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Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: 302

What kind of character is Thunder Tiger? The three ladies can't understand it any more . It looks very cheerful and doesn't seem to care about anything . But in my heart, I really know how to act and weigh . He is not a man whose body and brain are full of muscles . After all, in the end of life, no matter how powerful he is, as long as he has no brain, he is easy to die .

Four years later, all the fools are dead, and the rest are smart people .

And thunder tiger can rely on his own strength, stationed in such a large land, when Jinan this "city Lord", in addition to powerful, but also has a lot to do with his life .

Looking at the menu, this is the way of Lei tiger's life - and that's why the three ladies respect Liu Chang so much - because he didn't see Thunder Tiger being so polite to anyone - Lao Zhang was because he was the most powerful brain mutation in the whole province, the magnate of Jinan Research Inst.i.tute, all the scientific research, whether weapons or red fog purification or medicine Biology, he is one of the most proficient - so, Thunder Tiger regards him as a brother .

For others, he only saw that he had been so "intimate" with Liu Chang - and since the matter has come to this point, there must be a reason for it . As long as the third lady is not a fool, he can naturally guess how strong the ability and background Liu Chang has .

"Open the door, open the door . " The third lady was smiling and joking with the soldiers, "I'll take this brother to the armory to pick and see if there's anything to take advantage of . "

"However, these are all the special weapons of the regimental commander . . . " The soldiers looked at Liu Chang's ordinary body, which meant two things . First, the weapons depot was very important . Even if you are a third lady, you have to weigh the consequences when you speak . Second, naturally, with the strength and size of Thunder Tiger, can ordinary people use his weapons?

"It's OK . Just open the door . What's your responsibility . I'll carry it for you The third lady continued to smile, but the smile was not so brilliant .

And the soldiers naturally understand how much of this is and how much is fishy - but as long as there is someone on top of the tank, he can't be held accountable . Then no one wants to be the head of this injustice - after all, it's winter again in the end of the world, and there's no food to eat . If he could stand guard here, with heating and plenty of water, there would be no better place - he didn't want to lose his job .

I got up and opened the electronic code lock in the back, and a metal door opened to show the s.p.a.ce inside .

The s.p.a.ce is not big . It's only the size of two living rooms of an ordinary family, and there are not many kinds of weapons in it . There are few hot weapons, all cold weapons are big hammerheads, and the sticks with "human leg thickness" can be called "pillars" .

"Thunder Tiger is really boring!" Seeing these terrible blunt instruments, Liu Chang approached the room curiously . After entering with him, the third lady closed the door .

"These are the things tigers usually like to use . You know, he is very strong, and ordinary things are difficult to meet his needs . With missiles and nuclear weapons coming out of thermal weapons, there are few that are more destructive than his unarmed hands - you know, the monsters and other things, they can't explode a single body sh.e.l.l, and the tiger doesn't use those . "

"Truth!" Liu Chang nodded and recalled the situation that once entered the giant eel's stomach, with his strength and ability at that time . Even the wall of his stomach is hard to break, and the scales and other things are harder .

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"So, Lao Zhang said that he would get some cold weapons for him to play with . At first, it was a broadsword or something, but later that guy broke it all the time, and then he changed it into this kind of blunt weapon . " The third lady explained Liu Chang's doubts .

"It's a good thing . " The barrel can be retractable, which is similar to the antenna and has a layer of structure . Beside the huge gun, there are various armor piercing bullets, obviously some special ammunition .

"Good stuff . " The power of this thing must be more powerful than a meat gun, but each sh.e.l.l is half the length of an arm, and the barrel is too long to carry . Moreover, if it is a single person fighting, it is very inconvenient to use . After all, it is in a fight with others, so it is impossible to a.s.semble the barrel to load ammunition . Therefore, if it is a single person battle, Liu Chang's first choice is to shred meat - but if there are companions in front of him, then the problem is completely solved .

"I'll take it . " Liu Chang went to the gun barrel and rubbed it carefully . In the explanation of the third lady, he gradually understood the structure and usage of this thing . After a simple understanding of the use process of the hand gun, Liu Chang looked at the with different colors on one side .

"Every ammunition is special . There are cl.u.s.ter, armor piercing bullets, burst bombs and incendiary bombs And this . . . " According to the different colors of the ammunition, the three ladies introduced one by one, "this warhead is a shot in the middle!"

Said the third lady, pointing to a sh.e.l.l with a bright red mark and a large skull .

"Bullets, bombs!" Although I heard about nuclear weapons on newspapers and TV every day before, they were the most powerful weapons in human history, but Liu Chang never saw them . Even in the end of his life, Liu Chang had never seen such a thing - this is the first time .

Although this nuclear bomb is very small, it is a real nuclear weapon - and, in nuclear weapons, it is a kind of medium bullet for killing people . (to be continued)

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