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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: 304

"Can you tell me what it is?" As a woman, to control information here is to control half of the initiative .

"Well . " The other party has helped himself so much . With Liu Chang's character, he will surely get something in return . "There's a big problem outside . It's very serious . Thunder Tiger can't make it, I can't make it . We can't make it all together . "

"What is so powerful?" Hearing Liu Chang's words, the third lady's face suddenly changed . After all, since the second period, she has been mixed up with Thunder Tiger for two and a half years, which is enough for her to understand the strength of a man . In the past two and a half years, she had a very good life . In an era when she was short of clothes and food, she was still able to live in luxury . Why? For what?

Because of the strength of Thunder Tiger, she even sometimes thinks - maybe Thunder Tiger is the strongest man in the world .

"Is it a monster?" Asked the third lady .

"No, alone . " Liu Chang said, "or call a person who is no longer himself . "


"Li Qingshui . " Liu Chang and the third lady are exchanging information in a leisurely way

While chatting, waiting for someone .

Two and a half hours later, Thunder Tiger finally returned to the Research Inst.i.tute - and Liu Chang, who smelled his smell in advance, naturally led him here .

"It's all set up, but I don't want a lot of casualties . " Thunder Tiger said: "after all, using human life pile is the most stupid and stupid way to keep people, if that person is really as smart as you said . He should have guessed our means . And in order to achieve his goal, he will certainly not confront us

"So, in the end, it's the three of us . " "There is a defensive situation in the military area command . Lao Zhang is in charge of it . He doesn't take the initiative to attack, but he is ready to support at any time," he said

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded his head - after all, the disaster was caused by him . He didn't want to die a lot .

"It's up to us . "

"Yes, you are a real troublemaker . " The tiger's son didn't mention it . "If that guy was a human being, if I could give you up for peace here, I would really like to sell you," he continued

"But you know . It's not cost-effective . " Liu Chang smiles - this is what he thinks about on the road - human beings and willows are natural enemies . This kind of hostile relations.h.i.+p is already a racial dispute and can not be reconciled at all . Even if Thunder Tiger gives Liu Chang away, Li Qingshui will clear away the "variable" of him if possible . What's more, Li Qingshui has a big willow behind him . G.o.d knows the one who spans three provinces Will behemoths be interested in this military area .

After all, within China . Such a large military area - only seven .

"Well, there's nothing to say to that guy . I'll fight when I come . " Thunder Tiger is a muscle knot guy, even his face because of the smile can uplift a piece of muscle group, "but you have been here for so long . Have you chosen your weapons? "

When thunder tiger said this, he picked up a pair of big hammers with thick hands - the biggest pair in the whole armory . The hammers were very big, and there were strong iron thorns on the hammer surface, which looked like a mace .

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"Yes, I want this hand gun and these equipped . . . " Liu Chang pointed to the he wanted, and finally dropped his fingertip on the bullet .

"Wait . . . " Liu Chang got up first and took the knife and the cannon from left to right at the same time . And see Liu Chang this appearance, Thunder Tiger also thought of what, facial expression also suddenly serious: "is Li Qingshui?"

"No, the smell is different . If he is close to me, I should smell it 3000 meters away . " Liu Chang doubts, "but don't relax your vigilance, maybe he can change the smell on his body . "

"Well . " Lei tiger listened to his words, nodded and clenched the hammer in his hand . He silently watched the door of the weapon depot open slowly, and was ready to give the door opener a "blow in the head" .

But when the door was opened, he was stunned .

"Li Haiyong? Why are you here? Didn't you stay in the military area? " Seeing that the man was actually an adjutant of his own, Thunder Tiger put down the hammer .

"Yes, I want to guard Guard well . . . " But the visitor repeated what he had just said, so that the two guards with the handle outside the door did not know why .

"What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" Thunder Tiger saw each other's sleepy eyes, some angry, "hurry back to me!"

"What are you doing? What am I doing here?" He repeated two words of Thunder Tiger . Li Haiyong seemed to suddenly think of something . He called out: "by the way, someone asked me to give you a message!"

"What words?" When Thunder Tiger is more impatient, Liu Chang's hair suddenly explodes .

"Sooner or later it's death . Don't bother!"

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