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Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: 294

With the sound of "Dang", the broadsword seems to have been cut on the iron plate - or something harder than the iron plate - after all, no matter the material of the broadsword or the strength of Liu Chang, it is the first-cla.s.s in the whole human history . Even if it is really a knife on the iron plate, it should be a situation of complete severance .

But now it's different . Liu Chang only made a cut in the hard ant armour and let it spray out some bright yellow thick slurry, and then it was difficult to enter . On the contrary, it was himself . Because the knife was too strong and the shock force was too strong, he retreated several meters in the air .

"Why is this thing so hard?" Liu Chang is not worried because he has no sense of crisis in the face of such a creature with six legs on the ground, whose body is hard and joints are not very flexible . No matter how hard the body is, how fast it is, and how strong its strength is, Liu Chang's fatal injury that is not flexible enough makes him no threat to Liu Chang, the "king of the jungle" 。

So, after chopping this knife, Liu Chang was more curious about the creature that came out of the queen ant's belly on the other side of the lake . What was that thing that could pierce the queen ant's belly without relying on strong acceleration and close to the soft and tender strength of the soft and hard, so as to cut through the belly of the queen ant?

Between thinking, Liu Chang fell to the ground, and a worker ant charged to him again . His sharp mouthparts rose horizontally and straight into Liu Chang's abdominal cavity .

"I didn't kill you queen ant . What are these brainless guys doing at me?" Ant's straight-line speed is very fast, and because of other intentions, Liu Chang did not turn around to escape . He watched the ant rush to himself, and then on his side, he watched the bull like thing plunge into the big tree surrounded by the three people . Then he bent down . Then, with the strength of the ant's previous charge and its own strength, the ant cut off three legs in a row .

The lower edge of the blade is very accurate - it is in the middle of the joint joint joint of the ant . It can also block the second one when it takes off three legs .

This job of chopping ant legs . In fact, it's much easier to do it than to cut bullets with a knife, so Liu Chang is dodging . After a while, they took advantage of the terrain to cut off the legs of the three ants, making them unable to move . And then he found a better way . He directly put the knife down on the ant's tentacles . He found that cutting off the ant's tentacles was like digging out a person's eyeball, which directly turned the group of things into headless flies, wandering around where they had lost their targets .

"The physical strength of these things is not much lower than that of Liu, but the combat effectiveness is far worse than that of Liu!" After solving a team of worker ants, Liu Chang walks up to an ant who has lost his antennae . Looking at this poor thing running around - he just through the fight against ants, found that these things are actually very powerful, armor is also very hard . But because there is no intelligence and the body is inflexible . It's very poor fighting ability .

Come up to these things, but . Liu Chang still wants to intuitively understand how powerful ants are - after all, he used opportunistic methods just now, and his feelings about them are not so appropriate .

So . When the battle is over, he goes up to the ant, pulls up his knife, and pushes the lost ant with both hands . Then, he feels the force of his body . The ant is fleeing and finally finds the target . The body feels Liu Chang's palm, it instinctively a swing .

Finally -

Liu Chang flew out .

After flying out straight into a rock, in the rock left a mark of a half man .

"Oh . . . " A strong collision made Liu Chang feel dizzy and dizzy for a long time before he turned around . After getting up, he found that although he had overestimated the strength of ants, he did not expect that he had estimated so much wrong . The strength of these ants was stronger than that of the current . They were not only subject to the body shape and structure, but also could not find out 。

"It's no wonder that ants' bodies are the most sophisticated generator combinations . They really contain such a powerful power . " After feeling the power of these wonderful creatures, Liu Chang has more expectations for the evolution of arthropods . After all, ants have stiff bodies . Even if their bodies have 100% strength, they can play a good role . But he is different . His body is soft and flexible, and his muscles are like the tongue . If he has 100% strength, he can use 100% of his strength . Even with his dexterity, he can use 130 points .

Therefore, if he is allowed to master this kind of power, Liu Chang believes that his combat ability can be increased by dozens or even hundreds of times .

After testing the strength of ants and satisfying their curiosity, Liu Chang did not kill all the incomplete creatures because there was no need .

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Returning to the lake again from the jungle by the lake, Liu Chang still wants to see what those things come out of the queen ant's belly . Slowly walked to the edge of the hole, he looked into the inside, only to find that the black wire like things had long disappeared .

This is the ability of human beings to distinguish, which is complemented by imagination, which other creatures do not possess .

Running in the dark, after adding water, Liu Chang's physical strength has recovered a lot . It is not far away from Jinan . Although there are many hills and mountains here in Shandong, there is no pure color hidden forest on the border of Hebei Province, which makes Liu Chang lost his way . Although he didn't bring a compa.s.s this time, he could easily sense those micro geomagnetic fields because of the evolution of biological magnetic field ability, so that he could become an artificial compa.s.s at all Worry about the wrong route .

Therefore, Liu Chang ran out for another two and a half hours and finally saw the outline of the city .

"No, I've been to Jinan once before . It's not like this . " Approaching the edge of the city, Liu Chang suddenly found that the city in front of him was very small . He said it was small because the buildings around the city did not look like a big city .

In fact, sometimes, the difference between a big city and a small city can be seen at a glance . Because of the different commercial structures in the past, the architectural systems and styles of small cities and big cities are quite different . Liu Changyun walked to this place which looked "full of people", but suddenly found that the surrounding buildings were not like the architectural style of Jinan .

What's more, the city is so new .

After the end of the day, all kinds of plants grow wildly - big trees, vines and even Moss - which used to be full of green color, all at once "wrapped" or even pasted the city . So, no matter how well planned the city is, like Beijing before it, it is still dilapidated because of the invasion of plants .

But the city in front of me is obviously too new .

"What's going on?" Liu Chang had no time to delay . He thought about Li Qingshui behind him and the safety of Xiaojing and others . Therefore, although he was confused, he did not stop in front of the city . Instead, I stepped into the city quickly, but after walking for several tens of meters, I saw that the high walls of steel and cement had been set up here . (to be continued)

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