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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: 292

"Fly higher, fly higher . "

Hearing Li Qingshui's words, the parrot's body size keeps rising - although as a bird, its eyesight is pretty good, but now with the rising figure, it has long been unable to see the things below . Moreover, with the continuous upward flight, the temperature is getting lower and lower . In the past, a thousand meters is about six degrees, but now, this number is absolutely inaccurate .

"How high can you fly?" Li Qingshui asked .

"Very high . " The parrot replied, "in the world before the end of the day, are there vultures that can fly over the top of Mount Everest? That's more than 8000 meters . If I fly to 10000 meters at least, there is no problem in reaching the stratosphere . But I didn't fly that high because I didn't have enough vision . If I was too far from the ground, I would get lost . "

"It's OK . I'll show you the direction . You can fly as high as you can . " Li Qingshui's Willow veins beside his eyes are becoming more and more prominent . Even because of the prominent blue veins, even his body is a little shriveled . Obviously, this kind of extreme vision is also a great consumption for him .

The cold wind howled in the air . When the parrot rose to a height of several thousand meters, the cold wind almost penetrated his skeleton . At this time, Li Qingshui called out to stop .

"Yes . " Li Qingshui said .

But his voice had fallen, but the parrot was still flying high into the air, and his mouth was saying something .

"Brother Shui, I didn't understand before, but I suddenly wanted to understand something just now . . . " During the flight, the parrot looked back at Li Qingshui, who was standing on his back, but looked surprised .

"In fact, whether you are a man or a bird, if you want to live freely, you have to follow your own ideas . Sometimes, you can do what you want . Don't do it if you don't want to . Real freedom is nothing to do with life! It depends on whether you like it or not . "

"In fact, No . 1 didn't cheat me . When he helped me pull out the wicker . He told me how far to run, and I knew what he meant You are also a secret You think too well of your clones, those guys . You really think that little guy number one didn't kill me and left you with such a vehicle . Is it because we are friends? So would you rather let me be a time bomb than kill me? Come on! I and every day are friends, Liu Chang and I are barely friends . I have no feelings with other people . "

"Ha ha, I see what you mean . " Li Qingshui heard the words of love bird, the blue veins on his face were recycled, and his body was gradually plump up . "Human feelings are really hard to calculate . Because there is no base for this thing, it is too changeable . . . "

Li Qingshui tightened his clothes .

"In fact, what is difficult to calculate is not emotion, but free will . . . " The parrot said this . The whole body burst . Colorful feathers are flying in the sky, and they are gone with the wind .

Li Qingshui was also more than ten meters away by the aftershocks of the explosion . Then, after stabilizing the body in the air, he quickly fell down - thousands of meters high, even alloy steel had to fall into shape . Therefore, in the face of this situation, even Li Qingshui did not dare to be careless . Among his five fingers, the willows protruded and merged to form a wing shape . Then he stretched himself out and took out a most appropriate wind force bearing posture, constantly trying to slow down his falling speed .

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But even so, the powerful theory of gravitation is still invincible . Li Qingshui's falling speed is increasing . The rapid wind condenses the water vapor around him . In the process of falling rapidly, a layer of ice dregs is formed on his hair .

"It's OK . Put on my clothes . I've changed the odor molecules and trace radiation here . It's OK . " No . 1 said, handed the clothes to he Zhizhi, and then, without waiting for the other party's consent, took Xiaojing and left the snow forest . ……

Running in the jungle, Liu Chang ran from day to night, and then the sun went down, the temperature was even colder . Under his feet was the kind of hard frozen soil, and the soil was no different from brick and stone . The paper strips of the surrounding trees are also frozen hard, and when you step on the ground, you will make a "bang" sound, like the crisp sound of a broken popsicle .

"I don't know what happened to Xiaojing . " No matter how strong his body is, Liu Chang feels tired when he runs from day to night .

He gradually slowed down and prepared to have a rest . At the beginning of the day, he walked very fast and didn't bring any dry food and water . So he spent a lot of money running on such a day . And sometimes people's physical fatigue is strange - like a marathon runner, he is better when he has been running, but once he stops, the feeling of fatigue, hunger and thirst is like a mountain falling down .

At this time, Liu Chang was on an unknown mountain . Although Qingdao and Jinan were in Shandong Province, the distance was close to 400 kilometers, which was not close . Liu Chang didn't want to run to the place in one breath, and then he took up the idea of mountain forest .

"It's OK to say if you're hungry, but what if you're thirsty?" After peeling off the bark of a big tree, Liu Chang found that all the sap inside was frozen with the solid wood .

(to be continued)

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