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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: 328

The next morning, Liu Chang and others were on their way .

The trip to Beijing was a total of seven people - Liu Chang, Lei tiger, old Liu Xiaojing and the eldest, second and third . After seeing off the American emissary yesterday, a few people went on the road in the early morning of this year . If it wasn't for weapons and equipment and food and luggage, they would have set out even last night .

"Why do you have to take the three of us?" Running in the frozen jungle, the boss asked in doubt: "normally speaking, the three of us have no effect on this action . "

This time, people have to deal with Li Qingshui, and if they meet, they are likely to join forces . In this case, the eldest, the second and the third really have little effect .

"It's useful to take you with you . " For the boss's question, Liu Chang's ambiguous answer, "I don't want to tell you the specific reason is that I'm afraid that if there are too many people to know and the information source is leaked too much, what will be counted by Li Qingshui now?"

"Well, don't let him talk . " Old Liu also nodded, "Liu Chang is a steady person, will not make rash things . "

"Well . " The boss nodded, no longer asked, people into the rush time .

From Jinan to Beijing, when there were expressways before, driving was usually about five hours . Liu Chang and others set out at more than three o'clock in the morning and arrived at the edge of Beijing at noon .

After approaching Beijing, Thunder Tiger put down the three children he was holding, and Liu Chang also put down the small quiet on his back . He took a few breaths and had a rest for a while .

"Feel li Qingshui's existence?" Liu asked breathlessly - although the front two people are running with load, but because of the gap in physical fitness . He had a hard time following all the way .

"Well, it's in the middle of the city . " Since the end of the day, the political core of Beijing has begun to move towards the Research Inst.i.tute . Therefore, those who really control power . They live and live around the Inst.i.tute .

Because Lao Liu was once the core figure of power in Beijing, he knew the layout of that area very well .

"Around the Inst.i.tute is the great hall . After the change of the organizational structure, it is still the core of discussing the future direction . I think Li Qingshui should be there . "

"Well . Then we'll go straight to him . " Liu Chang nodded .

"Won't it fight?" After hearing Liu Chang's suggestion, Lao Liu felt that it was not a good idea to fight in the Research Inst.i.tute in Beijing . After all, it's the hard work of many people in China . Li Qingshui's destruction last time has already lost a lot of scientific crystallization . If we come again this time, will we lose too much? "

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"Don't worry . There won't be a fight . " Liu Chang rubbed his swollen brain since he absorbed the clonal consciousness . "We didn't go there against his voice . Didn't he want to start politics? After we go, just support us! "

Even Li Qingshui, the most powerful individual except willow, was unable to defeat the armed forces that really opened their horizons when they were in Jinan Military Region .

Therefore, sometimes quant.i.tative change causes qualitative change, which can also be used here .

"Li Qingshui, is this to ask people from the Beijing Military Region to help willows?" Looking at the anxious soldiers around him, the boss said, "it is estimated that there will be a rumor about the sea people invading China? By the way, if you arrange the affairs of the United States again, maybe it can really incite the gra.s.s-roots units of the army? ""It's not so easy to handle . No one is a fool . Even the soldiers don't want to leave the city and cross several provinces to fight against the sea people who work hard . What's more, there are no pictures and no information . It's not easy for Li Qingshui to make others believe him . " The second said, "anyway, go and have a look . "

With these words, the crowd quickened their pace .

All the way through the streets of Beijing, we came to the great hall next to the Research Inst.i.tute . When the guards in charge looked at Lao Liu, they immediately showed a different look on their faces .

"Chief, you are back!" Lao Liu has been living in Beijing for nearly five years . Even before the end of the day, he was born and raised in Beijing . After the end of the world, through his own efforts and wisdom, as well as the influence of the Research Inst.i.tute, his influence here can be said to be deeply rooted and his reputation is very high .

"Well . " Seeing that the guard knew himself, Lao Liu nodded his head and asked, "who is in the meeting?"

"It's Mr . Li, of the Inst.i.tute . In the past, the Research Inst.i.tute was damaged by unidentified personnel, and almost all the researchers in the main research inst.i.tute died . Everyone thought Mr . Li was also dead . As a result, he appeared undamaged a few days ago and brought frozen grain seeds (to be continued)

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