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Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: 301

And what struck him most was that Li Qingshui had no need to use any ability when facing him . He just rushed over and caught him in the palm of his hand twice . Liu Chang clearly remembered the feeling of powerlessness at that time .

"No, you still can't do this . " Liu Chang thought about it, compared the actual combat ability of the two, or shook his head .

"Or not?" Thunder Tiger because of breathing with the exhaust fan like, the power is very large, and a.s.sociated with the exhalation voice is very heavy, "that willow body, so powerful?"

"Well, but don't we still have the strength of an entire military division? Don't be afraid of him Liu sighed .

"But how many people will die?" Thunder Tiger sighed and his breath gradually calmed down .

"Yes, I don't know how many people have to die . " It's a good way to use modern weapons to stack and fill in names - and it can only defend, but it can't keep people . When the time comes for artillery and missile, go to bomb a point, a person, this is a very tangled thing .

Although the soldiers must have been used to fighting in dense fog in recent years, there must have been no drill for more than 100000 people to encircle one . Moreover, Li Qingshui has an excellent brain . If he foresees danger, he will certainly avoid it in advance, which is even more difficult to do .

After the actual battle, Liu Chang thought that thunder tiger was very powerful, powerful and fast, but there was still a gap compared with Li Qingshui .

"If I die and die . But also faster, the body secretes the kind of stimulant like things, can greatly stimulate the central nervous system, will let the speed and exercise ability again Thunder Tiger heard Liu Chang's judgment, frowned and thought about the countermeasures, "but because of excessive stimulation of the central nervous system, there will be many side effects . It's like eating a lot of ecstasy, you'll be delirious . These are things that stimulate the central nervous system

"Yes . " Follow the Thunder Tiger's "buzzing" groan . Lao Zhang also came over from the other side . "In the past, athletes who took too much stimulants would be delirious and even comatose . The secretion of tachypleus tridentatus of Thunder Tiger was even more terrible .

"Delirious?" Liu Chang turns his head to see Thunder Tiger coming .

"Well, a slight overdose is like being drunk . No matter how much you are, you don't know anything . According to Lao Zhang, the whole nervous system is in disorder, and you don't know who you are . " The tiger said, "I've seen this once, years ago . I didn't evolve long ago . At that time, I was still at the seaside . A sea animal came to me that day . I was so anxious that I had that situation . It was that time that Lao Zhang discovered my abnormality Then I found that I had a strange organ in my body . At that time, this horseshoe crab was not so big as it is now . I'm not so strong either . . . "

"Oh . " After that, Liu Chang was more powerful than you

"It's much better than that, but it's crazy . " Thunder Tiger said: "forget it, go back to the room . If you have a rest, don't sleep, and be ready to fight at any time . I'll arrange the deployment later, just in case . "

"Well . " Liu sighed and saw this for a few hours . However, he was very cooperative with his thunder tiger and asked, "I have brought you such a big trouble . Are you not upset?"

"Ha ha ha What's the use of boredom? " Thunder Tiger slapped Liu Chang on the back with a smile . His great strength almost took his lung out . Obviously, he said that he was not bothered . He also had a breath in his heart, "since you have got all those things, what can I do? Tied you up to him for peace? I don't think he's such a good talker, right? Now people in all provincial capitals know about willow . That's a f.u.c.kin 'monster . Sooner or later we'll have to meet . Now I'll meet a little one and let me lay the foundation . Otherwise, I'll be scared to death when its roots are entangled in Shandong Province . "

"Hoo Cough . . . " A staggering, Liu Chang coughed a few times to stand firm, ate Thunder Tiger two times to remake, he then began to laugh, "you don't hit me twice, I'm really sorry . I came all the way to ask for your help . The possible consequence for Jinan is that there are corpses all over the place . "

You owe me so much this time Thunder Tiger still hard son smile, as if this man is always so happy, indefatigable, also don't know what to have a grudge for - this is quite a love bird's demeanor .

"Lao Zhang, you go to inform the deployment of emergency operations . I'll take brother Liu Chang around, and I'll get there in a minute . " Thunder Tiger Road .

"Good . " Lao Zhang didn't speak much . He only said it when Thunder Tiger indicated to him . Moreover, his sentence was perfect and his language was proficient . Obviously, he was also a brain mutation .

After Lao Zhang left, Lei tiger led Liu Chang from the weapon experimental field, all the way back to the laboratory, and then two people in the experimental area after a few circles, came to a luxurious bedroom .

Open the door of the bedroom, there are seven or eight women - women are not very good-looking, but each b.u.t.tocks big waist drum thick, see Thunder Tiger, each smile to say h.e.l.lo .

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"Go out . . . " Seeing these women, Thunder Tiger waved and let them go out . "You're a lot of women . " From the military district mansion to Jinan Research Inst.i.tute, there are women with thunder tigers everywhere . Liu Chang has to admire this man for having so much energy to deal with so many women in the end of the day .

"It's something that Lao Zhang extracted from my tachypleus amebocyte lysate . I call it Dali pill . After eating it, it can achieve the same effect as me in a short time . It's not easy to get this thing out . There's only one bottle, one pill at a time . Don't eat more, it will kill you . Its effect is 100 times better than any chemical stimulant . " After saying this, Lei tiger slammed on the door, "there are weapon depots in the laboratory, which are all made for me by Lao Zhang and Xiao Zhang . There are a lot of things . You can choose whatever you like . I'll go first!"


With the fall of his voice, a loud noise came out, the door closed - leaving Liu Chang alone, looking at the Dali pill in his hands in a daze .

"This thing . . . " Liu Chang looked at the things in his hands and felt uncomfortable . After all, this is another person's secretion . Although humans often eat animal secretions such as "bird's nest" and "snake's saliva", it's nothing to say, but if the object of eating is human, it is still the secretion of a man who is as strong as a chimpanzee, it will inevitably make people feel against each other .

Fortunately, during the end of the day, he was used to eating all kinds of disgusting things . Liu Changqiang suppressed his strange feeling in his heart, put away the gla.s.s bottle, and then lay down in this bedroom for more than ten minutes .

A few hours of rapid running, combined with the fight just now, made him feel very tired .

After lying down and resting for more than 40 minutes with his eyes closed, he recovered his strength . Then he got up to open the door and went to look for the weapons depot .

There are not many people in the Inst.i.tute late at night . Even the researchers, most of them are already asleep . But fortunately, Liu Chang's nose is good, following the smell of the woman who left just now, she finds a powerful one and lets her lead the way to the weapons depot . The soldiers outside the weapons depot are also very kind to see women .

"Good evening, third lady . " The soldier stood up to greet the woman .

"That's it . " The woman smiles and leads Liu Chang on the way . She can be in charge of affairs among the hundreds of wives of Thunder Tiger . The woman's ability of dealing with people and things is absolutely not weak . From the att.i.tude of Lei tiger and Liu Chang just now, the woman can guess that the man in front of him is not ordinary .

Because the usual Thunder Tiger is not so approachable at all .

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