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Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: 326

"After the brain mutation, Dr . J . recruited people on the coast of Florida and won a small military base . Later, when he didn't know how to take over with the undersea man, he started to set up a maritime school in secret, and with the help of the undersea man, he expanded the military base . Everything was done in secret . " The officer continued, "you know, the end of the day was just and fierce, and there was no communication equipment in each state or county . Therefore, this secret act has always been proud of the secret . "

"After that, when these sea people first swept the earth, the monsters had already hung up big guns!" The officer said this, with an incredible look on his face as if he had seen it for the first time . "Can you imagine that? A sea monster, in steel armor, holding the gun barrel of a battles.h.i.+p as a gun . Whether you can imagine it or not, this is how it happened

"Guns on battles.h.i.+ps converted into pistols?" When Liu Chang heard this, he suddenly thought of the situation that Liu had bombarded himself with a huge gun on his back in the decisive battle with Liu da . He could imagine that if the situation was magnified by 10 times and 100 times, it would be the case that fully armed sea animals invaded the ground .

"That's not a fight . " The old man shook his head . Although he has recovered the face of the child, his tone is still old-fas.h.i.+oned . "Because of vision and communication problems, powerful weapons can't be used . Aircraft, tanks, missile positioning systems, etc . can't be used . They encounter sea animals with armor and guns . If you don't talk about fighting, you will lose momentum! "

"Yes, and the military production capacity of mankind has reached a very weak level . " When the U . S . official said this, he glanced at all the people present, and finally fixed his eyes on Thunder Tiger . "If you don't guess wrong, are you the commander-in-chief here?"

"Well . " Thunder Tiger nodded .

"If I'm still right . Are you not as good as you were four years ago in terms of storage and utilization rate of firearms and ammunition? " American officials continued .

“……” Thunder Tiger listened to his words, hesitated for three seconds, or admitted the reality that can not be avoided . "Yes . "

"Well, there's a shortage of electrical equipment right now . Without coal, there will be no thermal power . Without the control of rivers, there would be no water and electricity, and the transmission cables of those old power plants would have been damaged for a long time . Even if they were repaired again, they would not be able to catch up with the environmental damage . Therefore, human shrinkage in the city, want to use electricity, only in the city center to build that kind of small power plant . The wild environment is too bad, even if some people can survive in the wild for a long time, it is also a small number . What's more, you have to work steadily outside? That would be even more difficult! "

"In fact, in addition to electricity, we have lost high-end global production capacity, and even steel smelting capacity has almost been lost . "

"Well . " Hearing this, Lao Zhang nodded his head first - obviously . Although Thunder Tiger is the real number one leader in this military area command, it must be Lao Zhang who controls manufacturing, production and development .

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"No point, no coal, no iron ore . If we lose the world outside the city, we will lose most of our productive capacity . " Lao Zhang nodded .

"Well, this issue has also been discussed by senior officials of the U . S . government . We humans control nuclear power . Even at the end of the day, we still have the capital to die together . If the undersea people are killed completely, imagine the terrorist organization created by the genocide in Russia! Human beings are not clean to kill, and the extreme race is unreasonable . Therefore, the undersea people will not let this kind of thing which is not worth the loss . We human beings are not fools, are we? "

"What do you mean when you're sent by the seamen this time?" At this stage, both sides have basically talked about it . The next question is to thoroughly talk about the purpose of the undersea man's landing here .

"Help you pull up trees!" "The sea people have been very hostile to this species ever since they heard about the willows," the officer said . Perhaps humans and undersea humans can still coexist in this world, but neither humans nor undersea humans can allow willows to be found . According to the food chain theory, we are the producers of wisdom, and he is the predator! ""What do you mean?" Asked Lao Liu .

"I mean, for the time being, the people of the sea are still in a soft way to human beings . And the purpose of their coming here is very simple, that is to go for the willows . Therefore, the purpose of the undersea people to let me come this time is not to let you cooperate, let alone let you surrender . Their purpose should be easy for you to accept, that is, not to interfere in their military operations, and that they will not do harm to mankind

"This is a very reasonable and attractive alliance condition, but what is the purpose?" The eldest asked, "if people from the bottom of the sea come here to help us pull up trees, we have to be driven by interests to be a living Lei Feng?"

"Well, that's easier to explain . In their opinion, human beings have lost their compet.i.tiveness, and the earth belongs to them . Therefore, they must first eradicate these species that pose a great threat to them! " (to be continued)

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