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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: 284

So at first sight of the old man, Liu Chang still had some strange feeling . It was like a young man's world, suddenly saw something very familiar but not with the group .

"I haven't seen the old man for a long time . " Liu Chang said .

"Yes, is it a miracle?" Big beard looked at his grandmother and laughed, "I am 37 years old, my grandmother is over 80 years old this year, but I can still survive . Is it strange?"

"Yes, the miracle of life . " Liu Chang also heartily laughed, "it's not easy for an old man over 80 years old to survive in this world . "

"It's not easy, so many people in the tribe take my grandmother as a symbol of miracle . Many people like to chat with my grandmother, but you know, she is old after all, and she has experienced too many changes in the past few years . Therefore, her brain . . . " Moustache pointed to his head and shook his head to show that his grandmother's brain was not working well .

Old and confused - as people get older, the number and activity of brain cells will be reduced on a large scale . Therefore, after getting old, many people are not as flexible as when they were young . This is the natural law . But even so, Liu Chang is still interested in talking to this old man - after all, in the long history of mankind, the old man is a symbol of wisdom .

"Do you mind if I talk to her?" Liu Chang drank his gla.s.s, then walked to the tightly sealed bed on the other side .

Inside the bed is very warm, was sealed with cement and gla.s.s a small independent s.p.a.ce . Liu Chang noticed that a new step had been built in the underground of this independent s.p.a.ce . The steps were hollow, and the inside was on fire, so that the temperature inside could be kept at the "high temperature" above zero .

Liu Chang approached this warm s.p.a.ce and said h.e.l.lo to the old lady sitting on the bed who was "taking the soles of her shoes . " h.e.l.lo, old lady

"Hehe, young man . . . " Hearing Liu Chang's voice, the wrinkled old lady put down her work . Liu Chang, who entered this s.p.a.ce, seemed to be in a world after the transformation of time and s.p.a.ce . Here, no matter the temperature or the atmosphere around him, he seemed to return to the period of liberation in the 1960s and 1970s .

"Old lady, why are you so cold and still want to accept the sole?" Liu Chang has no experience of talking to the old people . After entering the s.p.a.ce . I'm just chatting .

"It's cold outside . . . " The old lady spoke with a Sichuan accent . As she said the singing words, she also talked with Liu Chang, "it's cold outside . How can those shoes bought on the street not be thickened?"

"Also . . . " Liu Chang nodded . Now the temperature on the ground is 70 degrees below zero . The ground is frozen through . The road surface is chilly . If the soles of people's shoes are not thick enough, it will not take half an hour . You can get frostbite on your feet .

"Young man, I haven't seen you before . " After chatting with Liu Chang for several times, the old lady noticed that Liu Chang was a "new face" and "a new comer from outside, right? The world is not safe . You have to be careful . My grandson Zhao buliang . It's a good man . It's right to follow him . "

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"Well, he's a good man . " Liu Chang chuckled, but he didn't know what to say next . After all, he came here to see the old man, but he was just curious for a moment, but he never thought about other things . He had never seen anyone over the past few years, so he asked him to treat this 80 year old woman . I had a special favor .

"Well, depend on me!" Liu Chang nodded .

And bearded does not expose his grandmother, but also continues to follow her words: "grandma, you eat porridge first, and then we will discuss whether he is the reincarnation of the supreme Emperor . . . ""Certainly, not at least at the level of Jade Emperor The child has aura In the future, all people and animals in this world will have to listen to him . . . " Exclaimed the old lady, panting for breath and taking another mouthful of porridge

Liu Chang also looked at the warm and strange picture . He left the small s.p.a.ce and went back to the cold world outside . Finally, it seemed that he could not stand the stuffy feeling in the bas.e.m.e.nt . He went up the stairs and went up to the world where water turned into ice .

He came out to be on guard .

It is rare to see a warm picture in the end of life . Liu Chang doesn't want to destroy the miracle of life because of himself . Li Qingshui is not Li Qingshui now . He is the incarnation of willow . In his opinion, all life is the stepping stone of his own evolution . He will not understand the warmth of human ancestors and grandchildren together . He will only pursue the ultimate life .

With his eyes closed, Liu Chang sucked in the cold wind around him and felt the creatures around him . At the same time, the biological magnetic field felt himself and imagined the way forward of his own evolution . He knew that what he urgently needed was strength . Although the evolution has been complicated and not refined, but because of the complexity is not refined, it seems that it can be dealt with everywhere .

But now, he is in urgent need of something simple and violent - the genes of arthropods - ants that are 500 times more powerful than humans . (to be continued)

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