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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: 332

Her hair curled because of the high temperature in front of her - Liu Chang had not felt the heat wave for a long time since her death night .

Looking at the light blue flame spitting in front of him, Liu Chang stopped, and his bright red scales slowly rose .

After that, the blade suddenly shot out of the air as fast as a blade, but it was not as fast as a blade in the air .

Among the arthropods, there is a kind of shrimp called mantis shrimp . It is the second fastest attacking species in the world . It is said that it can use its forelimbs as a weapon and eject it in a millionth of a second . The speed is so fast that it can even spark electric sparks in the water . Liu Chang's knife wind is faster than mantis shrimp's attack . After one strike, the air will be released Because of this incredible speed, Zhongdu produces cyclones and air currents . The air flow wins like a wind wall and blows away the flame in front of it . Then Liu Chang plunges into it in the face of the slanted flame blown by the blade wind .

The inner flame of a flame thrower can't burn people . From the Second World War to the present, many people have done countless experiments on flame throwers, and found that the temperature of the inner flame is very low because it contacts little oxygen . Theoretically, the temperature is so low that an ordinary person can't be killed .

This is a bit of knowledge that Liu Chang has seen before . If there is no brain domain change, this rarely used thing may not have been lost in any corner . However, after the brain domain change, everything in his brain is clear and clear . Those things that have long been forgotten have returned to his mind, allowing him to grasp the distance between life and death in the rapidly changing world .

Therefore, Liu Chang decisively got into the inner flame of the flame thrower, closed his eyes and breathed - with the perception of biological magnetic field, under the package of flame . He made the quick cut again .

Then, there was a "crackling" sound in the air, and a large piece of metal debris flew out . The flame in the air stopped suddenly .

Flow covered the chest wound, in a roar . He stopped by a tree he had knocked down - showing his figure . His body was injured too much . The refraction effect of his armor had disappeared . Without those optical laws, he destroyed a large area of refraction layer, and he had lost the ability of stealth .

"Why so fast . " Covering a bleeding wound from the left chest to the hip bone, he lost his flame thrower and said, "how fast are you going to make a knife? Have you entered atavism to the arthropod level? "

“……” Standing not far from the stream, Liu Chang gasped for breath, but did not speak - the huge consumption of his body had made him unable to cover up, and he got the gap . Rapid recovery of lost physical strength, and damaged body .

But Liu is not a fool . When he saw Liu Chang's breath stopped speaking, he immediately felt wrong - although he didn't know what was wrong, what the enemy wanted to do . Naturally, he won't cooperate .

So, after losing the flame thrower, he took out the sniper gun again and shot it at Liu Chang .


The bullet hit Liu Chang's chest - he didn't avoid it - and Liu Chang's body suddenly slowed down after he swung out that fast knife . His own shot into his heart, he did not raise the knife to swing, but in time to move his body across an inch, to avoid the key parts, no longer dodge .

"His chest, abdomen and arm muscles were all strained! Recovery time needs 13 . 5 seconds, basic recovery time needs 3 seconds, seize the time to attack Liu Chang is hesitating to watch Liu Chang retreat three steps, thinking that the other side is not a trick to lure the enemy, Li Qingshui's voice came from the air .

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His voice changed the sound of guns, and exploded in the ears of the stream like thunder .

Therefore, he gave up the sniper gun which was quite low for him, took out the big knife like willow branches on his back, and rushed over . He has lost the first three seconds, so he doesn't want to lose the next ten seconds .

Ten seconds, enough time for him to kill a man with a muscle strain . Because if we don't mention the strange skills of the body, the opposite person is not as good as the current one in terms of sports ability . Now, even with the terrible recovery ability of coelenterates, there is no "magic skill" that can cure instantly in this world .

So, ten seconds, that's enough .

The first second, the flow rushed to Liu Chang in front of him, and made a wound in his body . In the second second second, he pointed the blade of his knife directly at the head of the other party, because he knew that the other party would be very difficult to be completely killed except to smash the seeds of the brain . But this second second, was Liu Chang to avoid, the flow of the knife only took down the three scales on his scalp .

Then the third second, the stream was suddenly a knife cut the head in half - still so fast .

Even before he died, he didn't see how the knife came into being . In his eyes, there was still a look of excitement and anxiety . Excitement was because he was about to kill an enemy, but he was anxious because he had not .

But his thought, at this moment, finally stopped - perhaps the brain can be detached, can think for a few seconds, but the brain structure is destroyed, can think, only the 21 grams of consciousness .

(to be continued)

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