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Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: 307

Regardless of whether the Thunder Tiger can understand it or not, Liu Chang makes a comparison with Li Qingshui in the distance, and then makes a fight gesture to Thunder Tiger - and then he flashes .

Because he has completely determined a problem through the fight just now - in terms of the effect of close combat, his strength and body almost have no effect on Li Qingshui .

After close combat, he can't even hara.s.s him, so he dodges to attack Li Qingshui with the huge hand gun . Although he doesn't know who it is, it's really powerful . In close combat, he only needs to do long-range attack .

Therefore, Liu Chang dodged a few times, hid in the roof that had been trampled under his feet, hid in the house, and then a.s.sembled the huge composite hand gun . The combination of hand guns is not too difficult, but the ammunition is not enough - he did not protect a lot of ammunition in addition to protecting the hand gun just now - and the rest of the ammunition can not be used after the explosion .

Although it is said that the more high-tech ammunition is, the less likely it is to detonate under the action of external forces - especially those nuclear weapons, it is said that no matter whether they explode or burn them in a fire, they will not explode .

However, although these high-tech will not be detonated by external forces, if they are distorted and deformed, it will not be easy to launch . But because of the emergency situation just now, and these are large, Liu Chang only had time to protect the bomb he was watching - which was obviously not enough .

After a.s.sembling the handgun, Liu Chang heard the violent impact outside again - very loud . But it was very stuffy - like the sound of two sandbags cras.h.i.+ng together at high speed - hearing this sound, Liu Chang was relieved - he knew that Li Qingshui and Thunder Tiger were fighting .

As long as there is a brain mutation interfering with Li Qingshui, in fact, in terms of the fighting power of * * alone, Thunder Tiger definitely has the ability to hold Li Qingshui for a long time . And get this gap, Liu Chang after a.s.sembling a good gun . At once the Inst.i.tute's house and the cloister shuttle up .

Along with the route of memory, he ran all the way back to the weapons storehouse which had been bombed in a mess, and then in the scattered weapons pile . And lying on the ground next to the third lady, found a scattered sh.e.l.l - some have been distorted, some are still intact .

"Someone has come from outside . There are also soldiers in the Research Inst.i.tute . It is estimated that someone will come and take you away Liu Chang picked up a few that seemed to be usable from the ground, turned his head to the third lady on the ground and said, "I don't have time to control you now . Thunder Tiger may die at any time outside . "

"Don't worry . I'm fine . " The third lady slapped the corners of her mouth at Liu Chang to show that she was laughing .

"Well . " Nodding his head, Liu Chang shouldered the gun and jumped out of the hole above his head five minutes ago .

He stepped on another hole within five minutes . He jumped out of here again - so, these five minutes are colorful five minutes - and after jumping out, Liu Chang knew that the next five minutes would be more wonderful .

Whoosh . Again, facing the downpour of cold wind .

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Liu Chang came to the roof of the house with his gun on his back . He saw the two people fighting each other . This time, it was no longer a one-sided situation . Liu Chang saw from a distance that Thunder Tiger and Li Qingshui were fighting soundly and vividly, and Lei tiger's body was even more red, just like a blood Buddha . The color is much stronger than the red fog in the night sky .

People who have watched F1 race on the spot know that the noise of F1 racing car can pierce people's eardrum if they watch it closely . This huge roar comes not only from the engine, but also from the side effect of its speed . The friction of tires, the friction between the body and the air, as long as the speed reaches, will cause deafening sound .

Therefore, when Li Qingshui b.u.mped into the crowd, it was not silent - it was surrounded by a series of air explosions, which exploded all the way . With a bang, the soldiers felt as if a sh.e.l.l had exploded in the crowd - and then there were screams and cries of doubt .

Naturally, the soldiers who were the first to bear the brunt died without seeing what was going on - the soldiers who were close by were affected by the explosion and screamed - while those who were a little farther away only saw the dust and dust and the flying debris, but did not know what happened .

But Liu Chang, who came to the scene, saw the panorama of the scene . He knew that what he had to do now was to stop Li Qingshui . He couldn't let that guy catch the brain region disruptor .

After all, the three men on the scene, the one with brain region mutation, are all core members - Thunder Tiger fighting head-on, Liu Chang's side attack, and brain domain mutants are responsible for hara.s.sment . Not one less - no victory without one . Without Thunder Tiger, the remaining two people are a dish - without brain mutation, the situation just now has taught them very realistically .

Without Liu Chang, Thunder Tiger will be more and more difficult to fight - eventually lead to defeat - after all, although he and Li Qingshui's * * strength is similar - but only about the same - still worse - and he seems to lack a fatal threat to Li Qingshui .

The triangle will collapse this time, no matter who it is . (to be continued)

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