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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: 327

"Well, in that case, if the sea people help us pull up trees, we can't stab us in the back, can't we?" After hearing the final summary of the US government official, Lei tiger took a look at Lao Zhang's face . After getting the other party's approval, he patted the table and stood up .

"Don't you want us to interfere in this? That's sure . Our Jinan Military Region will never interfere with your attack on willows! "

Although Thunder Tiger is not a brain mutant, he used to be in a high position . Some of his words are very mellow - "he will never interfere in the attack on willow trees" . The slogan promised is very heroic, but the tone is very careful .

There are three kinds of information in this sentence: first, we will not interfere in the behavior, only you attack the willow . If we attack others or do other things, it's another thing; second, we don't interfere, but we won't help; third, our behavior is limited to and only limited to "non intervention", and we don't want you to "interfere" me .

The slogan was loud and the conditions were very harsh . Just as Lei tiger and others were ready to quarrel, the American official agreed .

"OK, as long as you Jinan military region does not interfere in this attack, let us keep the road ahead unimpeded and do not cut our traffic lines . " The U . S . official nodded his head and waved at the same time . The bodyguard standing behind him took out his paper and pen . "Although it's the end of the world and human beings are in a desperate situation, there are some rules . It's better to follow the old ones . Although this contract has no binding force, it is also a proof of the establishment of our alliance, isn't it? "

"Well . There's no proof of what you say . It's also very reliable to set up the evidence . " Now that the two sides have reached an agreement, no one wants to dispute time on these details .

So it doesn't matter if the contract, or the deed of alliance, or any other messy nomenclature, is put in duplicate in front of both parties .

Then there was the time for chatting about information . It was late at night when the American talents left Jinan .

Before leaving, Liu Chang saw the vehicle they took when they came - a giant beast . There is no cruelty in the eyes of the behemoth, and there is no animal specific panic after coming to a strange environment . Instead, he keeps scanning the environment with his own eyes - obviously, this giant beast is also an intelligent species .

And although the beast carries the Americans away - but it's clear that the relations.h.i.+p between the two sides is not between the master and the mount in terms of status - on the contrary, the expression of both sides shows that the giant beast should be higher than these Americans .

"These things with heavy armor and big guns are 100 times more powerful than tanks . "

After seeing the giant beast leaving slowly, Liu Chang and old Liu and others swept away the leisurely and joyful color on their faces, and their faces showed anxiety again .

"This Yankee is a real waste of time . Obviously we have something urgent to do . " The old man's face showed displeasure .

"Well, this guy is scolding Dr . J, but he is very close to the bottom of the sea . " "However, no matter how credible his words are, Liu said," but if there is no accident, the target of undersea people this time should be willows! "

"Well . I want to know that those guys in the sea look down on human beings, but I didn't expect to look down on them to this extent . " Thunder Tiger's chest spurted a puff of sullen, "do you think we are cats and dogs?"

"But anyway, it's not going to be quiet recently . The undersea racial alliance is attacking the willow tree . This is simply the Third World War, but surprisingly, the Third World War - the protagonist is not human! It's sad . "

"What are you going to do next?" After Lao Zhang sighed, he looked at Liu Chang and said, "Beijing is your territory . Now the willow tree is infiltrating . What's more, you don't want to see him fan . Move that way to deal with the sea people? "

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"Well, we have to go back . " Liu Chang rubbed his swollen brain, "I, Lao Liu and Lei tiger, have to go back . "

"I promise, this time I will not die!" Liu Chang looked at Lao Zhang and gave a guarantee that everyone could not have imagined - that he would not die in the face of Li Qingshui .


Zhengzhou .

The willow tree has been silent for a long time - since the explosion of the empty mother king, since its body has crossed three provinces, it seems that it has not made any major movements .

And it seems that after a long time - when everyone seems to forget him, he moves again . Spread out the curled up body, bounce open in its body gnawing branches of goats, willow stamens, again in full bloom .

One by one - one by one .

Flower is petals, a human brain .

The torrent of wisdom in the sky is once again as beautiful as the Milky way, and the direction of flowers is toward the East - it seems that he also knows that the sea people are coming .

Then the notes all over his body trembled - I don't know if it was because of fear or excitement . (to be continued)

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