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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: 321

The sea animal is huge in size . The hammer like forelimb is a big hole in the sea ice . Because of the "very brittle" physical nature of the ice, a hammer down can often cause a large area of ice cracking .

After the huge sea animals, there are all kinds of relatively small marine creatures . Although these creatures are not as big as the ones in front, they are all in neat formation and open ice very fast . The sea beast in front of him smashed the huge ice with a hammer, and these little guys in the back smashed the huge ice into ice powder, and then used body temperature and water to keep the cold water around him from condensing again for a short time, so that the people in the rear could surge .

People, surging .

Behind these sea animals, of course, are human beings - the sea people in large areas stretch out one by one and swim on the sea like a water centipede . At first glance, it seems that there are tens of thousands of them .

And if a human isn't surprised enough to see this - what's behind these undersea men - it's really amazing .

Behind tens of thousands of swimming seamen, there are countless human wars.h.i.+ps, including transport s.h.i.+ps, cruisers, and even aircraft carriers . At first glance, wars.h.i.+ps are made in the United States, because some wars.h.i.+ps still have broken American flags - only some of them are covered with cartoon graffiti of undersea men .

On the decks of these wars.h.i.+ps, most of the people standing on the sea floor are sea people . The tentacles on the hands of these wars.h.i.+ps are very flexible, and the body shape is not different from that of human beings . Therefore, the equipment that humans can operate can be basically operated by these people . However, not all of the people standing on these wars.h.i.+ps are sea people . If you look at it carefully . You can also see traces of human beings in a group of dark and red guys .

The ocean, at last, approached the mainland .

And when marine life is coming across the ocean . After some searching, Liu Chang finally found he Zhizhi, who was very busy in the middle of a dense forest .

This frozen forest . Jinan is less than 100 kilometers away, but he Zhizhi is obviously stuck in this time .

Like a civet walking silently in the dense forest, Liu changzha, as soon as he smelled the smell of the branches of he, crossed a distance of several thousand meters at the fastest speed and found the man .

"What's the matter?" After Liu Chang saw he Zhizhi, he found that the other side was crying .

"You came at last . I thought you were dead!" He Zhizhi's face is full of scars when he speaks, and it may be that the water shortage is serious, and his face has shrunk down . When he saw Liu Chang, he felt as if he had exhausted his last breath and sat down on the ground .

"I'm not dead, and the boss is fine . Why are you staying here? " Liu Chang looked at the empty ground behind he Zhizhi and asked, "what's going on? Didn't the boss say you came here in a big foot machine? Is that thing broken? "

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"Well . It's a bad road . There are more than a dozen little guys in it . I can't fix it any way, and I don't know the principle and structure of that thing . " He Zhizhi took a breath and said, "I'm not as fast as you guys . I'm very slow in shuttling hundreds of kilometers in this dense forest . Moreover, I didn't dare to come directly because I couldn't rest a.s.sured about the bodies of those little guys at first . Later, I threw the machine there and prepared to call people

That is, the wind is much colder than that day .

Crossing hundreds of kilometers may be a difficult thing for he Zhizhi, but for Liu Chang, it's a very easy thing . Liu Chang doesn't have to worry about the danger of the creatures in the forest, let alone avoid the difficult terrain . His physical strength and speed are not the same level as he Zhizhi . Therefore, Liu Chang crossed several times before dark A hundred kilometers away, we arrived at the place where he zhizhizhizang had big foot machines . Time delay, Liu Chang to this place, put down the branch of he, opened the c.o.c.kpit door, a head into .

After drilling in, he was glad to find that the heating equipment inside had not lost its function, and it was obviously much warmer inside than outside, which made his heart down a lot . Because compared with hunger and thirst, cold is now the number one killer . If a person loses consciousness, he would not have circulation in his body . In this case, if he put it in a day tens of degrees below zero In the air, the body will be stiff in a few hours .

From this point of view, he Zhizhi is very intentional .

"Before I left, I wrapped them up to make sure there was no air leakage before I left . " While Liu Chang was checking the bodies of those clones, he Zhizhi also came in, "it's still warm, but the big foot machine can't move . I don't know if it's too cold . What's up, are these little guys all right

He Zhizhi said this, looking at the big foot machine, lying a row of neat little guys that she played with .

"Well, seven are dead . " Liu Chang looked at the dozen little guys, one by one detected their body temperature and heartbeat, "there are still three breathing failure, but the consciousness is still there . " (to be continued)

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