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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: 298

Through the sound of the steel chair unable to bear the load, Liu Chang concluded that the weight of the Thunder Tiger was definitely not directly proportional to his body shape - that is, the density of the man's body was much stronger than he thought, and the strength contained was also beyond his imagination .

"It would be nice if you were quiet . At least you can give an intuitive data about how strong the person's body is . " Although it can be inferred that Thunder Tiger is very strong, Liu Chang can not judge whether he can resist Li Qingshui's attack alone .

After all, before Li Qingshui was weak, he had a risk index of more than 7000, which could not be said to be a terrible number - it was simply an astronomical number .

After all, no matter how strong the body was, it was less than 500 . Li Qingshui's risk index is more than ten times that of him . Even if the big willow tree is weak now, he is also weakened . But Liu Chang speculates that the figure of 4000 is absolutely reliable .

And it's just combat effectiveness, and Li Qingshui's terror is not just combat effectiveness .

He looked at the man now, although he was called super life and super human, but how powerful he was was was still an undetermined data .

However, these words can't really be asked .

So Liu Chang also shut up and quietly watched Thunder Tiger do his own things .

After he put forward his own request, the old researcher was stunned for a moment, and then went back to get the injection equipment used in the experiment . Originally, Liu Chang thought that the man only took out a syringe, but to his surprise, when he came out of the laboratory, Liu Chang saw two or three researchers pus.h.i.+ng a strange machine .

This machine looks very strange . It is said to be a machine, but it looks like a long version of super sniper gun - three or four times longer than shredded meat .

"What is this?" Even Liu Chang couldn't imagine what it was, so he asked in doubt .

"Syringe, I'm too strong . It's hard for a normal needle to get in . " Thunder Tiger explained .

"So it is . " Liu Chang nodded, "enough cattle, more than the flow of that cow . "


"Nothing . " Liu Chang said: "red fog concentrate I heard can not be injected?"

Zhao Zhuo purified this stuff in Zhengzhou four years ago . After the injection, it was found that although it can improve the body function in a short time, it will die later .

"It's not that it can't be injected, it's not that ordinary people can't absorb it . " "In recent years, these researchers have found that the injection of red fog is not poisoned, it is propped up to death," he said . I don't understand the academic language of gene collapse . It's like a frail old man . If you give him too much nutrition, he will die . Ordinary people can't absorb it, but I've always wanted to try . "

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"Well, it happened that the tiger captured a primate super life on the mountain a few months ago . We tested the effect on it with injection, and it is still alive . " The researcher named "Lao Zhang" took the mouth: "and the injection found that it was much stronger, so the tiger should not be dangerous . "

Then -


A stronger sound than the meat gun out of the chamber broke out in the narrow s.p.a.ce of the laboratory, which really scared Liu Chang . Then accompanied by the huge sound, there was the powerful recoil force of the machine . The supports under the machine were all deformed . Then Liu Chang saw a needle made of strange tooth material ejected from the front of the machine . The speed was very, very fast, a few minutes faster than the bullet of a meat gun . This is the fastest speed of the gun that Liu Chang has ever seen .

Then the needle with this powerful speed and rush, once into the mouth of Thunder Tiger . Liu Chang could see clearly the process . After the needle was sprayed into his mouth, the needle almost broke and then the speed dropped sharply . Liu Chang also saw clearly the picture . "What tough skin is it?" Liu Chang was completely shocked - when Liu wanted to give the injection, he also had trouble, but it was just trouble, not even difficulty - but now it is not only a problem of trouble and difficulty, it is simply to inject something to this person, and even to create a special "sniper gun" .

This simply makes Liu Chang feel incredible .

"Great, great . " With such a powerful recoil force, the needle only punctured a little bit of the skin of a blood vessel at the base of the softest tongue of the tiger . He could see clearly that the pillow had entered the blood vessel for at most three millimeters, and was clamped by the tough blood vessel wall .

But it's also clear that these things have been calculated by these researchers .

Therefore, three millimeters is short, but injection of a drug or something, it is completely competent .

After the shock, it was calm . Several researchers saw that the pillow had been put into it, and immediately pressed another b.u.t.ton, so that Liu Chang could see the bright red thickener, which slowly entered the root of the Thunder Tiger's tongue through the translucent bone needle . After the injection, several researchers operated the machine to pull out the pillow, and the tiger rose from the experimental bed . (to be continued)

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