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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: 300

However, he was relieved when he thought about it carefully . In fact, because of gene changes, organs had already been mutated and changed . Otherwise, why is his nose so sensitive? Without the support of a large number of olfactory cells, it is impossible to have such a powerful sense of smell . Therefore, the inner part of his nose is different from that of ordinary people, and the structure of his eyeball must also be very different from that of ordinary people . Otherwise, it is impossible to improve dynamic vision to such a abnormal place . However, these changes are based on the original basis, because there is evidence to rely on, rather than appear bizarre .

And Thunder Tiger this is born, more than an organ, it seems surprising .

"That organ is unique to Thunder Tiger, so he named it" Hou "by himself Lao Zhang said with a smile, "I can name it Unfortunately, it's not loud enough . "

"Horseshoe crab, roar, what is not loud?" Thunder Tiger roared, and then seemed to be excited because of emotion, skin slowly turned red .

"Can you use the function of that organ? I'd like to see who is better than you and Mr . Li . " Liu Chang heard Lao Zhang's explanation and was relieved a lot, but he was still worried .

"OK, you watch . " Thunder Tiger obviously knows the other party's worry, and the other party's worry is his own worry . Without unnecessary nonsense, he answered, and his body gradually changed .

The first is the change of skin color -- the color is getting more and more red, so red that even in the dark, even in the night vision, Liu Chang, who only has black and white color in his eyes, can clearly distinguish that the skin of Thunder Tiger is deepening .

After the skin changes, Liu Chang can see the changes between the chest of Thunder Tiger . The chest falls one by one, and the sound of heart beating inside can be clearly heard . It is like a giant generator that "thump Dong Dong Dong" keeps on . The noise can be spread hundreds of meters away .

"This heart and lung function, good!" The average person's heart beats like this . Liu Chang thought that even if it was steel, it could not withstand such consumption, and it would become a ma.s.s of ruins - but look at the face of Thunder Tiger . It's clear that this level of heart rate power is familiar to him .

Of course, along with his powerful heart and lung function is his super high breathing rate . While his heart is like a generator, he exhales just like a blower . Every time Thunder Tiger exhales and exhales, Liu Chang can feel the surging air around him . Especially when he exhaled, the waist high gra.s.s under his feet all hung down .

"It's great, it's amazing!" Liu Chang sincerely praised the way .

"Come on, try again . I'll see how much difference there is between me and that Li Qingshui . " Thunder Tiger roared, this time unexpectedly led the first to attack .

With a bang, he stepped on the ground . The mud immediately collapsed into a big hole, and then the Thunder Tiger man hit it like a sh.e.l.l - like a sh.e.l.l . The last time Liu Chang had this feeling was when he played Li Qingshui in Qingdao not long ago - because at that time, Li Qingshui's moving speed reached more than 300 meters per second . Almost close to the bullet - a bullet the size of a person, naturally, is a sh.e.l.l .

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Fast as a bullet .

"It hurts . " After landing, Thunder Tiger kneaded his calf and kneaded his face bone, where the skin had been red and swollen, "it's been a long time since I felt so strong pain . "

"Well, I often have pain . I'm used to it . " After Liu Chang flew far away, he was in a rotating posture - because he was under the force of his arm, so he flew out rolling . He managed to stabilize his body in the air . After falling to the ground, he rubbed his swollen wrist . There was no special feeling . "How about it? How much worse than Li Qingshui Thunder Tiger shouts from more than 100 meters away - Liu Chang's sight has been blurred, and the other party is obviously shouting with his feelings .

"Almost . " Liu Chang called back, because the distance between the two men was too far, his volume was so loud that Lao Zhang, who could not see clearly the battle process, could hear it .

"But if you're in this state, it's just as hard to fight him . He's a freak with more than five brain changes . Without special defense, he can seriously interfere with your mind . " Li Qingshui is not only powerful in fighting, but also powerful in brain region . In those years, even when his body was not too strong, he could control Zhao Zhuo's body in a flash, and let him stop thinking when his organs were intact .

Liu Chang has always been concerned about this ability - because at first, he thought it was a unique function of brain domain mutants, but later he found out that it was not at all .

It seems that Liu Lei's unique ability to clone the tiger's organs is not even his ability .

When fighting Li Qingshui before, Liu Chang was always worried about the appearance of this thing - but it turned out that the ability was the same as thunder tiger's "Tachypleus" - which was unique to Li Qingshui . (to be continued)

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