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Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: 295

The high wall is very high . It is more than ten meters high by the hilly terrain . It is seven stories high . Even if you put it in the ancient city wall, you will stand out from the crowd . Liu Chang couldn't figure out who could have the courage to set up a city wall on the edge of a city in the end of the day, but what he knew was that the only ten meter high wall would not be his barrier .

He jumped up in the dark, his fingers like a gecko on the wall again, he so "fly" to the tower, and then easily bypa.s.sed the guards of the soldiers, into the city .

After entering the city, Liu Chang felt that he had gone to the wrong place - this is not Jinan City at all, but a full military base . Inside the base, there was a smell of steel and gasoline . He saw countless military supplies, boxes of weapons and ammunition randomly placed on the street, as well as tanks and rusty spots on the street The plane .

"Where on earth is this?" He easily caught two soldiers patrolling on the street . After stung one, he looked at the other and asked questions in his heart .

"It doesn't look like Jinan . Where is this?" In the dark, Liu Chang looked at the young face, who was only about 14 years old . It was obvious that he was not a soldier before the end of the day, but a child who entered the military base after the end of the day .

However, no matter how the child used to be, now he has become a bright young man - and, obviously, this young man is not afraid of Liu Chang .

"From other places?" Young people are very arrogant . When they talk, they are full of the smell of pretending to be forced when they were born in the 1980s and grew up in 2000 . They like to watch the group of 80 year olds who like to watch the second grade of middle school . "Do you know whose land this is?"

Although Liu Chang saw the young man's expression . He didn't care . The other party was willing to reveal more . He couldn't apply for a job - as for the child's face who pretended to be forced . He can be ignored .

"I don't know . That's why I asked you . I came from Qingdao . I don't know anything . " Liu Chang answered truthfully, and at the same time let go of the youth - because he knew that within five meters, the teenager would not even have the right to call for help in front of him .

"You're a good judge . " Seeing Liu Changsong open himself, the boy relaxed his collar and asked again, "did you come here alone?"

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded .

"It's a bit of a skill . A man dares to cross the jungle . " The boy cleared his throat and said, "you didn't encounter any danger along the way? Hundreds of kilometers from Qingdao to here, I don't believe you can really run here alone? You know . At that time, when the tide came, there were so many people running inland in Qingdao . There are several more who can successfully reach their destination . I think you are . . . "

"Don't talk nonsense!" Hearing the noise of the young man, Liu Chang slapped him in the head . There was a crisp sound . "Now I ask you something, not you ask me . I'm panting before three or three . Do you believe I beat you to death?"

"Ha ha, dare to smoke Laozi . Do you know whose land this is?" The dialogue is back to the beginning

Then Liu Chang was completely impatient because of Li Qingshui behind him and worried about his relatives . His face gradually showed scales, and his bones gradually rose, becoming a terrifying and ferocious lizard man .

Then just now also a look arrogant young, on the whole forever arrogant there - expression stiff .

"Boy, you're very good . I'm a lizard man evolved from the jungle . Today I'm here to look for rations on your land . " Liu Chang casually pulled a lie that can frighten people at this stage, and then aggravated his tone, which made his voice hoa.r.s.e and deep and magnetic . "I'm very hungry now, and I'm in a bad mood . You only have one minute to answer my questions . "

"Good Good . . . " The boy's stiff expression did not change . He was still arrogant, but his tone was completely soft .

"Well, that's good . The answer is quick . If the answer is good, I won't eat you first . " Liu Chang said this, touching the young man's forehead, eye socket deep, as if to see the delicious brain inside, "OK," where is Zhangqiu? " He had never heard of this place .

"Zhangqiu used to be a small city close to Jinan . It was not very famous and there were few tourists, so few people outside Shandong knew this place . " The juvenile's speech speed has reached the acme .

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"Well, why is there a military base here, and it's so large that I haven't seen such a huge military base in Beijing . " Liu Chang looked around, and it was really full of the flavor of the most regular "military base" in the game . Although he met a lot of soldiers in Beijing, but because he mixed up with civilians, it seemed that the military flavor was not so strong, nor was it so pure .

What's more, Liu Chang went to seek help this time, and he didn't plan to be the enemy .

Because in his opinion, he was targeted by Li Qingshui this time . If there is any mistake in his relatives, he can only find the person named Lei Hu .

Therefore, Liu Chang walked on the way, gradually put away the scales and bones, changed back to the shape of ordinary people, so as not to cause hostility to the soldier when he met . In the dark, he took advantage of his unique thinking advantages, half with the half belt and the little boy, came to the middle of the military base, in front of the construction of a very different "luxury house" .

"That's it?" Looking at the mansion in front of him, Liu Chang felt a bit incredible . When he heard that thunder tiger was a soldier, and when he knew that Thunder Tiger liked to be called "Thunder Tiger", he outlined the image of this naked man in his mind .

The image outlined in Liu Chang's head coincides with that of Li Yunlong in the TV series "Liangjian" - he should be a tough guy . In his imagination, the tough guy who is like a man and a tough guy will not live in such a house .

"This is it!" "If you don't believe it, ask someone else . After all, people here know him . "

"Well . " Liu Chang listened to the young man's words and nodded - after all, the other party didn't have to cheat him on such a matter - and the door was indeed a heavily guarded place, which should be a place where big people lived .

"I think I'm wrong . " After shaking his head and shaking the image of "Li Yunlong", Liu Chang grabs the young man's collar and sneaks him into the mansion .

What walls, sentries, and patrols were all in vain in Liu Chang's house . When he climbed over the wall and crossed the courtyard, Liu Chang could smell a room full of women's coquettes and wine as soon as he opened the door of the mansion .

It is not said that the "fragrance" of women and wine is because, as an ordinary primate, women, like men, do not have the function of emitting fragrance . Those who say "woman fragrance" and "woman fragrance" are bulls.h.i.+t, which is the conclusion drawn by Liu Chang after evolution - because he has more than 3000 times more developed olfactory cells than human beings, and he does not smell a little bit of "biological fragrance" in women . (to be continued)

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