing those photoelectricity, into the pale green shadow .

"You tell me that you will always leave the cleanest place in your heart for us The heart is the soul, and the soul is the thought . Today, I will return these things that really belong to you, as you planned

Liu Chang finished this sentence, the light spot and Li Qingshui's virtual shadow, fused together . (to be continued)

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