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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: 314

"I've thought about this problem, but he Zhizhi is not here, so I can't rest a.s.sured . " Liu sighed and felt more pain in his stomach .

"Don't think about it . You can't solve this problem . Even if I agree to go with you, Thunder Tiger won't agree . " The boss looked at Liu Chang with some painful expression and said, "in other words, are you willing to give up your life to save Thunder Tiger's daughter-in-law? If not, don't expect him to go! "

The boss made a very vulgar but absolutely convincing a.n.a.logy .

"Well, I see . . . " Liu sighed .

"What's more, he Zhizhi didn't come here, just because her feet were very slow . Even if she had the machine foot as a mobile tool, it would take her two or three days to get here alone . You just have to be patient . Maybe she will come here in a few days . " The boss said this and patted Liu Chang on the shoulder, "in fact, I'm more anxious than you . My body is still in the big foot machine . If my body doesn't replenish water for two or three days, it may wither . If my body dies, I'll probably die after Lao Liu's consciousness wakes up . So, you don't have to worry . If you're in a hurry, you should not be too far away from the city

"Well . " Nodding, Liu Chang turned away from here .

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After returning, Liu Chang left Jinan with Xiaojing on the same day . Before leaving the urban area of Jinan, they calculated the distance that the next two people could leave . The so-called distance is the time difference between Li Qingshui's foot distance minus Liu Chang's limit distance within the limit range of Xiaojing's perception of Li Qingshui .

Therefore, a clear "bang" sound came out, he was completely paralyzed on the ground .

"What's the matter? Is this boy crazy?" After stun up, Thunder Tiger asked the boss .

"I don't know . Just now I suspected that Li Qingshui was responsible for the ghost, but if he did, he should have appeared in Jinan City by now - because without Liu Chang, we would be much less threatening . " The eldest brother frowned and took Liu Chang's body from Lei tiger's hand and said, "so, it should not be caused by him . But if you exclude him, I can't imagine how his strong body suddenly goes wrong . Is it a gene breakdown?" (to be continued)

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