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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: 291

In fact, most of the wounds on Zhiqing bird are caused by seeds left by Li Qingshui . These injuries are difficult to treat for others, because it is a very complicated task to clean up the residual seeds - but Li Qingshui is different .

These seeds are his things . They can be used like fingers . When you want him to destroy, you can destroy them . When you want to make them gentle and even beneficial, they will naturally become beneficial things .

So, in a moment, the parrot stood up intact from the ground - even the wound from the fall was healed .

"Come on, let's go . " After the parrot healed, Li Qingshui didn't talk nonsense . He jumped on his back directly, "go there first, then turn back all over there . . . "

Li Qingshui points to two directions, one is southwest and the other is northwest .

"Catch Xiaojing first?" "Why?"

"Because she's easy to catch, and more important . " Li Qingshui was too lazy to lie, patted the parrot's back and let it soar from the ground .

"Why is Xiaojing more important than Liu Chang and Lao Liu?" Asked the parrot again after he had risen .

But this time Li Qingshui did not answer his question .

"Talk about it . Anyway, we are in the same camp now . As you know, I am a villain, and I will listen to whoever I am with . I don't have much feelings with them . You see, I'm a bird . Why do you have so many disagreements with a bird Parrot flying in the sky, said carelessly .

"I don't say it because I don't want to make you sad . " Li Qingshui took a look at the birds below, "I'm not a pervert . There is no habit of enjoying the pain of others . "

"Don't want to make me sad?" "What do you say?" the parrot asked

"Because they deceive you, you think you are a companion with them, but they only think you are a bird . Let's say that . Lao Liu cheated on you . " Li Qingshui sniffed the cold smell in the air, carefully distinguis.h.i.+ng what he was saying and smiling, "do you think what they said just now is very emotional . What's so touching about running separately for your partner? But I can tell you for sure that they didn't run separately, or so to speak . There are only two ways And this one of them . . . "

Li Qingshui said, pointing to the southwest .

"This way, old Liu . Xiaojing and the woman named he Zhizhi are all here . "

"All here?" "It's impossible . Isn't it easier to run separately?" the bird exclaimed

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"That's what you think . . . " Li Qingshui stood on the bird's back and said, "don't you feel that there is something strange about the whole thing? For example, now Lao Liu is no longer Lao Liu . He has the ability to block his own micro information . According to the truth, I can't adjust their position without your eyes . Why do they run separately . Even if it's the principle of putting eggs in two baskets, Xiaojing, who has the least ability to move, should not be put on the same route . . . "

It's like mice and humans - even though humans can run faster than rats, they're no match for mice in complex terrain . Liu Chang has the ability to gather a variety of creatures, as well as dynamic vision and calculation ability . He can run even faster in the complex hilly jungle than in the plain .

"Well, if you fold back, what should I do with Liu Chang?" In the turbulence of her body, Xiaojing still only cares about this problem .

"Hey, you don't have to worry . As long as Li Qingshui is not a fool, he will not go after Liu Chang first . His side is fast, and there are few people . Our side is very slow, and there are three people, especially you No . 1 said, "I always feel that the guy is more interested in you than Liu Chang . So"Have you always wanted to sacrifice for brother Liu Chang?" The elder brother ran and looked at Xiaojing . "Now the opportunity comes . If you are allowed to die for brother Liu Chang, will you regret it?"

"No Xiaojing is determined .

"That's fine . " The boss nodded and sped up the moving speed under his feet . "We are the bait now . Whether we are alive or not, we have to hold Lao Li for more time . Is he in your range now? "

"No Xiao Jing shook her head .

"That means there's still a long way to go . You've got a sense . I've been deceived . We may not be caught! Since he wants to play cat and mouse so much, I will play with him They must think I want to play cat and mouse . . . " Standing on the parrot's back, Li Qingshui's face was gradually filled with some rattan like green veins . The most dense place was around his eyes, and the roots became more and more obvious . At the same time, Li Qingshui's eyes became more and more clear .

"But in my opinion, it's more appropriate to change the name of the game to Eagle catching chicken!" (to be continued)

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