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Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: 293

"Forget it . Wait until Jinan . " In the past, it took about five hours to get from Qingdao to Jinan by car . Now Liu Chang's running speed is no slower than that of a car . However, there are many dangers in the jungle . Even if the dead night comes and the winter is deep into the bones, as long as the animals and plants still need nutrients, they can avoid hunting .

Liu Chang has been running all the way . In fact, he has experienced several dangerous situations and encountered several attacks from animals and plants . Because there are strange things growing in some places, he doesn't dare to set foot in or even take a detour - which greatly damages his journey .

In fact, every local jungle has its own unique natural barrier, which is a kind of self-protection of the jungle . Not to mention far away, it was just the beginning of the end . Not long after the end, the evolution of animals and plants was not very advanced . From Kaifeng to Zhengzhou, there were countless difficulties and obstacles, and even the strange plants such as bright red flowers .

Later, from Henan to Hebei, we met the "hidden forest", a strange phenomenon of "group coordinated evolution" in which the whole huge forest was pure red . Therefore, it is not easy for anyone to pa.s.s through the wild .

Even Liu Chang had to be careful - because the wild is like a lower risk underwater world . Liu Chang jumped into the sea, and within a dozen minutes, he met a giant eel, a creature that he could not defeat at all . In the jungle of the wild, there were not a few such creatures . What's more, he had no firearms at all .

He was in a hurry this time, except for the big knife, because he had to dig snake meat when he went out in the morning, so he didn't take the rest of the things . Even the meat chopper left at the base of Qingdao beard .

Therefore, after enduring for a while in situ, Liu Chang did not choose to be out of the ordinary . Still running .

But I don't know it was G.o.d who heard his hunger and thirst . It was the jungle's rule that "water and water can't be too far apart" played a role . After a short rest, Liu Chang was able to speed up again . Did not run far, in the cold wind smell of water .

It's the smell of fresh water - there's no sea smell in the air, and there's no bitterness in the salt . Liu Chang determined that there was a big lake ahead .

Just want to sleep, someone came to deliver the pillow, such a huge water in front of you, there is no reason not to drink . Anyway, it was not far away, and the body was extremely tired and short of water . Liu Chang simply ran to the direction of the water source . The nose can smell, naturally not too far away, after running about 3000 meters, Liu Chang really saw a frozen lake .

The surface of the lake has frozen, but the lake is the same as the sea water . There are a lot of breaks - some of the life in the lake is rolling in, and there are many temporary breaks that have been frozen, apparently created by terrestrial life that comes to the lake to get water . If they want to drink water, they have to break the ice . Before the end of the day, creatures have the intelligence to break the ice to get water . After the end of the day, it's not hard for smart animals . It's just too low . So it's very difficult to break the ice . It takes very strong animals or groups of animals to break the ice successfully .

Small, powerless species . Maybe we'll just have to pick up ice for a living .

What's more, in this weather of splas.h.i.+ng water into ice, even if an ice mouth is broken, it will freeze again in a flash - Liu Chang sometimes doubts that if the lake is not deep enough, it should be frozen completely - and he doesn't know what to do with the creatures inside .

However, these scientific problems just flashed through his mind . Liu Chang was chasing after something that would kill him . He did not have time to think about it . After observing the lakeside a little, he found nothing dangerous and strange . Then he slowly approached the lake . He took out a large piece of ice on the lake and put it in his mouth to chew it 。

Liu Chang didn't want to get water from the oxygen outlet because he didn't want to encounter any danger . After taking a few mouthfuls of ice to replenish his body's moisture, he picked up some pieces of ice to prepare for use on the road . When he finished all this and was about to leave, he suddenly smelled a strange smell .

The smell of ants .

Each insect has a unique smell, and many insects have a little bit of Chinese medicine smell . Ants, as a species that has been all over the mainland in the world before and now, also has its own unique flavor . Therefore, Liu changzha smelled this kind of smell, aroused a little curiosity .

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Because according to the intensity of the smell, Liu Chang can basically judge that the coming creatures are very large - giant ants, which he has hardly seen before, and the biggest ants he has seen after the end of the day, which is the size of a washbasin - seem to have a unique structure like a dynamo, which makes it difficult for them to grow too large . Recently, Liu Chang is urgent Want to get the strength of ants, so it is rare to risk, waiting for the arrival of this group of creatures .

"My G.o.d, what is that?" The iron drill bit slowly drilled out of the queen ant's broken stomach, which made the queen ant cry in pain and made the workers below panic .

Then the sound of "pa La" and "pa La" continued . Liu Chang saw that black things like thick wire broke out of the queen ant's stomach . Then he twisted his body and drilled into the breach of the lake . Finally, he drilled through the thin ice layer that had just been opened and frozen to the surface of the water .

And the queen ant, after twisting her body in pain for two times, died on the edge of the lake .

"What's the situation?" Liu Chang didn't understand what the situation was . First of all, he didn't know what the thick wire like creature was from the belly of the queen ant . He couldn't understand why the queen ant had to move from the nest (usually the queen would not leave the nest) so far away to finish such a disgusting process And then die .

"Is this suicide?" When Liu Chang was thinking about this philosophical problem, he suddenly saw the group of workers who were panicked and rushed to their side one by one .

"They found me long ago?" The formation of this group of worker ants is very neat . They lie there one by one, which is bigger than people . They are very fast and powerful . Every time their slender and tough ant feet slide on the ground, they can abandon a whole layer of sand and stone on the ground . Under the strong reaction force, one by one workers ants. .h.i.t them like .

"The strength is really enough . " Ants are powerful, but not flexible enough . Under Liu Chang's powerful dynamic vision, it is easy to avoid their collision .

After all, no matter how powerful and fast it is, it can't be faster than a bullet . As small as peanuts, Liu Chang can use a sharp blade to cut the bullet . It's too simple for such a big ant to avoid them . Even Liu Chang can find time to figure out why the ants found him as soon as they came out .

"Creatures that don't rely on vision to catch prey, I'm really killing the birds by hiding behind trees!" Liu Chang murmured in his mouth and cut the big knife to the head of the ant . (to be continued)

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